Freelancer Insides


  • Scott Biersack – Illustrator and Designer from Arizona


    Scott Biersack is an American illustrator with an obsession for typography. He started his freelancing career during his college time, back then he accepted small design jobs next to his regular studies and part-time job. About a year ago Scott then finally took the leap and started freelancing full-time, which has been a crazy ride he says...

  • Nipuna Dananjaya Kumara – Software Developer from Sri Lanka


    Nipuna Dananjaya Kumara is a Sri Lankan technology lover and self-taught software developer. When he was only 18 years old he started freelancing part time while still going to school. Nipuna can offer his clients a broad range of services, he usually likes to hear what his client needs and then sees what he can do for them…

  • Liviu Andriescu – SAP FICO Consultant from Romania


    Liviu Andriescu is a Romanian SAP consultant with 15 years of SAP FICO experience. He started freelancing in 2008 and is currently contracted in Germany. Liviu's personal motto is “any problem has a solution. It only has to be found”, which proved to be very true for his professional career...

  • Alena Pritula – Russian SAP consultant living in Spain


    Alena Pritula started her freelance career in 2014 after she was contacted by a headhunting firm. Based in Barcelona, she has been freelancing ever since that day. Alena loves the freedom that freelancing offers and her dream is to become a digital nomad...

  • Martina Vasilj – Graphic, Web and UI/UX Designer from Croatia


    Martina Vasilj has been working as a graphic designer for over 15 years. She is passionate about UI and UX and has a degree in psychology. For Martina freelancing is like riding a bike; you have lots of fun and the feeling of freedom but there is also always the awareness of risk during the ride….

  • Anna Lee – Creative Copywriter and Freelance Mum


    Anna Lee calls herself a “foreverlancer”, meaning that no traditional job could ever match the variety that freelancing offers her. Anna has an impressive portfolio of brands she worked with already; nevertheless she also genuinely enjoys writing for smaller brands and start-ups. Her best tip for fellow freelancers is to be prepared to work hard but always with a smile on the face...

  • Jérémie Helme – Mobile and Web Developer from France


    Jérémie Helme from Annecy, France has been freelancing since 2009. He got stared through a freelance studio called L’Etrange Fabrique. He says that being surrounded by other freelancers helped him a lot when he first got started. Right now he is giving the digital nomad lifestyle a try but still stays connected to his contacts back in France...

  • Bruno Neves – Brazilian Designer and Developer


    Bruno Neves has more than 12 years of experience in designing and building applications. He worked together with some big Brazilian and international companies and loves to invent things in his free time. He likes that freelancing allows him to be closer to his family. ”Never stop wanting to learn more and more“ is Bruno´s advise to all freelancers out there...

  • David Ferrell- Freelance WordPress Developer from Florida


    David Ferrell has been freelancing part time long before he started his full time freelance career as a Wordpress Developer, 3 years ago. David calls himself the go-to guy for all things related to web design and development. He genuinely cares about his clients success and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed...

  • Walker Rowe – Expat Programmer and Tech writer living in Chile


    Walker started his freelancing career 4 years ago when he moved to South America. Having 30 years of programming experience he is now working as a freelance tech writer. For him the best part about freelancing is the freedom and flexibility he now has. No boss , no office, no fixed working hours are the three main benefits for him . Walkers secret to success is quality instead of quantity...

  • Samantha North- Web Developer and Content Writer from the UK


    Samantha, originally from the UK has lived and worked abroad for over 10 years. In 2013 she started her freelancing career while working for a remotely destination company. Even though she started out as a journalist she recently decided to focus more on web development . Samantha is also the founder of Placesbrands, a platform that specializes in telling the true stories of places...

  • Simon Minter – Freelance Designer and Developer from Oxford


    Simon started as graphic designer and worked full time for fifteen years. When he realized that everyone was going online he started to learn developing, too. Now he is freelancing and he loves the diversity his job as a designer and developer brings with it. He has a lot of different clients and his projects never look the same. According to him the most important thing to get a job is a good reputation – which you only get when you are a person others enjoy working with...

  • Carolina Correa – Half-Belgian, half-Portuguese Graphic Designer and Digital Nomad


    You can definitely call Carolina a digital nomad. She loves freelancing, her job as a graphic designer and traveling the world. Currently she is living and working in Vietnam. Exploring different places and working from abroad gives her inspiration every day. According to Carolina the biggest challenge of freelancing is handling different functions at the same time. You don't only have to be good at design, but also at sales, negotiation, closing deals, networking, maintaining business relations etc. Read more about our freelancer of the week in the full interview!

  • Christian Hernandez – System engineer from Buenos Aires


    Christian Hernandez from Argentina has started with full-time employment and is getting step by step into freelancing. His dream is to become a full-time freelancer one day and to freely manage his time. At the moment he is working as external consultant for a company and freelancing at the same time. For him the quality and documentation of your work is the most important thing to be successful on a long-time basis...

  • Stefan Lindblad – Freelance Illustrator, graphic designer and artist


    “Being my own boss is so much part of who I am” – Stefan Lindblad from Sweden is a very successful freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist. He is also one of 8 CorelDRAW Masters in the world. Because he is working in different areas and for a wide range of clients he likes to describe himself as “Jack of all trades”. Getting up early, staying focused, strict deadlines and discipline are his keys to success. To promote his business and to find new clients Stefan swears by the combination of old and new marketing tools...

  • Randi Dumaguet – Freelance Designer and Developer from the Philippines


    Randi started freelancing at university to earn some extra money and provided a range of different service, from fixing electronics to graphic design services like designing business cards. His career as a website designer and developer only started when he got his big break developing the website of a world-renowned furniture designer. For him, minimalist interfaces and lightweight code are two important factors for a good user experience...

  • Interview with Justin Kownacki – freelance content and marketing all-rounder


    Justin has problems finding an exact term that describes what he is doing. His tasks and projects vary from year to year. So Justin is a freelance writer, a video editor, a project manager and a digital marketer as well. He decided to freelance, because he wanted more control over his time and his career. Because he knows about the challenges of freelancing, he decided to start a coaching service for freelancers to help them have a good start in the freelance sector. Besides Justin highly recommends social media and networking to market oneself and get jobs...

  • Archibald Butler – Website Designer, Developer and passionate surfer!


    Archie loves website designing, developing and surfing! To promote himself he likes to share and inspire people by giving some of his knowledge and work away for free. As he wants to choose by himself with whom he works together freelancing is the perfect solution. It also gives him the flexibility to pursue his favorite hobby. However he prefers to work inhouse instead of working from home...