Mainzer Landstr. 166
60327 Frankfurt am Main

We unleash digital technology. Custom-made.

Phone number: +49 170 3116548

Short description

We unleash digital technology. Custom-made.


What do we do?

Custom digital solutions: we migrate, accelerate, network, and make everything more agile and smooth. We plan and implement digital technologies, which make companies more wildly more successful beyond these technologies. We're experts in the Cloud, bootstrapping, ideation & innovation, managed applications and enterprise service management, the digital workplace, cruise ships and everything - but absolutely everything - Atlassian.

How do we do it?

With clarity. The future and the way to get there are already complex enough, so we are direct, transparent and offer a clear approach. We define clear goals, have clear processes and deliver clear solutions. We say what we think, and we do it too. Digital technology is not fine art for us, but genuine and honest craft. That's why we are from the real heart of Kreuzberg and not from some silicon city or valley.

Why do we do it?

We believe that digital solutions can inspire companies, products, people and ideas. We ensure that our customers fully exploit this potential. We coach digital autonomy and promote independence from rigid processes, outdated systems, technological fads and in the end, also from us. It is our goal for our customers to seamlessly and independently integrate digital technologies into their businesses.

Where do we do it?

In the net, in the Cloud, on location and everywhere else in the world from our offices in Berlin Kreuzberg, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Munich and Zurich.