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Wordpress » FoundationTables
FoundationTables extends the WordPress page editor with a new toolset to easily insert, edit, style and delete Foundation-ready tables.

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Succeeding the popularity of Zurb\'s Foundation framework, FoundationTables is a plugin written to harness the responsiveness the framework provides, and extend the WordPress page editor with a new toolset to easily insert, edit, and delete collections of tabular data. If you\'re using a Foundation Theme, and are looking for a method to rapidly and responsively insert tabled data, this is the plugin for your site.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six Columns

WordPress makes editing page content a snap. Even the rich-text editor\'s table tools are pretty good. But if you\'re using a FOUNDATION theme, wouldn\'t it be killer to take advantage of the responsive styles pioneered by Zurb? This plugin, FoundationTables integrates these row/column/pad classes to greatly cut down on your need for rewriting table styles and responsive media queries.

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