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An Android developer works in a layered and intricate environment built upon an underlying foundation of the Linux kernel. With the sheer range of android's capabilities, Android is not just an operating system, but rather a software stack. It is the Java based layer of this stack system that allows an Android developer to extend the functionality of Android devices via the wonderful and innovative world of apps. The full range of Android's services and the customisable nature gives it the potential to be used on a variety of other electronics in addition to smart phones, including netbooks and smart TV's.
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What is Android?

Android is a comprehensive operating system based upon the Linux kernel, which was initially designed for touch screen mobile devices, such as smart phones and computer tablets. Android development is almost exclusively done in Java programming language, which allows android developers to create particularly rich and innovative apps using an established set of reusable components.

The open source code and relatively permissive licensing laws surrounding Android allows this innovative software to be modified easily by Android developers. These factors and the ability to easily customise the functionality of a device, has contributed towards making Android the world's most extensively used smart phone platform. The software is now the premier choice for technology companies who require a low cost operating system that is lightweight and highly adaptable.

Android is a layered environment and includes various functions such as; windows, views, and widgets that display common elements such as edit boxes and drop down lists etc. Android applications are a written mostly in the Java, which is ideal for an Android developer because this is a well established, stable language with an enormous online support community offering advice and points of reference.

Advantages and skills of Android Developers

Android development allows for the creation of an elaborate operating system for a high tech device without having the expense of having to develop one from scratch. Since Android is an open source technology there are no expensive start-up fees, and professional android developers will charge a reasonable amount to develop an application. It is also very simple to publish apps through the established Android market (Google play), because there are no terms and conditions to meet.

Google's own guide for Android development assumes that the user has a significant knowledge of programming concepts, conventions, and an in depth knowledge of the Java programming language itself. If the user is not comfortable with the skills required for android development, a professional Android developer is the perfect person to write a suitable application and deploy it to the Android marketplace.

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