Meri Davini - Advertising Graphic Designer from Italy


This week we have the pleasure to present Meri Davini, an advertising Graphic Designer and creative from Italy. She loves Pilates and run training courses for designers, while working with big clients such as Ferrari or AVIS. Want to know how does she get everything done and run her successful freelance business?

Meri Davini

1) Hello Meri, thank you for the possibility of an interview. It’s a pleasure for us to have you in our inside series. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a freelance Graphic Designer based in Pisa, Italy. I work with design and advertising, creating complete and coordinated images for corporations and products. I've been working as a freelancer for some years now with a regular Italian VAT registration number.

2) What was your inspiration and when did you actually decide to become a freelancer?

I worked in several advertising studios as a Graphic Designer for many years, so I thought that was time to become a freelancer. That means, to assume more responsabilities and have a more complete experience. At the moment, I work as a full-time freelancer for my customers.

3) Was it difficult for you to start freelancing? Could you share with our readers the most important lessons that you have learned on the way?

The biggest problem that I have had when I started my freelance career was how to find customers. Unfortunately, I had several problems at the beginning because I did not have enough work. I think that freelancing is not about having a single work, but having several ones, which include the need to perfect skills such as account management and relationship-building with suppliers and other professionals.

4) But it is not all bad! In your opinion, which are the main advantages of working as a freelancer?

I think that the main advantage is that freelancers have the freedom to decide for themselves.

"My advice to whoever wants to become a freelancer is to have a lot of courage and patience, maybe these are the keys to success".

5) Piaggio, AVIS, Ferrari… and the list goes on! How do you find new clients that are interested in your services?

At the moment, I face some problems to find new clients. I always use freelancing Italian websites and also international ones, but with poor results. I've been trying for a while to acquire projects via social and business networks with some problems. Usually, to contact new clients I send them an email or make phone calls. My website is

6) How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? What makes you special?

I've been working as a Graphic Designer for many years. I have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the job, from the creative phase to layout and print, as well as skills in account management and relationship-building with suppliers and other professionals. But despite the experience, my prices are convenient.

7) What kind of projects do you enjoy the most? Is there a particular project that you feel proud about?

I like all kind of projects, but I prefer to work on those with more attention to the details and aesthetics. I also enjoy a lot to work with packaging.

8) How do you manage the pressure of meeting deadlines? Do you use any specific apps or software tools?

I am not a stressful person, I can keep calm anytime. I am also Pilates teacher. To handle work without problems and to not forgot anything, I use a personal organizer on my phone and computer. They are synchronize to each other, so I can write anything, everywhere and anytime.

9) What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting a freelance career? And what does it take to be a successful freelancer?

My advice to whoever wants to become a freelancer is to have a lot of courage and patience, maybe these are the keys to success.

10) Interesting to know that you also love Pilates and are a Pilates instructor! How do you manage your work–life balance?

I can do that, it's simple. I do my Pilates teaching on the late afternoon, when I already have finished my primary work as a Graphic Designer, so I can relax during the Pilates lesson and I can start the next day feeling more relaxed and strong.

You can find Meri here:

Freelancermap: Meri Davini on freelancermap
Skype: meridavini

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