Freelance Marketer Tips and Tricks or How to Become a Successful Remote Worker


The Coronavirus pandemic brought many changes to our habitual life. Many of us had to modify the way we work and live. More importantly, many people had to learn the new skill of working from home. However, that was not the case for freelancers who were already working remotely because practically nothing changed in their daily routine. Now, the demand for freelance workers has only increased. Some companies look for remote workers when they need to bring a new product to the market, promote the product through social networks, or take advantage of using multiple promotional tools.

If you also look forward to starting work remotely, the following freelance marketer tips and tricks will come in handy for you. Check out the following list of different freelance marketing jobs and checklists on how specialists can streamline their activities and succeed while working remotely on their projects. 

Internet marketing specialist 

An Internet marketer is a specialist who knows various promotion tools’ features and knows how to use them as efficiently as possible. Internet marketing specialists build online promotion strategies and lead teams of different marketing specialists, including targetologists, copywriters, content marketers, editors, etc.

Working as an internet marketing specialist, there are many things that you need to consider to achieve success, even if you work remotely. Let’s check out the following freelance marketer tips and tricks that will help you create an efficient online strategy and help your client promote their project. 

  • Send a brief to the client;
  • Process the brief and accurately determine the goals of advertising campaigns;
  • Identify several possible promotion strategies;
  • Decide on the promotional tools for each goal of the campaign;
  • Define KPIs for analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • Research the client’s market;
  • Analyze competitors;
  • Analyze the target audience (if the client has not done it yet) and identify target audience groups;
  • Create a lead generation funnel;
  • Choose the internet marketing strategy;
  • Introduce your client to the advertising strategy;
  • Get an advertising budget from a client;
  • Connect Google Analytics;
  • Brainstorm and come up with ideas for advertising;
  • Create advertising layouts;
  • Ensure that all elements of the site work correctly;
  • Set up all the data in the Facebook ad account (if necessary);
  • Launch A/B testing through the necessary promotion tools;
  • Monitor the progress of the advertising campaign and determine the most effective layouts;
  • Launch ads with selected layouts;
  • Make sure that there are no glitches and failures in advertising;
  • Prepare a report for the client.

Keep in mind that this is not the only checklist that an internet marketing specialist should consider. The job of the internet marketing specialist is too multifaceted and so the list of tasks that should be carried out can change depending on the project, budget, goals, and other factors. 


A targetologist is responsible for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Such specialists should clearly understand all the subtleties of advertising through these promotion tools and work with different target audiences and budgets.

This is how the targeting checklist looks like:

  • Send a brief to the client;
  • Accept the answer and analyze it;
  • Analyze customer accounts in social networks;
  • Analyze the profiles of competitors;
  • Analyze target audience groups;
  • Structure information on the target audience;
  • Make a list of the client’s problem areas;
  • Clarify details with the client;
  • Prepare advertising layouts (several for different target audiences and goals);
  • Prepare a lead form;
  • Check all the settings in the ad account;
  • Start A/B testing of advertising layouts for 1-2 days;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of a test run and select the most effective layouts;
  • Launch the main advertising campaign;
  • Ensure that everything runs smoothly;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the main advertising campaign;
  • Draw up a client report with the main KPIs.

SMM manager

An SMM manager is not a person who writes funny texts and responds to comments. Yes, these things can be a part of their responsibilities, but their main tasks include helping sell through social networks, building a funnel for this and making sure that the brand becomes more and more popular. 

The freelance marketer tips and tricks for an SMM manager look like this: 

  • Provide the client with a brief;
  • Receive and analyze the received brief;
  • Clarify the details with the customer;
  • Analyze the profile and find problem areas;
  • Define a strategy for the next three months;
  • Present it to the client;
  • Define a strategy for the month;
  • Determine what budget is needed for promotion for a month;
  • Get advertising budget from a client;
  • Make a content plan for posts for a month;
  • Draw up a content plan for stories for a month;
  • Draw up a content plan for visuals for a month;
  • Supply technical specifications to a designer or photographer for a visual;
  • Work on the visual content;
  • Work on the content publishing plan;
  • Create layouts for stories for the next 7-10 days;
  • Think over activities (contests, sweepstakes);
  • Think about collaborations with other brands or influencers;
  • Select the influencers;
  • Conclude agreements with opinion leaders as advertisers;
  • Make sure that opinion leaders do everything as agreed;
  • Think over and make content for stories again;
  • Think over and make content for the feed again;
  • Draw up a report for a month of work;
  • Provide a report to the client and discuss plans for the next month

It is also worth remembering that an SMM specialist still has many routine tasks, such as posting posts and stories, responding to comments, accepting direct applications, analyzing competitors, etc. They are also constantly looking for and practicing new promotion tools like circular giveaways.

PPC specialist

The task of the PPC specialist is to set up contextual advertising to generate traffic or even ready-made leads to the site for making a purchase. The services of such specialists are often used on a project-by-project basis, and not on an ongoing basis. 

The PPC specialist’s checklist may look like this:

  • Send the client a brief for filling out information about the project;
  • Analyze the brief and clarify the details with the customer, if necessary;
  • Define and approve the goals of the advertising campaign;
  • Think over a strategy;
  • Get an advertising budget;
  • Get access from Google Adwords (even at the briefing stage);
  • Enter information about the goals of the advertising campaign;
  • Select geolocation points following the portrait of the target audience;
  • Divide ads by goods and target audience groups;
  • Pick up keywords;
  • Find negative keywords;
  • Pick up tags and links;
  • Choose the time of displaying ads to target audiences;
  • Compose the text of advertisements / draw up a technical specification for a copywriter for advertisements, take a job from him;
  • Add advertising texts;
  • Set up the payment and terms of the advertising campaign;
  • Set up analytical systems;
  • Configure the work of other promotion tools and conversion tracking services;
  • Launch a test advertising campaign;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the test campaign, refine what is needed;
  • Launch the main advertising campaign;
  • Watch every day so that everything is good;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign;
  • Prepare a report for the client.

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Wrapping it up, there are many cool opportunities for freelancers on the modern web. You can run successful internet marketing campaigns while simply doing your job at home or in a local cafe. Depending on which road you decide to go, the freelance marketer tips and tricks should come in handy. Keep them in mind while working on your new project, or bookmark this post for further references. 

We hope these checklists will help you better understand what marketing professionals do, how their responsibilities differ, and how to manage their workflow. 

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