8 Great Techie Gifts for IT Freelancers in 2016


There are few things more satisfying than finding and giving the perfect present. And looking for gifts can be a bit tricky, especially if ideas elude you. To help you out, we gathered up the best things you can give to people who like nifty gadgets, new technologies or maybe just useful little devices. Tech is all around us nowadays and it can be extremely cool.

So without further ado, here are our ideas for the 2016 holidays:

1.USB Charging station

This nifty little docking station is ideal for people who have tons of gadgets. I for one am sick of always wondering which device to charge first. My powerbank? My phone? My tablet? With the SIIG, you can charge up to ten devices at once.
Price: $49.99

Alternatively, you can check these other models with less ports and other designs to find your best fit:

(1) 8 USB Ports: Price: £23.99
(2) 6 Ports USB Charger – Price: £34.99
(3) 5-Port USB + Watch Stand – Price: £31.99

2. Powerbank

While we’re on the topic of power, if you know anyone who doesn’t own a powerbank, buy them one. Especially for people who use their phones semi-regularly and often find the battery empty on the way home, powerbanks are a blessing. I have a Lenovo one, similar to this one and can only recommend it. It’s robust, not too pricey and has a nice design.  There are also some cheaper or funny alternatives.

(1) Anker Power Core 20100 – Price: £27.99
(2) Emoji Power Bank – Price: £14.95
(3) AUKEY Mini Portable Charger- Price: £9.99

3. TV Streaming gadget

Streaming sticks are one of the best and cheapest gadgets to step into the market in the last few years. With them you can turn any screen into a TV and use your Netflix, Hulu or whatever else subscription. Whether you go for the Roku, Amazon Fire or Chromecast, this gadget is a must-have for any techie.

(1) Roku – Price: £89.99
(2) Amazon Fire – Price: £34.99

4. Home Speakers

Whether it’s the Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap or Google Home, wireless speakers are easily among the hottest gift for techies right now. For people who love playing around with AI and listening to great music at once, this is a no-brainer.

(1) Amazon Echo – Price: £149,99
(2) Amazon Dot – Price: £49,99
(3) Google Home – Price: £199,99

5.Smartphone photo printer

Have a friend who likes taking a lot of cool photos with their smartphone? Helping them turn those digital pictures into physical ones could be a great gift. With a photo printer like this one from Fujifilm, you can just print out photos from your smartphone at a whim. Price: £159.99


(1) Fujifilm Instax Silver – Price: £159.99
(2) Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer  – Price: £104.99
(3) Fujifilm Instax Gold- Price: £171.45


6. Fitness Tracker

You know that 2017 is going to begin with a lot of people making resolutions. One of the most popular ones? Getting more healthy and fit. If you want to help a friend along in their resolution, or just surprise a friend who is actively doing sports, a fitness tracker can be great. Measure distance, time, speed, pulse and more, for example with the Fitbit, one of the most popular fitness trackers. Price: £84.99

7. Touchscreen gloves

Stylish, practical and gadget-compatible all at once, gloves that let their wearer use a mobile phone can be a great gift. Mujjo is one of the forerunners in that department, you can check them out here . Price: From £11.50  to over £100, depending on the material.

8. A book

Yeah, we know, it’s not a futuristic gadget or a mind-blowing device. But a book is always a great way to go. Books can inspire, entertain, teach and much more. And if the person you’re buying it for happens to be a freelancer or considering it, check out our list of 73 must reads for freelancers!

Have fun buying great gifts for your friends and family, hope we could help! Just to let you know, prices and availability on our ideas might vary – the articles were looked up from Germany. If you have any questions or comments, as always, leave them below the article!

Pic: ©Tookapic

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