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  • Theo Moraes – ABAP Developer


    Our freelancer of the week is Theo Moraes. And with his comment “To be a freelancer means you don´t have to waste any time going to work and back every day” he reminds us of yet another pleasant advantage of being a freelancer. However, right now the ABAP Developer from Brazil cannot enjoy a few more minutes of sleep every morning because he is also working at an IT company. Therefore, it is now time to say: Rise and shine dear Theo Moraes…

  • Vanderlei Sbaraini Amancio – Web Developer


    “IT professionals should never feel satisfied with their own professional level. Everything is constantly changing, so we must evolve as well.” This is the philosophy of Vanderlei Sbaraini Amancio which he lives to the fullest. The young Web Developer from Brazil is a multi-talent and constantly picking up new skills to improve his expertise. Art is what motivates him most to evolve further and further. Let´s hear more about his resume and get inspired as well…

  • Ricardo Guzmán – Systems Engineer


    Ricardo Guzmán is a systems engineer from Venezuela and highly motivated to work as a freelancer. He is new in the industry and eager to take his first steps in the business and gain new and exciting experiences. The reason why he became a freelancer is that he is very interested in logistics and recently completed his SAP Material Management certificate. What other reasons made him decide to become a freelancer? Read for yourself…

  • Andrew Moko - Big Data and J2EE expert


    “Freelancing? I love it!” This is the final statement of the interview with our freelancer of the week, Andrew Moko. As a co-founder of a young start-up in Kenia, Andrew Moko knows exactly about the challenges and problems of building an own business in the IT-industry. But hard work has been rewarded and Andrew Moko nowadays makes a living as a fulltime freelancer. Let us find out how he got there…

  • Helder Olivier - Experienced Multimedia Designer


    It is doubtful that anyone ever types “expert with big heart” into the search bar to find a freelancer. But this is who we think should be found through these keywords: our freelancer of the week, Helder Olivier. The very talented and qualified multimedia designer values a kind and compassionate relationship with his clients and project partners and always gives 100%. That being said: check out his awesome looking CV and get an example of his outstanding creative work. And let´s see what colorful picture he paints in our heads while telling us about his life as a freelancer…

  • António Oliveira – Java Senior Developer


    He comes from one of the oldest cities in Europe and is a completely and utterly dedicated freelancer. António Oliveira was born in Évora in Portugal which is an UNESCO World Heritage site and unlike his well-preserved birthplace there is nothing medieval about him. The Maximo Asset Management certified analyst, developer and programmer is proud to be part of this exciting and progressive time where anything is possible. Let´s change the world and hear what António Oliveira has to say…

  • Evgeny Shebanin – IT Professional


    It has never been that hard to summarize a freelancer portfolio than in the case of our “freelancer of the week” Evgeny Shebanin. Born in Russia but living in Finland, the IT-professional combines several freelancer roles in only one person: Database architect, Business Analyst and Software Developer. In our interview the multi-talent talks about the challenges of being self-employed and encourages other freelancer to extend their portfolios for better chances in the IT-job marked. We warmly welcome Evgeny Shebanin!

  • Antonio Carrasco – Web Designer and Social Media Consultant


    Living and working where other people make holidays. Our freelancer of the week, Antonio Carrasco, comes from Andalucía, the land of flamenco, wine, strawberries and “Pata Negra” ham! Despite these temptations, Antonio Carrasco managed to build a successful freelancing business in Spain, working as a social media consultant and web designer (among others). No wonder when we look at his profile! As a computer engineer and master in Business Administration, the freelancer knows both sides of the coin. Let’s meet the Spanish wonder weapon for social media projects: Antonio Carrasco…

  • Ruben Exposito Marin – iOS Developer


    100 % remote! This is how we could describe the work style of Ruben Exposito Marin, freelance iOS developer from the sunny south of Spain. Two years ago, Ruben Exposito Marin decided to follow his heart: So he quit his full-time job and started freelancing. Nowadays, he already has developed and redesigned some well-known mobile apps like Instasize and TrainSmart. That is what we call an ideal example of a freelancing career. Let’s check out his recipe for success – an interview with Ruben Exposito Marin!

