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  • Yan Gordon – SAP Security & Authorization Consultant


    His thirst for more far-reaching knowledge and practical experiences in his area of expertise is the reason why Yan Gordon became a freelancer in the first place. Since then, Yan has been a full-time freelance SAP Security and Authorization Consultant for two years now and still likes to take advantage of every opportunity he gets to broaden his horizon and to improve his skills...

  • Antonio Cruz – Telecommunications and electronics engineer


    Our freelancer of the week, Antonio Cruz lives and works according to his motto: “Don’t say: I can’t do this, but: how can I do this?” Because he is from Cuba where broadband internet isn’t available, Antonio is excellent at solving problems and handling difficult circumstances. For four years now he has successfully and with joy found solutions for all kinds of complex problems and wishes that his clients had…

  • Zaneta Baran – Magento Developer


    Our freelancer of the week has known right from the beginning, that one day she would like to be her own boss and possibly start her own company. With that in mind, Zaneta Baran started to work on some smaller projects while studying Software Engineering and after that kept going while working as a regular employee to gain experience. Now Zaneta fulfilled her dream and is freelancing full time. She does Magento development and is very happy with it…

  • Lovey Pale – Graphic & Web Designer


    “Cultivate an unquenchable thirst for learning” and “never be ashamed to say you don’t know something.” These are two instrumental and honest tips from our freelancer of the week Lovey Pale. Since he got inspired by a fellow designer over seven years ago and decided to become a freelancer himself, these guiding words have helped him through many challenging as well as successful times...

  • Stefano Scarpanti - Senior Software Engineer


    “Think Different! Think for yourself!” This is the philosophy of Stefano Scarpanti, Senior Software Engineer and freelance newcomer from Italy. Upon working for several companies within a regular employment for years, Stefano Scarpanti always felt like something was missing in his life. But just some months ago, he found an answer. When searching for a new job in the internet, he ended up at our IT-job board and decided: Maybe it’s the “freedom” that lacks in my life? An interview with Stefano Scarpanti…

  • Miroslav Belicak - Software Developer


    A personal website and detailed profiles in social networks are the nuts and bolts for freelancers! At least if you believe in the words of an experienced freelancer who’s in the industry since years. We are introducing Miroslav Belicak, a freelance Software Developer from Slovakia. Within a short interview we have pumped Miroslav Belicak for information about how and why to start a freelancing career. Do you also feel like starting a freelancing career? Get inspired by Miroslav Belicak…

  • Sander de Wijs - Wordpress Designer


    Sander de Wijs is an expert in web design and also experienced in psychology. What does psychology have to do with being an IT freelancer you might ask? Well, our freelancer of the week explains it this way: it really is all about triggering the desired human behavior, no matter if in psychotherapy, marketing or web design. Want to hear how else he explains why it is a perfect combination? Then read on...

  • Vladimir Samoilenko - Mobile Application Developer


    Our freelancer of the week is the mobile app developer Vladimir Samoilenko. He is from the Ukraine and can look back on more than ten years of experience in freelancing. Since 2010 he has developed more than 20 mobile applications and upgraded over 15 for iOS and Android. Interested in learning more about Vladimir Samoilenko and mobile app developement? Then read on...

  • Fabio Antunes - SAP FICO Consultant


    “The opportunities always exist; we only have to be prepared when they show up!” Wise words, don’t you think? They come from our freelancer of the week, Fabio Antunes. Fabio is a SAP FICO Senior Consultant and Tax Specialist from Brazil and has been freelancing for five years now. Want to hear more about his experience? Then read on...

  • María Silvia Domeniconi - SAP Consultant


    Our freelancer of the week is María Silvia Domeniconi. The SAP Consultant grew up and lives in Argentina and has been a freelancer for three years now. “There has not been one client who has not offered me to stay in the company as a permanent employee”, she tells us in the interview. But she prefers to keep freelancing. And it goes without saying: She does it with passion and success!

  • Maria Emilia Palet – Industrial Designer


    Our freelancer of the week has the job a lot of people dream about when growing up. Maria Emilia Palet is a designer. She has worked with manufacturers of children´s furniture, lighting systems, outdoor clothing and many more. She really enjoys her work with companies whose values and products she can believe in. Read more about the fascinating Maria Emilia Palet who among other things speaks four different languages…

  • Stella Pelagatti – Visual Designer


    Former clients recommend and praise our freelancer of the week. And the resume of Stella Pelagatti, who is a visual designer with more than ten years of experience, speaks for itself. Stella has worked for brands like Nike, Nestlé, General Motors, Samsung and many more. Why she quit working full time for an agency? Read the whole interview and see why she is absolutely happy about her decision…

  • Alessandra Oliveira – Graphic and Web Designer


    Our head of the week, Alessandra Oliveira, is a freelancer with a load of experience under her belt. She has worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 15 years and in freelancing, she especially enjoys being able to have a direct contact with her clients. She also believes that a good briefing at the beginning is the alpha and the omega of a successful cooperation between a client and a freelancer. Curtains up for Alessandra Oliveira from Brasil…

  • Razvan Coca – Linux C++ Developer


    “I find a couple of hours of daily walking are a major productivity boost.” Our today’s interviewee Razvan Coca is a Linux C++ Developer. Originally he started out as a Senior Researcher at The National Institute of Material Physics in Bucharest. After working as a Software Developer for a few years, he now enjoys the advantages of being a freelancer and puts all his productivity in realizing his clients’ projects and implementing some of his own ideas...

  • Leonardo Soares – JAVA JEE Developer


    After reading Timothy Ferriss book “The 4-hour workweek” and learning how to escape the rat race and how to live more and work less, Leonardo Soares decided to become a freelancer. So far it worked out well and even though the JAVA/JEE Developer isn’t earning ,000 per month yet, he enjoys the newly gained variety of his work. And let’s be honest, being able to do what you love is already amazing and as we all know: money does not buy you happiness...

  • Jani Tarkiainen – Android Developer


    Can you imagine sipping a yummy cold Thai mango-shake while sitting in a Finnish sauna, sweating and boosting your blood circulation? No? Maybe our freelancer of the week Jani Tarkiainen can. The 25 year old Finn specialized in Android development and currently lives and works in Thailand. Let´s hear more about his life and resume. And maybe he will reveal whether there are any saunas in Thailand at all…

  • Orlin Dimitrov - Senior Web Developer


    You could say that work is a playground for our freelancer of the week, where his knowledge and passion flies high like a kite and his professionalism makes him the confidant of all the other kids on the court. Orlin Dimitrov is a dedicated freelancer and likes to compare WordPress with Lego because it gives you the opportunity to build whatever you want with it. Gather round and read more about his 10 years of experience as a Word Press and Web Developer…

  • Arthur Etti - System Engineer


    Our freelancer of the week comes from the fourth largest city in Europe. His name is Arthur Etti and he is from St. Petersburg in Russia. Arthur has specialized in System Engineering and is skilled in using Agile software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Definitely something worth reading more about! Just like the resume of Arthur Etti...