Neoprojective LLC

7901 4TH ST N STE 300
33702 St. Petersburg

Software Development & IT Project Management

Phone number: +4915751341439

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Software Development & IT Project Management


Neoprojective is a staffing company specialized in Software Development and IT Project Management.

We are committed to providing you with strategic IT staffing workforce that will make your business agile and stay ahead of market competition.

With our software development and project management experts, our clients can quickly and easily get the expertise they need to turn their projects into reality or to react to staff shortages at short notices.

We provide our own internal IT specialists as well as highly skilled and experienced freelancers to fill specific knowledge gaps or deliver program leadership or other senior interim skill sets to you at your point of need.

Our clients are recruiting agencies as well as large enterprises from different industries and countries.
We operate worldwide with our IT talents.

Please contact us directly via e-mail or use the contact form on our website.



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