  • Mika Rantakeisu - Android Developer


    Our today’s freelancer of the week comes from the hometown of Santa Claus. Mika Rantakeisu from Lapland is truly an all-round talent in the fields of mobile applications, serving all platforms from iPhone to Windows Phone but set his heart on Android. Right now, he is developing the next Google Play app hit for a Finnish company while freelancing as an Android Developer besides. Let’s meet Mika Rantakeisu, Android Wizard and freelancer from Lapland!

  • Pasquale Ambrosini – Software Engineer and iOS Developer


    Pasquale Ambrosini definitely has “the gift of the gab”! Within our interview, the Italian freelancer surprised us and won us over with his charm, wit and sharp tongue. As a Software Engineer and iOS developer, the open-minded freelancers stirs up the Italian and International project market with his mobile apps, fantastic designs and software products. Most of his project orders come from abroad through the World Wide Web. Let’s meet the rock star among our freelancers: Pasquale Ambrosini!

  • Carlos Diaz Valverde – Software Engineer


    No risk, no fun? Not for everyone! A less risky method of starting your own business is to freelance “only” part-time besides your decent job (also check our recent article on part-time freelancing). Six years ago, Carlos Diaz Valverde from Peru decided to become a part-time freelancer to earn some extra money. Within the last six years, the Software Engineer realized 33 projects. We have interviewed the young freelancer within our article series freelancer insides. Curtain up for Carlos Diaz Valverde!

  • Linda Albertini – Web Designer and Developer


    Linda Albertini is definitely someone we would call a cheerful soul and bundle of energy. But despite her positive attitude, her career as a Web Designer and Developer wasn’t always rosy. Her very first gig as a freelance fresher was running out of the rudder due to a lack of a clearly defined contract. That is why Linda Albertini advises all freelancers to never take a project without signing a contract. Find out more about our “freelancer of the week” Linda Albertini from California…

  • William Rufino – Web Developer


    William Rufino ruled up the field from behind. Six to seven years ago his freelancing carrier started a bit different from the ones of other freelancers. William Rufino became a freelancing Web Developer even before starting his studies as he needed some money. Based on his knowledge from technical high school he developed his own skills in smaller projects for friends. Nowadays he can pay his tuition fees by freelancing full-time for international clients. Curtain up for the likable young freelancer from Brazil!

  • Julien Spagner – IT Specialist


    “Create your own company culture and work as you like even though it might me tough at the beginning!” Our today’s interviewee Julien Spagner definitely can look back on a very eventful life. After working for different companies in Paris, Julien Spagner decided to pack his bags and leave his comfortable life in France for a more fulfilling one in Sri Lanka. After working transitional in the tourism and marketing branches, he nowadays serves clients worldwide as a freelance IT-specialist with competitive rates…

  • Milos Rasuo - C# .NET Developer


    “My clients’ satisfaction is my main goal!” And it seems that Milos Rasuo has achieved this goal quite often, at least he never was faced with an unsatisfied client within his 2 years freelancing career. “All of my clients continued to work with me after first project.” And we at also can confirm that Milos Rasuo seems to be very successful, achieving some great contacts and projects with our clients. Definitely a freelancer we can learn a thing or two from!

  • Dusan Zupancic - Solutions architect, consultant and trainer


    Handling complex projects, managing heterogeneous teams and communicating with clients worldwide – no problem for the Slovenian IT-freelancer Dusan Zupancic who’s in the freelancing business since years. As an experienced Solution Architect, Consultant and Trainer, Dusan Zupancic can convince with an extensive list of well-known clients and tricky projects. Stagnation is regression! The perfect motto for an IT-freelancer who has subscribed to 92 feeds and magazines to keep up-to-date! An interview with Dusan Zupancic….

  • João Bernardino – IT consultant


    Standing still means taking a step backward; this applies for the IT-industry in particular. As an IT-freelancer, you always need to improve your profile to keep pace with this fast developing industry, your competitors and your clients of course. In today´s edition of our FREELANCER INSIDES, we present João Bernardino, a Portuguese IT consultant and experienced freelancer, who advices all self-employed workers out there to continuously acquire new skills, learn, test and certify. “Don’t go against trends, if you do, this undermines your credibility.” – Those are the wise words of a freelancer who’s in the IT-business for more than 30 years already. Let’s find out what else you need to know about the IT-freelancing business! An interview with João Bernardino…