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It's that time of the year again: Summer is here, and beaches around the world are getting crowded. For freelancers, summer tends to be a quiet period. Often prospectives are taking their main holidays now and hence their businesses are slowing down.

Summer slowdown just happens, and there is not much you can do about it as a freelancer. Just think how you would like to invest your free time. Some freelancers seize this opportunity to boost their skill-set, while others prefer to take a well-deserved break and spend some time with their families relaxing in their hometown, Punta Cana, or in the garden. Any place is a great place when it comes to chill-out!

If you're planning on taking a beach break this summer (or already took it), then you have probably picked up some great books to enjoy while lying back on a sunbed and sipping a refreshing drink! Summer reads are usually cheerful books that keep you in a good mood all day long. However, there are other times when these reads are inspiring books that transform your spare time into an opportunity to stretch your limits.

Did you pick up any inspiring book this summer? We would love to know which books inspired you and helped you out in your freelancing career! Is there an essential book every freelancer or entrepreneur must read? Is there a book in your field that you always refer to?

BLOG CARNIVAL: Calls for submission

Share your book tips with us! Write a short article briefly explaining why you recommend that book, what it’s the book about or how it helped or inspired you.

We’ll be publishing a massive summary on our blog promoting all your submissions, and we'll share it via our Social Media channels (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram) and also feature it in our newsletter.

The last day to participate in our blog carnival is Friday, 30th September 2016.

How to take part in our carnival?

  • Write a post (non-commercial) on the topic “My top book recommendations for freelancers” and concisely explain what an impact that book had on you or how it could help fellow freelancers.
  • Publish your recommendations on your blog or website. If you don't run a blog or have a website, you can also submit your article to
  • Please use the subject line: Your name - My top book recommendations for freelancers.
  • When publishing your article include a link to this post:
  • Send us the URL of your article as well as your name and a link of your choice to Deadline: Friday, 30th September 2016.
Please note you must be the original author of the content and have full permission to post it.

Why should you take part in our blog carnival?

From an altruistic point of view, you will be able to help some freelancers out there to create a reference manual which they can consult when they struggle with any freelancing issue. Nowadays there's a huge offer of books available that cover a diverse range of freelancing topics and it’s difficult to decide where to start reading. Having a list of books recommended by other professionals can be extremely helpful.

For you directly, participating in our blog carnival it’s a great opportunity to promote your blog, website or portfolio, reach new customers or enhance your brand positioning. We’ll round up all your book recommendations on an article that we'll publish on our blog. All participants will be featured with their reads tip and the link that they provided.

The advantages at a glance

  • Increase your exposure
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Grow your readership
  • Build reputation
  • Highlight yourself in an international freelance network
  • Gain attention of prospective clients and recruiters
  • Extend your profile
We already run other Blog Carnivals in the past, if you're curious, you may want to take a look at our article 11 Love letters to freelancing.

We’re excited to receive your recommendations! Share your favorite books with us - newbies and old classics are welcome!
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