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  • Matheus de Souza - Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker and Entrepreneur from Brazil


    Matheus has been a full-time freelance writer and digital marketer since the beginning of 2017 after finding success on the LinkedIn content production platform, Pulse. After being featured on the LinkedIn Brazilian Top Voices list in 2016, Matheus says his life has changed for the better, and is now loving life as a freelancer!

  • Vicsante Aseniero - Senior .Net C# Developer from Davao, Philippines


    Vicsante has in the IT Industry for almost 17 years, working remotely for 8 of those years from Davao City, Philippines. Vicsante decided he wanted a career in the IT industry ever since he graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering - and he's been successfully navigating remote working life ever since!

  • Dan Bite-Toma - Java Developer & Architect from Bucharest.


    Dan has been working as a freelance Java Developer and Architect for over 10 years! Using challenges as motivation, Dan admits that his freelancing lifestyle has no "typical day" - and loves the freedom that gives him. Find out how Dan manages the trials and successes of freelance life from his home in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Rachel Teresa Park - Graphic Designer from Vancouver, BC, Canada


    Rachel successfully navigates a graphic design freelance career alongside a full-time design job. Working from Vancouver, BC, Rachel has been freelancing for over 2 and a half years, dedicated her evenings and weekends to growing and maintaining her successful business. Rachel’s tip for fellow freelancers is to have another creative outlet besides freelancing – you don’t have to look at a computer screen to be creative!

  • Vital Carvalho - Pro-Cobol Analyst, Developer and Programmer from Lisbon


    Vital started his freelancing career shortly after he left high school, when he was only 21 years old. Back then the Portuguese government invited him to do some freelance work for the Statistic Department and Vital has been receiving new freelancing offers ever since. He swears on the power of word of mouth and focuses on providing the best quality for his clients…

  • Ionut Zamfir – UI/UX Designer from Bucharest, Romania


    Ionut became passionate about design around 10 years ago, when he first started experimenting with Photoshop. He started his full-time freelance career in 2011 after realizing how many great opportunities this lifestyle could give him. He thinks that a successful freelancer has to be passionate and respect clients and deadlines...

  • Leese Johnstone - Graphic Designer and Freelance Mum from the UK


    Leese is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Kent in the UK. Right now Leese is working part-time while raising her daughter but hopes to gradually increase her hours as her daughter grows older. Coming from a PR and communications background she mainly focuses on branding, print materials and web graphics for small businesses and start-ups…

  • Andrew Marcinkevičius - Freelance web developer from Lithuania


    Andrew started freelancing as a web developer in 2013. His biggest inspiration is to find solutions for a problem by breaking it into small useful pieces. For him the best thing about freelancing is that he can choose his working environment, after some experiments he realized that he´s most productive when working from the comfort of his own home…

  • Ivaylo Gelov – Developer from Sofia, Bulgaria


    Ivaylo started freelancing less than a year ago and he kind of regrets not having taken the leap earlier. He is a self-proclaimed book worm and taught himself how to code when he was only 12 years old. His tip for fellow freelancers is to focus on providing the best service instead of having the best skills…

  • Jonathan Danylko - Web Architect and part-time Freelancer from Ohio


    Jonathan Danylko from Columbus, Ohio works as a web architect and part-time freelancer. He has been programming for over 30 years now. His motivation to start freelancing came when he realized that he could solve someone else´s problem by doing what he loves. Jonathan´s advice for fellow freelancers is to have confidence in your skill but also to know when to ask for help...

  • Michael Plant- PHP Web Developer from Cornwall, South West England


    Michael Plant started freelancing 18 years ago when it was just becoming a popular way to work in the UK. He relishes his work as a PHP Web Developer as it gives him the opportunity to travel to wherever his contracts take him. Michael’s advice for new freelancers is not to worry too much as there is always another contract when the current one finishes…

  • Dilyan Grigorov – SEO and PPC Specialist from Bulgaria


    Dilyan is an SEO and PPC Specialist with almost 12 years of freelancing experience. He values the freedom and flexibility this lifestyle gives him. Dilyan says he's most creative at night which is why freelancing works so well for him. According to him the most important lesson for every freelancer is to learn how to listen more, think more and talk less…

  • Jennyfer Tan – Freelance Techie Mom from Vancouver


    Jennyfer Tan started freelancing as a stay at home mom in 2009. She gradually built her online career while also taking care of her two children. Jennyfer´s tip for keeping a right work life balance as a freelancing mom is to know your priorities and to stick to them even though it might mean that you have to decline work offers.

  • Scott Biersack – Illustrator and Designer from Arizona


    Scott Biersack is an American illustrator with an obsession for typography. He started his freelancing career during his college time, back then he accepted small design jobs next to his regular studies and part-time job. About a year ago Scott then finally took the leap and started freelancing full-time, which has been a crazy ride he says...

  • Nipuna Dananjaya Kumara – Software Developer from Sri Lanka


    Nipuna Dananjaya Kumara is a Sri Lankan technology lover and self-taught software developer. When he was only 18 years old he started freelancing part time while still going to school. Nipuna can offer his clients a broad range of services, he usually likes to hear what his client needs and then sees what he can do for them…

  • Liviu Andriescu – SAP FICO Consultant from Romania


    Liviu Andriescu is a Romanian SAP consultant with 15 years of SAP FICO experience. He started freelancing in 2008 and is currently contracted in Germany. Liviu's personal motto is “any problem has a solution. It only has to be found”, which proved to be very true for his professional career...

  • Alena Pritula – Russian SAP consultant living in Spain


    Alena Pritula started her freelance career in 2014 after she was contacted by a headhunting firm. Based in Barcelona, she has been freelancing ever since that day. Alena loves the freedom that freelancing offers and her dream is to become a digital nomad...

  • Martina Vasilj – Graphic, Web and UI/UX Designer from Croatia


    Martina Vasilj has been working as a graphic designer for over 15 years. She is passionate about UI and UX and has a degree in psychology. For Martina freelancing is like riding a bike; you have lots of fun and the feeling of freedom but there is also always the awareness of risk during the ride….