How Client Testimonials can Boost your Freelance Business


Client testimonials are used by all big players online. It has never before been so easy to go online and check reviews for a movie, store, product, or service. As it happens, testimonials and reviews can work wonders for freelancers as well!

1. What’s a client testimonial?
2. The importance of client testimonials for freelancers
3. How to ask a client for a recommendation?
4. How to Use Client Testimonials
5. Add Testimonials to your Freelancer Profile

1. What is a client testimonial or recommendation?

A freelance testimonial is a positive story from one of your clients that explains how successful the business relationship with the freelancer was.

Freelancers can use these stories to promote their services on-line (website, social media, etc.) and in print materials. 

Testimonials are a powerful form of marketing – similar to word-of-mouth”

There is a reason why virtually every big company works with testimonials to some extent. Toothpaste makers have been saying that “9 out of 10 doctors recommend our product” for decades now and also, LinkedIn recommendations are widely used.

So let’s jump right in and see what the buzz is all about.

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2. The importance of client testimonials for freelancers

a. Testimonials increase trust for potential clients

When you’re trying to sell your product, people are naturally bound to see your personal bias. This means they trust the things you say less. But a good testimonial, coming from a real person who has used your service doesn’t have that problem.

b. Emotion over logic

Recommendations don’t just highlight your brand as a freelancer. They are also a great way to connect with potential clients on a more emotional level. Studies have shown that when we make decisions, we are much more likely to rely on emotion than logic. That makes recommendations a great tool for you as a freelancer!

c. Channeling the power of story-telling

When it comes down to it, recommendations are really stories – with you and your clients as the main characters. Get your client to describe how your work as a freelancer helped solve their requirements or needs on that particular project.

Never underestimate the ability of a story to impact how a potential client views your brand! Stories have been scientifically proven to capture our attention in a unique manner.

Recommendations, when executed well, have the ability to use storytelling as a means to draw in potential clients and connect with them on a deeper level!

3. How do I ask clients for testimonials?

Now that you’ve read about the importance of recommendations, let’s take a look at a few easy ways you can nudge your clients towards writing you a great review or giving you a testimonial. 

1. Have a template ready

Templates are a must for freelancers and often their live-saver. Put together an easy-to-use template for your clients to quickly fill out.

We’ve put together a great starting point template for you to customize and use to ask the client for a recommendation:

“Hello, Client,

I had a great time working with you on the recent project and hope you’ve had the same experience.

As a freelancer, recommendations and reviews are a core part of my business and I would greatly appreciate if you were to spare a few minutes to quickly write up a recommendation describing our work relationship!

I use these recommendations to promote my profile as a freelancer. Please let me know if you’re okay with me sharing your comments, name and company details alongside a little bit about our work together.

Thank you for your time! Once again, this is greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you again!

The Freelancer”

2. Send in your own recommendation draft

Now we know what you may be thinking – “write my own recommendation?” Can you really pen down your client’s thoughts?

By providing your clients with an easy to use draft, you’re increasing your overall chances of receiving a positive recommendation.

Many clients won’t be sure on how to write a testimonial and tend to be rather busy and by giving them a ready to use draft that they can use as a starting point lessens the time spent.

Sending a draft for the testimonial will increase the chances of receiving a recommendation.

If you don’t feel like sending your own recommendation simply like that, you could add a line to the previous email suggesting you would be open for that: 

“I know you’re probably very busy. If it would be easier for me to write it and email it to you for any changes and your approval, please let me know and I’d be happy to do it so.”

Here’s a testimonial example that you could send over to a client: 

We’ve outsourced several projects to [Freelancer name] and his/her know-how, flexibility, and enthusiasm are what kept us hiring him/her for more work. [The freelancer] is always creative, attentive to detail, and consistent in meeting deadlines and has a strong understanding of current [field of work] best practices.

[The freelancer] integrated within our in-house team perfectly and the results were always brilliant.

We look forward to working with [The freelancer again] for our next [field of work] project!

In general, clients will be happy to sign the story or even expand on the idea a little bit more! 

3. Use past emails as testimonials (but asking for permission)

Often times, while working with a client on a project, you may receive written communication praising you or your work. You can even pull together these comments to use as a client recommendation!

Towards the end of your project, make a list of positive comments left by your client and always make sure to seek client approval prior to using these comments for your personal marketing!

4. Social Media Testimonials

Social media is an important aspect for any freelancer in this day and age. If you display your work primarily on big social media accounts, it’s a good idea to have your clients leave recommendations on said platforms.

This could be in the form of a tweet mentioning your Twitter handle or a review on Facebook! You can then seek permission to use this recommendation on other channels as well.

5. Create an easy-to-use customer feedback form

Another easy way to gain feedback from a customer is by pushing a feedback form onto clients. Create a standard form with basic questions that encourage clients to talk about the time spent working with you as a freelancer.

Some standard questions to include: 

  • What did you enjoy most about our work together?
  • How was I able to fulfill your requirements?
  • Would you hire me to do this work again? And if so, why?
  • What would you like my future clients to know?
  • Additional feedback

When is the best moment to ask for the recommendation?

  • For one-time projects, we recommend asking for it once the project is completed.
  • For big – very important! – projects where the client might be stressed out once you’ve completed your work, you should ideally wait for about two weeks.
  • For on-going projects or those clients you do maintenance for, you could wait for a little and ask for it after the first two months.

4. How to use Client Testimonials once you have them?

Now that you have gathered testimonials from your clients, it’s time to make them work from your business. 

In the email that you wrote to your client asking for the recommendation, you mentioned that you’ll be using it to promote your services. But how?

How to promote your freelance business with client testimonials

  1. Use it in private email communications with potential clients
  2. Add them at the end of your proposals as social proof
  3. Create a case study telling the client story and the results achieved
  4. Add them to your website “What other clients say:” / “Why you should work with me:”
  5. Post them in your social media networks – as text or create appealing visuals
  6. Add them to your freelancer profile on freelancing sites

5. How to Add a Freelancer Testimonial to your Freelance Profile

Freelancermap members are now able to receive recommendations and reviews from existing and past clients on their profile.

Recommendations will be a great help in building your freelance reputation on the platform and will highly increase the chances of landing a job. Ultimately, there is nothing more valuable than a testimonial from a happy client.

How do you add a recommendation to your freelancermap account?

Every freelancer has an individual link to collect recommendations and feedback from past clients, colleagues, and other freelancers.

To find the link to request a recommendation for your profile:

Ask for a freelancer testimonial for your freelance profile
  1. Log in to your freelancermap account
  2. Select Recommendations on the left-side menu.
  3. Copy your individual link and share it…
  4. … or request a recommendation per e-mail
  5. Type the email address of the person you’d like to ask for a recommendation
  6. Use our template or include a personalized message with your request 

We hope this article has convinced you that testimonials can work in your favor and can become a powerful tool in your efforts to land potential clients.

Now let’s put it to the test!

Head out there and encourage your clients to give you feedback all the time! You can also let us how you regularly promote your freelance services with client testimonials in the comment section below.

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