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79054 Lviv

The team of excellent IT professionals based in Germany and Ukraine.

Phone number: +380936202636
E-mail: bohdan.kononchuk.private@gmail.com
website: unillence.com

Short description

The team of excellent IT professionals based in Germany and Ukraine.


The team of IT specialists with solid experience in the commercial development of web applications. Our expertise includes but is not limited to coding, designing solution architecture, testing, business analysis, product design, UI/UX design and project management. Together we create the unique mixture of engineering and design thinking, discipline, and out-of-the-box approaches, striving for perfection and getting things done. Let the client focus on the future and we will take care of what it takes to get there.

How can we help?
1. Team Extension. Augment your in-house team with highly experienced, commited and loyal team members to achive you long-term ambitious goals.
2. Dedicated Team. Outsource software development function to high qualified cross functional off shore team while focusing on your core business.
3. Software Product Development. We provide the full cycle software development to roll out custom digital solutions tailored to your business case.
4. Build proof of concept or conduct research.

Our methodology to full cycle web development
1. Gather requirements to understrand business needs, context and challenges
2. Design the solution and validate it with the users.
3. Finalize and agree on the scope, cost, schedule.
4. Set up infrastructure, code, test and deploy the web application to production
5. Conduct user acceptance testing and bug fixing
6. Prepare documentation, transfer ownership and knowledge.
7. Support & maintain (if needed).

Every project is led by an experienced project manager that is accountable for delivering what was promised in time and within budget, and ensuring efficient coordination of the team and communication with all stakeholders.

Programming technologies we use
- Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, React.
- Back End: Java (Spring, Hibernate).
- Infrastructure: GCP, AWS


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Ievgen has over 20 years of experience in software development: more than 15 years of experience in web development, 4 y