Freelancer Insides


  • Tomáš Olekšák – Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist


    Tomáš is a self-taught illustrator and concept artist who comes from Bratislava, Slovakia. Although he describes himself as a beginner to the freelance world, he already has great advice for those new to the world of freelance illustration.

  • Freelancer Insides Walter Mattos - Freelance Creative Director from Brazil


    Making freelancing a full-time job isn't easy, especially when there are limitless routes one can take. How do you reach an audience? How do you deal with money? How do you balance your time? Check out the journey and advice of freelance designer Walter Mattos.

  • Freelancer Insides: Marek Hlaváč, Freelance Web and Game Developer


    Get an inside into the world of freelance web and game development from Marek Hlaváč, a freelance developer working out of Bratislava. Read for for advice on time management, tools of the trade, and more.

  • Freelancer Insides - Jozef Hindicky, Freelance Web Developer


    Jozef comes from Slovakia, but has been working across UK in the last 7 years. He defines himself as “a digital nomad, based anywhere."

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Juliette Kim - Creative Director & Graphic Designer


    This week's interview is with Juliette Kim, a graphic designer from Seoul, South Korea. Here, we discuss how she started freelancing, how different cultures impact a freelancer's attitude to work, and how Juliette started her very own graphic design studio.

  • Fekry Helal - Freelance Illustrator and Communication Designer


    Check out this week's freelancer insides interview with Fekry Helal, an illustrator living in Austria. Here, Fekry gives us an insight into his world as a freelancer, including his proudest projects, what triggered him to pursue a freelance career, and what advice he'd give to other freelancers!

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Anatoli Cholakov - Web Developer


    This week's interview is with Anatoli, a web developer with over 10 years' experience developing websites and mobile apps. In this interview, we cover how Anatoli got into freelancing, what he likes most about this lifestyle - and the things he does to keep his business a step ahead the rest!

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Paul Teitelman - SEO Expert from Toronto, Canada


    This week's Freelancer Interview is with Paul Teitelman from Toronto, Canada. With over 10 years of experience helping hundreds of businesses succeed online, Paul is one of the top ranking SEO consultants in Toronto & across Canada. A true SEO expert, tech entrepreneur, lifehacker, blockchain enthusiast & real estate investor - read on for our interview here!

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Sergio Valente - SAP Consultant


    This week's Freelancer Insides interview is with Sergio Valente, an SAP Consultant from Buenos Aires. Freelancing for over 3 years now, Sergio shares his experiences and challenges with us, and the soundest advice he'd give to aspiring freelancers for a smoother start!

  • Eric Brantner – Freelance Copywriter from Houston, Texas


    Eric Brantner started freelancing shortly after finishing college because he got weary of the low pay and the long commute he had to his office job. For Eric the key to a successful freelance career, is knowing how to run the business side of things. Regardless of how good you are at your craft every freelancer needs to be a good businessman in order to succeed…

  • Henrique Pochmann – Content Producer & Creative from Brazil


    This week's interview is with Henrique, a freelance content producer and creative from Brazil. Find out how Henrique started freelancing, and the journey that lead him to launching the hugely successful Aparelho Eletrico platform for independent professionals.

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Vahid Lupic - Web Designer & Developer


    This week's Freelancer Insides interview is with Vahid Lupic, a freelance UI/UX designer from Sarajevo, Bosnia. Check out our interview with him, discussing how Vahid stays one step ahead of the competition, and the obstacles he encountered when he first became a freelancer!

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Anibal Mourelle - SAP Consultant from Buenos Aires


    This week's freelancer interview is with Anibal, an SAP Consultant from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this chat, we cover how and why Anibal started freelancing, his best marketing tips, and some advice and tricks he'd give to freelancers starting out!

  • Freelancer Insides Interview: Elad Ziv - Freelance Developer from Israel


    In this week's Freelancer Insides series, we chat to Elad, a freelance developer from Israel! As a freelancer for over 10 years, Elad shares his experiences in freelancing, how he manages a full roster of clients and more in this interview - read the full post now!

  • Meri Davini - Advertising Graphic Designer from Italy


    This week we have the pleasure to present Meri Davini, an advertising Graphic Designer and creative from Italy. She loves Pilates and run training courses for designers, while working with big clients such as Ferrari or AVIS. Want to know how does she get everything done and run her successful freelance business?

  • Kerry Needs - Branding and Marketing Strategist from Nottingham, UK


    This week's edition of our Freelancer Insides series is with Kerry, a freelance Branding and Marketing Strategist currently living in Nottingham, UK. Kerry started off freelancing part-time and has since grown her business to be able to work remotely full-time! Check out our full interview here.

  • Maria Guzman - SAP Consultant from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    This week's freelancer insides interview is with Maria, a freelance SAP IM PS Consultant with over 8 years of experience! Check out how Maria started freelancing, whether she'd ever go back to full-time work, and the biggest lessons she's learned from freelancing.

  • Iván Franco - Systems Engineer, C# & PHP Freelance Developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Our interview this week is with Iván, who has been working as a freelance systems engineer and developer for the last 2 years. Iván loves working full-time as a freelancer, and says it's the most enriching experience he's had! Check out our full interview and what his plans for the future entail.