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Working on freelance jobs online is a convenient way to make money, and as far as demand goes, designers hold one of the top positions. While some designers take on freelance design jobs to make some extra cash, others prefer to work on them full-time. Porject boards like enable designers to easily find design jobs suited to their area of expertise. A list of jobs available lets one choose the kind and amount of work one wants to do, depending on skills and availability.
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Common practice: Companies pefer to hire freelance designers

From clients' perspective, freelance designers are invaluable, since work can be outsourced to them as and when the requirement arises. They can also look at online profiles and get their work done by designers who specialize in that area.

Different types of Design Jobs

Website Design Jobs - This involves creating the look and layout of a website, starting from the landing page to each tab in the website. One might have to create a new website or redesign the website of an existing company that has changed its identity. It's the designer's job to keep the company's identity, target group and navigation feasibility in mind while designing. Sometimes clients give specific instructions regarding this; at other times designers are expected to suggest their own ideas.

Graphic Design Jobs - This involves the creation of certain graphic assets for a company. New companies might not hire a full-time designer, but might require the services of one from time to time, to complete disjointed projects. Assignments like designing logos, business cards and corporate merchandise keep graphic designers busy. Again, the designers may or may not be given exact instructions but the company's identity must be taken into consideration before starting work.

Online Advertisements - Designers may be asked to create digital posters, banners and pop-up ads. For online advertisements, specific instructions and guidelines are generally given for designers to follow. Sometimes, advertising firms which are shorthanded and running on tight deadlines may hire freelance designers to help their in-house creative team finish a project on time. The freelance designer may be asked to make minor changes to existing work, or generate different versions or sizes of online advertisements.

Brochure Design Jobs - Brochures are designed to attract specific target groups and give them more information about what the client company is selling. Though the basic materials like the body copy and images might be provided, it's a designer's job to make the brochure stand out enough to make the target group take notice.

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The online portal lets freelancers find design jobs that interest them while at the same time, clients find the best designer for their job. The professional environment and the vast variety of options make it a desirable freelance portal indeed. gives freelancers the opportunity to work on a variety of design jobs that they are genuinely interested in.

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