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  • Twitter takeover: Nobody seems to want it


    There were many speculations about who is interested in buying Twitter. From Microsoft to Verizon all the way to Disney almost every big tech, communication or media company´s name has fallen at one point since Twitter hired Goldman Sachs to advise it on a sale. But now it appears that no one really seems to be interested in taking over the Social Media Platform.

  • Flying with a Galaxy Note 7 is now a federal crime


    After several replacement phones caught fire as well, Samsung was forced stop the production of its new flagship and a few days later the company even discontinued its product. Consumers were urged to power their phones down and return them. It should be clear by now that keeping the combustible phone is not a good idea but taking it with you on a plane might be even worse.

  • Snapchat is changing the way its Stories work


    In a new update the app is changing the way the Stories screen works. Users will be able to create customized playlists of their friend’s Stories as those will no longer be auto advancing.

  • Tesla will reveal unexpected new product


    CEO and founder Elon Musk announced a new Tesla product unveiling on Twitter. According to Musk the product that is to be unveiled on the 17th of October is to be “unexpected by most”. Furthermore, another Tesla/SolarCity product shall be revealed on the 28th of October.

  • Samsung stops production of the Galaxy Note 7


    Samsung officially decided to put the production of the Galaxy Note 7 to a hold after several replaced phones caught fire. Yonhap, a Korean news agency reports that the halt in production was done in cooperation with safety regulators from the US, Korea and China.

  • Competing Tech Companies Combine Efforts on AI


    AI technology is advancing at a never before seen pace. This is largely due to the advances that we have made in other aspects of science, neuroscience, programming, and technology. Truly, fully functional AI is so sought after that many of the major players in tech are banding together to merge both their efforts and their databases in an effort to accomplish further advances in AI more quickly.

  • Avast Finally Buys Out AVG


    Everyone in the antivirus and personal security industry knows that Avast and AVG have been circling one another much like predatory sharks awaiting one another’s greatest moment of weakness for years. This past summer, Avast publicly announced its’ intentions to acquire AVG within the year. True to their word, Avast and AVG will function as one entity beginning October 3rd of this year.

  • The Android 7.0 Nougat Update


    It seems like we’re constantly waiting for the next Android Update. No matter how great the last one was, there’s always been room for improvement and Android hasn’t slacked or disappointed users with any of their updates so far. The 7.0 Nougat update is no exception; and is chock full of new and impressive features.

  • Toxic culture of workaholism in IT companies


    A toxic work environment is usually the result of a company’s desire to excel by putting in long hours and holding to strict policies and deadlines that are largely self-imposed and not truly necessary. As many studies are showing however, this kind of work environment is actually detrimental to the work being done.

  • Tech Titans That Didn’t Take the Beaten Path


    We tend to assume that the geniuses behind our favorite software, hardware, or tech gadget received a higher education. We assume that they had to pour over books, cram, test, and test again. This isn’t always the case however.

  • What’s Driving the Tech Boom in Indiana


    You may have noticed the seemingly recent increase in tech related business that is focused primarily in Indiana. Salesforce, a San Francisco based company is largely responsible for people’s growing awareness of the expanding tech community in Indiana. They’re far from being the only tech-related business a-buzz in the community however.

  • Reliance Jio’s newest SIM cards attract unseen queues around India


    The new tariffs of internet and telephony provider Reliance Jio have attracted quite the attention in India. The company recently started offering SIM cards with unlimited voice calls and the cheapest 4G connection in the world at 50 RS (75 US cents). Since you can even buy them without a device, massive queues have been forming in front of stores and the provider is running low on SIM cards.

  • Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer, sold 10 million units


    A phenomenon that has been taking the computer world by storm since 2012 has reached a significant milestone. The stripped-down computer that doesn’t have anything more than the essential parts, not even a case, has been bought 10 million times. The Raspberry Pi’s price tag of 35 dollars might hint at the reasons for its success.

  • The iPhone 7 is out! Here are 6 important new features


    As you might have heard in case you haven’t been hiking in the mountains without an internet connection, Apple has finally unveiled its new phone(s). The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are both out and… people are upset with some things. Here, we’ll look at the new features with a small sprinkle of criticism.

  • Samsung recalls all Galaxy 7 Notes – that’s 2.5 million devices


    A couple of weeks ago we told you how Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy 7 Note was being celebrated as possibly the best phone out there. Well, to put it lightly, a problem has emerged. After reports of batteries catching on fire, the company has recalled every single unit sold.

  • Europe’s biggest tech show: IFA highlights 2016


    Europe’s biggest tech fair which attracted almost a quarter million visitors last year, is currently running – and it’s full steam ahead for the IFA in Berlin. All kinds of companies showed off their coolest gadgets. The list is long and very exciting, so here’s a sneak peak of the best stuff so far:

  • India Reliance Jio new tariffs: unlimited calls and cheapest 4G in the world


    After months of internal and public testing, Reliance Jio has unveiled its new plans for internet in India. Its owner, also the richest man in the country, according to Forbes, gave the news last week. Mobile internet will start at 50 RS (75 US cents), which has been touted to be the cheapest internet in the world. Many of the plans also offer unlimited calls, which could rattle up Jio’s competitors.

  • WhatsApp shares data with parent Facebook and paves way for ads


    In what is the biggest privacy policy change since 2014, WhatsApp is making some big changes that might worry a significant portion of the userbase. First of all, it will start sharing data with Facebook – that includes phone numbers, when you last used the app, your OS and others. Additionally, “marketing messages” from companies are coming soon.