Henrique Pochmann – Content Producer & Creative from Brazil


This week's interview is with Henrique, a freelance content producer and creative from Brazil. Find out how Henrique started freelancing, and the journey that lead him to launching the hugely successful Aparelho Eletrico platform for independent professionals.


Hi, Henrique! It’s a pleasure for us to have you in our Insides series. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, guys! Thanks for having me. My name is Henrique Pochmann and lately, I’m feeling more comfortable defining myself as a content producer than as a freelancer.

I have a blog called Aparelho Elétrico (in English I guess it’s something like “Electric Appliance”) where I publish content to help people work better as an independent professional. The blog is taking most of my time recently and I’m glad to do it. But I’m still open to freelancing, if a good project comes up.

What exactly made you decide to become a digital marketer? And how long have you been freelancing?

I don’t know exactly. I think it’s because I was a teenager during the years Internet was becoming popular in Brazil. I used to spend a bunch of time online and planning to start a blog or something else. The Internet has this “vibe” like “here-you-can-really-make-things-happen”. And you don’t need much money. I also have a rock background and when you are in a band you have to figure out things on your own to make things happen. So, I think this mix of Internet possibilities and attitude do-it-yourself of rock and roll it’s a powerful combination that can be explored in all its potential in digital marketing. I’m not sure if it makes any sense... but I think that was the scenario.
I used to spend a bunch of time online and planning to start a blog or something else. Internet has this “vibe” like “here-you-can-really-do-things-happen”.

I graduated in Web Design and Programming and I’ve been working as an independent professional since late 2013 when my business partner and I decided to end our small advertising agency after 3 years of activities. In Brazil, it is very difficult to keep running a small business in the communication field. And I think we were in the middle of the way. We weren’t a proper agency, nor freelancers. We were two guys and two interns who had to compete against independent professionals and big agencies. It wasn't easy. But it was a terrific experience. I learned a lot and it gave me the knowledge to start my career as a full-time freelancer and my blog as well.

You have several interesting projects going on: a blog, a podcast, a free eBook, the Freelancer Doc Box, and the Freelancer Full Folio. Could you tell us a bit more about them?

Yeah, sure! I started the blog Aparelho Elétrico because I had enough knowledge to help other professionals to learn how to be a freelancer and help them to avoid big mistakes along the way. The weekly podcast showed up because I’m a huge fan of podcasts. So it was a natural decision to have a podcast on the blog. Now it is the favourite kind of content of our blog followers.

The eBook is a gift for the blog subscribers. In English, the title would be something like “The Amazing Guide of the Modern Freelancer” and it gives you a quick but complete overview of how it is the work life of a freelancer.

The Freelancer Doc Box and Freelancer Full Folio are the products that keep the blog running financially. The first one is a virtual box that brings all the essential documents a freelancer needs to run a business. The second one is a premium theme for WordPress created especially for those working as freelancers. I personally developed them and use them on my daily basis.

Now I’m starting an initiative to integrate independent professionals and share knowledge. It works like this: We have a list. The first person put a book from its own shelve inside a box and send it by mail to the second person. Only when the box arrives the person discovers which book was sent. So the second person does the same with the third person and on and on. I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm really excited to see where it goes.

Was it difficult for you to start freelancing? Did you face many problems?

I’ve tried to work as a freelancer full-time twice.

The first time, it wasn’t exactly like I planned. I was working in the marketing department of a company and asked to keep working for them but as a freelancer, so I could have other clients as well. But, at that time, I was living in a city far from home and I practically didn’t know anyone there. I used to spend all time at home. At that time the smartphones not even existed. The feeling of isolation was terrible. The deal was also not good at all. I was doing all the demands they had and was being paid always the same. I didn’t have time to go out nor look for other clients. I started to lose my motivation and productivity. I got fired. But it was ok, I was about to quit anyway.

The second time I went full-time freelancing I was more prepared and living in the current city I am now, where I know a bunch of people. I had just closed my small agency and clients kept looking for my work. I’ve learned a lot about business, clients, organization, productivity, and marketing. So this time it went well.

If you would search for your profile on Google, which are the 3 keywords you would type in the search bar?

If you type “digital marketing freelance” in Google Brazil you will probably find my professional website on the first page. It is part of my digital marketing strategy. But if you ask how I feel about my profile right now I would be happier with: “content creator”, “podcaster”, and “entrepreneur”.

What do you love most about your work? Is there one particular project that you are especially proud of?

Aparelho Elétrico, without any doubts, is the project that makes me most proud of. Everything I could expect from a project I am having from it. I’m seeing it growing, I’m fixing things, and I’m trying new things. People are getting involved. And I am receiving so much good feedback about it.
I can’t remember last time I had nothing to do. People use to say they don’t like routine. I am a huge fan of routine.

I assume your life as a freelancer is very busy. How does your working routine look like? Do you have a way to organize your day to maximize your work?

Yeah, I can’t remember last time I had nothing to do. People use to say they don’t like routine. I am a huge fan of routine. I have my rituals to keep me in the right mood to work from home.

For example, on weekdays I wake up, drink water and meditate for 15 minutes. So I take a shower and put the clothes on, exactly like if I were getting ready to for a day outside my home. I even put shoes on. I believe this ritual helps my mind know that now is time to work. I try to work from 9h am to 6h pm. But I really like what I do, so it’s really easy to find me working 12h a day or even more. Sometimes I need to stop and say to myself: “You need to get some rest, man”.

To keep my productivity high and reduce procrastination, I have every task I need to get done written down on my to-do list. It helps to relieve my brain and also saves me a lot of time.

Besides your work, what are you passionate about?

In my free time, I like to watch movies and series and read books. But music is my passion. I like playing acoustic guitar and sing. In the future, I intend to start a music related project.

What tools are essential to your life?

Currently, I think WordPress is my favourite tool. It is an amazing content manager. It’s hard to imagine that it is free. All of my websites are built using WordPress.

In terms of personal life, I am a huge fan of Spotify and Netflix.

Last chance! Is there anything more you would like to tell our readers?

Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure talking to you, guys! I would like to invite everybody to come and check out our work in Aparelho Elétrico.

Sadly, at the moment, we only have content in Portuguese. I have plans to translate it into English in the future. I’m always keen to talk about freelancing and business online if anybody wants to talk more about it, just drop me a line. :)

Where to find Henrique Pochmann

Websites: http://henriquepcm.com and http://aparelhoeletrico.com
Henrique on Facebook
E-mail: henriquepcm @ gmail.com
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