Freelancer Insides


  • Henrique Pochmann – Content Producer & Creative from Brazil


    This week's interview is with Henrique, a freelance content producer and creative from Brazil. Find out how Henrique started freelancing, and the journey that lead him to launching the hugely successful Aparelho Eletrico platform for independent professionals.

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Vahid Lupic - Web Designer & Developer


    This week's Freelancer Insides interview is with Vahid Lupic, a freelance UI/UX designer from Sarajevo, Bosnia. Check out our interview with him, discussing how Vahid stays one step ahead of the competition, and the obstacles he encountered when he first became a freelancer!

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Anibal Mourelle - SAP Consultant from Buenos Aires


    This week's freelancer interview is with Anibal, an SAP Consultant from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this chat, we cover how and why Anibal started freelancing, his best marketing tips, and some advice and tricks he'd give to freelancers starting out!

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Elad Ziv - Freelance Developer from Israel


    In this week's Freelancer Insides series, we chat to Elad, a freelance developer from Israel! As a freelancer for over 10 years, Elad shares his experiences in freelancing, how he manages a full roster of clients and more in this interview - read the full post now!

  • Meri Davini - Advertising Graphic Designer from Italy


    This week we have the pleasure to present Meri Davini, an advertising Graphic Designer and creative from Italy. She loves Pilates and run training courses for designers, while working with big clients such as Ferrari or AVIS. Want to know how does she get everything done and run her successful freelance business?

  • Kerry Needs - Branding and Marketing Strategist from Nottingham, UK


    This week's edition of our Freelancer Insides series is with Kerry, a freelance Branding and Marketing Strategist currently living in Nottingham, UK. Kerry started off freelancing part-time and has since grown her business to be able to work remotely full-time! Check out our full interview here.

  • Maria Guzman - SAP Consultant from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    This week's freelancer insides interview is with Maria, a freelance SAP IM PS Consultant with over 8 years of experience! Check out how Maria started freelancing, whether she'd ever go back to full-time work, and the biggest lessons she's learned from freelancing.

  • Iván Franco - Systems Engineer, C# & PHP Freelance Developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Our interview this week is with Iván, who has been working as a freelance systems engineer and developer for the last 2 years. Iván loves working full-time as a freelancer, and says it's the most enriching experience he's had! Check out our full interview and what his plans for the future entail.

  • Ricardo Salazar - Freelance Software Developer from Barcelona!


    This week's freelancer interview is with Ricardo, who has been freelancing ever since he moved to Berlin, 4 years ago. Ricardo's number one piece of advice to other freelancers is to always keep learning and looking for opportunities that will expand your business! Check out the full interview.

  • Joel Ackermann - Freelance UX and UI Designer & Digital Nomad


    Meet our Freelancer of the Week, Joel Ackermann! Joel has been freelancing and travelling for almost six years. Read our interview on how he got started, the challenges he's faced, and how he juggles the digital nomad lifestyle with a successful UX and UI Design business.

  • Paulo Baptista - Branding and logo creator, graphic designer, photographer, and photo editor!


    Meet Paulo, a freelancer with experience in an array of skills! Paulo has been freelancing for almost 10 years, having successfully turned his hobbies into a successful career. Check out how he juggles so many services and his experiences in the freelancing world...

  • Timothy Oxendale – Freelance Web Designer & Developer from the UK


    Tim has been a freelance web designer for over 8 years, working from his home in Wolverhampton, UK. Tim loves the variety his work gives him, and says his one piece of advice to other freelancers would be to never stop pushing yourself to become a better and more efficient worker!

  • Noëlle Steegs - Web Developer and Designer with a Passion for UX


    Noëlle works as a web designer and developer from anywhere in the world, having embraced the Digital Nomad lifestyle last year. Check out how she's grown a career from scratch in just 3 years, and why she'd never go back to a 'real' job!

  • Matheus de Souza - Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker and Entrepreneur from Brazil


    Matheus has been a full-time freelance writer and digital marketer since the beginning of 2017 after finding success on the LinkedIn content production platform, Pulse. After being featured on the LinkedIn Brazilian Top Voices list in 2016, Matheus says his life has changed for the better, and is now loving life as a freelancer!

  • Vicsante Aseniero - Senior .Net C# Developer from Davao, Philippines


    Vicsante has in the IT Industry for almost 17 years, working remotely for 8 of those years from Davao City, Philippines. Vicsante decided he wanted a career in the IT industry ever since he graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering - and he's been successfully navigating remote working life ever since!

  • Dan Bite-Toma - Java Developer & Architect from Bucharest.


    Dan has been working as a freelance Java Developer and Architect for over 10 years! Using challenges as motivation, Dan admits that his freelancing lifestyle has no "typical day" - and loves the freedom that gives him. Find out how Dan manages the trials and successes of freelance life from his home in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Rachel Teresa Park - Graphic Designer from Vancouver, BC, Canada


    Rachel successfully navigates a graphic design freelance career alongside a full-time design job. Working from Vancouver, BC, Rachel has been freelancing for over 2 and a half years, dedicated her evenings and weekends to growing and maintaining her successful business. Rachel’s tip for fellow freelancers is to have another creative outlet besides freelancing – you don’t have to look at a computer screen to be creative!

  • Vital Carvalho - Pro-Cobol Analyst, Developer and Programmer from Lisbon


    Vital started his freelancing career shortly after he left high school, when he was only 21 years old. Back then the Portuguese government invited him to do some freelance work for the Statistic Department and Vital has been receiving new freelancing offers ever since. He swears on the power of word of mouth and focuses on providing the best quality for his clients…