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Intelliax AG

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  • 8002 Zürich
  • Switzerland
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Data is your most precious asset. But only if you make it work for you.

Inteliax AG provides business intelligence and analytics solutions to help you extract the maximum value from your data. Businesses choose us because we’re personally accountable and dedicated to achieving the best outcome. We work for organizations of all sizes in a range of industries, with particular expertise in healthcare, insurance, and financial services. If we don’t have all the necessary skills in house, we can draw on an extensive network of trusted partners to put together the right one-stop solution for your needs, budget, and ambitions.

What We Do
We help you use data intelligently to gain meaningful insights, identify opportunities, and improve your decision-making.
Our Approach
We design and build modern data platforms to provide you with real-time information from across your business by digitizing your data flows and applying advanced technology to analyze and interpret them.
We have developed a range of methods, tools, and frameworks to make sure you get consistent, high-quality service and automated solutions that are easy to maintain and further develop.
Who We Are
We’re a Swiss boutique service provider with more than 15 years of expertise in data analytics and business intelligence. We’re passionate, innovative, and creative engineers committed to creating a sustainable, state-of-the-art solution that will meet and even exceed your expectations.