I love Freelancing because…? 11 Love Letters to Freelancing.


I love Freelancing because…? In a conversation with 11 Freelancers.
Freelancing isn’t only a job – it’s a profession, an attitude towards life, a passion. And either you love it, or you hate it. We have asked 11 Freelancers around the globe why they love what they do. Here is what they answered…

Linda Albertini – freelance Web Designer from San Diego, USA

If I had to sum up in one word why I love freelancing, it would be freedom. As a freelance web designer, I have the freedom to select the clients I work with, craft a customized plan for each project, set my rates, and work the hours that I’m most creative. This freedom allows me to provide better service for my clients, because I can take the time to fully understand their goals and anticipate their needs. I find it very fulfilling to assist clients in realizing their vision for an attractive and effective website that will take their business to the next level.

Milos Rasuo – freelance C# .NET Developer from Niš, Serbia
When I have started as a freelancer I didn´t know what to expect and now after 3 and a half year I think that I have enough experience to tell why I love freelancing. Main thing is that freelancing offers freedom. Not to be in one place and not to work classical work hours. Although sometimes you don´t have working hours because of the deadlines.

Second thing is that you often change clients and projects. Working on one project for a long period of time can be frustrating so changes are good and although I prefer to work for one client I have urge to change project and technologies after some period of time.

Third thing is client(s). For these 3 and half years I have been working for 4 or 5 clients (and mainly I am still working for them) and this is wonderful experience because you meet and learn from different people and this is why this type of job cannot be boring.

So freedom + projects + clients is winning combination for me.

Meet Milos:  Interview with Milos Rasuo

Julien Spagner – freelance IT Specialist from Kotedaniyawa, Sri Lanka
The main and best aspect of being a freelancer is, in my opinion, the freedom. Not only the freedom of being your own boss but essentially the freedom of working as you like, as you intend. When working as an employee for an organization, you must follow its rules, procedures and decisions. Those decisions sometimes go against your own ethic and it might affect your self-respect and by the way your motivation on a long term basis. So, that’s it, the key word is motivation! You work for yourself, your own clients and as you wish, without limitation or unethical behavior. Of course, this freedom has a price as the clients are yours to find, to keep and satisfy, but that’s the rule of the game, right?

Meet Julien: freelancermap profile of Julien Spagner

Alfredo Gómez Ripoll – SAP Technical Consultant from Madrid, Spain
I like being a freelancer because I think that, given the level and variety of technologies, often changing, with which we have to work on each project, it is necessary that each of us is highly motivated to do a continuous training.
This requirement implies, in many cases, the necessity of self-training and this training it´s difficult to have it if you work directly on a permanent position for a company because, in many cases, the training received is insufficient and short because, not surprisingly,  working time is more dedicated to the execution of projects than to training.

Moreover, it happens quite often that if you work on the staff of a company, working time is devoted to the realization of the projects currently ongoing, projects that may not match the personal goals that each  one has marked  (preparation or specialization in a certain area); Being a freelancer you  have more flexibility to choose in which project you prefer to be involved (though even here it is not always possible).
I decided to go freelance basically for economic reasons and I don´t rule out at all to return to  a permanent position, because every day I find it harder to find projects with a minimal duration and a decent rate.
Meet Alfredo: freelancermap profile of Alfredo

Helder Olivier – freelance Multimedia Designer from Lisbon, Portugal
I love freelancing because starting a new day with the certainty that I will be helping building unique brands around the world; that I will be collaborating with amazing entrepreneurs with whom I have chosen to work with; that I am free to adjust my schedule in order to be more productive; that I can decide if I want to work from my atelier or a sunny Coffee Shop near the Ocean… allows me to fully live life with freedom, which is translated in the high quality services that I provide to my clients.

Meet Helder: freelancermap profile of Helder Olivier

Paulo Oliveira – freelance Web Strategist from Porto, Portugal

Freelancing has the potential to hugely improve our skills – not only on our field of expertise but also on the business side – it is essential to reserve some time to not only improve our own skills as to take time to promote our work and to administrative tasks.

I would say that freelancing 3 main advantages are convenience, flexible schedules and above all, freedom to choose projects – projects that can make us grow as professionals and/or provide monetary compensation. Projects that challenge us give the most compensation – in terms of curriculum and help improve ourselves as professionals and even at a personal level.

I´ve got the chance to work on very interesting and demanding projects that greatly improved the way I work. That occurred roughly since I´ve enrolled at freelancemap, so, please keep on the excelent work!

Meet Paulo: freelancermap profile of Paulo

Stefano Scarpanti – freelance Software Engineer from Brescia, Italy
Being a freelancer is very complex. You must be the engineer making the job,  the accountant checking the money balance and the daily expenses;  the sales department agent taking new jobs; the general manager taking decisions to have all things working and getting better. You are a little entire company.

You must take many decisions and you have to pay for your errors. But they are your own decisions, and you have to pay for your errors and not for those ones of others; you earn for your solutions and if you finish a job before the deadline the paycheck is the rest of the days off.

