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  • Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook wants to fight fake news


    Facebook has come under a lot of scrutiny lately, mainly coming under the allegations that it is doing too little to prevent misinformation spread on the platform. What Zuckerberg previously called “pretty crazy”, namely the idea that Facebook could have influenced the presidential election in the US, now seems to be a serious issue, as outlined by this post. So what’s the strategy?

  • SpaceX wants to launch 4,425 satellites in space for global internet


    SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, has just filed its plan for satellite-delivered internet delivery from space. As an application to the Federal Communications Commission makes clear, SpaceX wants to launch 4,425 satellites. That’s more than all active AND inactive satellites currently in Earth orbit.

  • Snapchat reportedly files for IPO, could be valued at 25 billion dollars


    The much-awaited initial public offering of Snapchat might be coming as early as March next year, TechCrunch reported last week. The confidentially filed paperwork may value the messaging platform at an insane 25 billion dollars, which would be one of the biggest IPOs in recent years.

  • Instagram is updating its Stories with three new features


    Just three months ago, Instagram launched its own version of Snapchat’s stories. And while the company itself admits that they’re not the ones who came up with the concept, they’re trying to push it further than Snapchat is willing to. Instagram just added links, mentions and the ability to use Boomerangs in Stories. Here’s what the updated actually do:

  • Facebook is testing a new „Jobs“ tab, which lets you create job listings


    Facebook is constantly testing out new features, looking to expand its business in all possible directions. In October, the company launched Marketplace, taking a stab at online retailers, like eBay and Amazon. The newest feature threatens LinkedIn and other job listings sites. Here’s all we know about the „Jobs” tab.

  • Snapchat unleashes spectacles via yellow vending machines


    Snapchat announced Spectacles back in September and everybody was kind of surprised. The company is not exactly known as a hardware maker. Plus, Google, a giant in every sense of the word, tried and failed on the Glass front. But Snapchat might have found the way. For 130 dollars, the camera sunglasses are now available… kind of.

  • Google Home is a worthy competitor to the Echo


    The verdict on Google’s smart home speaker is in. The first Google Home devices have started arriving and reviewers were not disappointed. Unsurprisingly, the Google Assistant shows off that, when it comes down to search, the company is difficult to beat. For 130 dollars, the Home offers an intriguing glimpse into the smart home of the future.

  • Facebook made 100 million dollars in Q3 by fighting ad blockers


    Back in August, Facebook decided to put a stop to ad blocking software that is costing the social network a significant amount of revenue. And although the Adblock community initially kept finding workarounds, Facebook has managed to stay on top. And it has paid off. If Facebook’s numbers are correct, they made around 100 million thanks to that.

  • After MacBook controversy, Apple reduces dongle price for 2016


    Apple made a lot of people confused and angry when it announced the new MacBook Pro. The newest laptop featured only USB-C ports. While it is the newest technology, the vast majority of peripherals don’t support it yet. For Apple consumers that means buying a ton of dongles. The company is trying to reduce consumer dissatisfaction by reducing dongle prices. Is that the right way?

  • What’s up with the new Macs: Touch Bar, Port Changes and Pricing


    After a long 500 days without an update to the MacBook Pro lineup, Apple has finally unveiled its new products. Three different models were included, but we’ll focus on the two main ones: the 15” MacBook Pro (starting at 2,400 US dollars) and the the 13” MacBook Pro (at 1,800 dollars). These are the flagships that have the Touch Bar, one of Apple’s main selling points. So, let’s get into it:

  • In a creative event, Tesla introduces solar roof-tiles


    It’s strange to think that, when talking about renewable energy, about making homes greener, there is one point that still matters a lot – how it looks. But that’s just how it is. And Tesla thinks it just came up with an answer to that issue. Instead of the usual big panels, it designed solar-powered roof-tiles that look beautiful to the naked eye and can feed your home with electricity.

  • Vine is getting shut down


    Almost exactly four years after Twitter bought Vine, it has now announced the end of the video-sharing service. The parent company Twitter is having some troubles of its own, as it recently announced a 9% cut in workforce amidst stagnating user and revenue growth.

  • New Macs to be unveiled on October 27


    According to Recode and TechCrunch, new Macs are about to hit the market. Both sites expect a full rehash of the lineup, including the MacBook Air, Pro and iMacs. Is the announcement really coming this week and what can you expect? Here’s our breakdown:

  • The Mega-Deal: AT&T buys Time Warner for 85 Billion Dollars


    One of the biggest deals in media has just been confirmed: mobile carrier AT&T is acquiring Time Warner for 85 Billion Dollars. AT&T is the largest provider of fixed phone services and the second-largest provider of mobile phone services – and now it has acquired a ton of content production opportunities. Time Warner CNN, HBO and Warner Bros, among others.

  • Nintendo Switch: the new hybrid console that does it all


    Four years after the release of the Wii U, Nintendo is making a play to revolutionize the gaming console market again. Its newest console, the Nintendo Switch, is a hybrid setup that can, apparently, do just about everything: handheld, big-screen, multiplayer, you name it. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Twitter takeover: Nobody seems to want it


    There were many speculations about who is interested in buying Twitter. From Microsoft to Verizon all the way to Disney almost every big tech, communication or media company´s name has fallen at one point since Twitter hired Goldman Sachs to advise it on a sale. But now it appears that no one really seems to be interested in taking over the Social Media Platform.

  • Flying with a Galaxy Note 7 is now a federal crime


    After several replacement phones caught fire as well, Samsung was forced stop the production of its new flagship and a few days later the company even discontinued its product. Consumers were urged to power their phones down and return them. It should be clear by now that keeping the combustible phone is not a good idea but taking it with you on a plane might be even worse.

  • Snapchat is changing the way its Stories work


    In a new update the app is changing the way the Stories screen works. Users will be able to create customized playlists of their friend’s Stories as those will no longer be auto advancing.