How to: Marketing in a 10 minute coffee break


I know what you’re thinking – oh god, not marketing again. But wait, don’t close the page, these are the quickest and easiest steps for growing your marketing in as little as 10 minutes. Finding the perfect marketing strategy and implementing it can be a struggle for any freelancer.

Measuring results and knowing if any given action actually did something for your business is difficult in the best case, impossible in the worst. Here are 7 quick suggestions, perfect for those times when you just can’t afford or don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes on your marketing efforts:

1) Introduce yourself to one person you’d like to know
No subtly asking for jobs, no bragging - just let somebody know you exist and what you do. Find someone who inspires, intrigues or drives you forward. Say hi. Whether it is going to be an interesting conversation, an insight into their way of doing things or a potential freelance job opportunity, it doesn’t really matter. It’s about forming a connection.

2) Check in with clients of the past
There are people who you don’t know at all, like the ones above, and people that you do know but haven’t contacted in a while. Such as former clients. It’s worth checking in with them once in a while too. Ask them how their job is going and if they are still satisfied with the work you did. Maybe they forgot about you and could use your help. 

3) Engage with your audience!
Engagement is rule number one on social media, blogs and any form of online interaction with your audience. Thank the people who said nice things about your work. Answer those who have questions and discuss with those who disagree.

4) Engage with other audiences
Your audience is not the only one out there – other ones represent possible clients and colleagues too. Tap into those source by visiting your favorite blogs or websites and engaging in the discussion going on there. Don’t forget to include a short signature describing your business or linking to your site.

5) Think about why your post/tweet/comment did so well
Sometimes the best effort is not to just mindlessly keep doing what you set out to do, but to lean back and think about your strategy. Find your marketing strengths. Analyze content that gets positive feedback and understand what makes it good. Follow that model, then go back to the beginning of this paragraph. Refining your content will eventually lead to the perfect recipe you’re looking for.

6) Share something interesting you’ve stumbled upon
Just share something and say why you think it’s good/bad/interesting. Reading it and summing up your thoughts in a sentence doesn’t take much time. It’s a good way to keep people updated. Moreover, it helps keep your profiles active when you just don’t have the time or inspiration to create a lot of content.

7) Update your profiles
Last but not least, spend 10 minutes on a profile you haven’t brushed up for a while. Add your latest projects, ideas and other updates on your current professional status. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, freelancing sites or anything else. It’s a huge difference between finding freelancers who haven’t changed their profiles for a year and someone who just updated it a month ago.
Pick up a few tips you find good and try them for a month or week. They make marketing seem easy and it really can be, provided you’re consistent. Sometimes all you need is 10 minutes a day. Make them count!


Pic: © PixArc_Pixabay
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  • Commented by Lovey Pale on 26.10.2015 at 12:46 h

    Thanks for the great article Viktor, I am definitely giving it short.

  • Commented by Viktor on 27.10.2015 at 10:22 h

    Hi Lovey,
    thanks for reading! Let us know how the tips worked out for you :)

  • Commented by Viktor on 27.10.2015 at 10:23 h

    Hello Lovey,
    thanks for reading! Let us know how the tips worked out for you :)

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