A freelancer is on his own, but can choose which jobs can do better and which are too complicated or vague in client requirements. I love the way I have to find my balance between bugs and deadlines, between client needs and any technical limits.

Being a freelancer is quite difficult but very close to freedom.
I love this new horizon. What wonderful landscape!

Meet Stefano: freelancermap profile of Stefano

Arthur Etti – freelance .Net Developer from St. Petersburg, Russia

Freelancing gives opportunities to build your own business, to control your own time and to grow up with your customers and orders.  I’m working for myself and for my customers, not any tiers between us.

Freelance Recruiter from the Philippines

It all started in early 2010 when I can no longer tolerate my overbearing lady boss so I quit my management job. I have nowhere to go so I thought of starting a business. It was during I attended a short business course when I asked one of my classmates  what her job was, and I was surprised to find out that she was into an online job. It was my first time to hear about an online job. I thought it was all scam as there was a need to pay for registration. But this one was legitimate. So in April 2009, I registered and created my profile but I did not took it seriously then. It was only in September when I relocated, that I force to myself to take the time to apply as my savings was slowly depleting. I was not able to find a suitable local job  that could support the needs of my kids. As a single mom with 4 kids to feed, minimum wage is not an option. Corporate jobs were limited in the province, so I have no choice but persevere in looking for an online work.  Fortunately, I was able to get my first online work as a blog commenter after a month of continuously applying and responding to clients’ interview questions. I was really happy as the job was easy and I get to receive payment in dollars on a weekly basis. This did not stop me from getting another contract, and this time it was related to my previous corporate work which was Human Resources. From then on, I slowly started building my portfolio until such time that my schedule was already full but clients’ kept inviting me so I have no choice but to declined them politely.

It’s been five years already, and I’m happy to say that I have gone a long way. I have met and worked with different clients, some are good and there are few who are rude but I cannot complain as I have learned a great deal. I learned to manage my time and be self-disciplined with all my work to ensure that deadlines were met and results were achieved. Now, I am one of the top rated contractors with seven regular clients and with two assistants to help me with my work.

Working online has made me a better person. Not just in work but in other areas as well. In 2012, I started running and completed my first marathon the following year. In 2013, I had my first sprint triathlon. This year, I started my laundry shop business in parnership with my two runningmates. Who knows someday  I will be able to travel the world, join ironman and expand my business?

With all these this happening to me when I started working from home, can you imagine me returning to corporate life? Nah, that’s the farthest thing I have in my mind now. I would rather travel or go backpacking and climb my first mountain, scuba diving, bungee jumping and sky diving. I can work anywhere and anytime I want to. There is no boundaries anymore. Anything is possible when you are a freelancer. 

Mathew Grenier – Freelancer Software and Web Developer from North Bay, Canada
My name is Mathew Grenier, I am a freelance software and web developer and also enjoy graphic design. For years I thought it would be great to work for myself and to be my own boss! I would get to take on only the projects I wanted to, I would get to make all these great ideas of mine come to life, it would be perfect! In 2014 I was faced with a tough situation, the government contractor I was working for lost their renewal bid and I was out of a job. No problem I thought, this will give me the motivation I need to start my own business! So that’s what I did, I began with my own site creating a summary of my skills and a place to house my portfolio, I then began talking to friends and local small business owners about what I could do for them. I needed to get the word out, I did work for free in some cases and at a fraction of my normal fees in other cases because after all, who is going to hire someone to develop a website, create software or design a logo if they don’t even have a portfolio?

Business has been great at times and slow at times through my first year, but I love it! Freelancing isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you have the passion and thoughts of going through some slow times doesn’t terrify you, than maybe it is right for you! There are many things I love about freelancing, but being a new father probably the best one is flexible working hours and being at home. If I need to feed the baby or bring him to an appointment? I don’t have to talk to my boss, or use up vacation, I just go. Sounds like a dream right? Well it’s not that easy in freelancing you get paid for what you accomplish, not working? Then you’re not making money so when you are our and about you aren’t earning, and when times are slow you aren’t earning either. I have found marketing is one of the most important things as a freelancer. Working in a highly competitive industry I have to set myself apart from competitors I need to work hard to ensure my customers are more than just satisfied, but they want to recommend me to others. Word of mouth is huge, if there is buzz about your business you want to make sure it is positive!
Overall, I can’t say enough great things about freelancing. I meet all kinds of great people with ideas that they are trying to make a reality just like I was (am still am, it never really stops). If you are contemplating the idea of freelancing know that at least while getting off the ground it will be long hours working for a very modest wage, but if you work hard enough and are good at what you do, you might just be able to make your dreams come true!
Meet Mathew: Profile of Mathew

So what about you? Do you love being a freelancer? Comment this article and explain why!

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Doreen Schollmeier is dealing with the international freelancing and outsourcing market for more than 5 years and knows both sides of the coin. After working as a project manager for an India based company until 2012, supporting the company to find clients worldwide, she nowadays helps freelancers to find jobs and clients.

By Doreen Schollmeier

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