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9 Ways to Start Making Money with WordPress Today

You’ve heard of WordPress – everybody has. It’s one of the easiest and definitely the most popular way to create and share content with the rest of the world. WordPress sites account for more than a fourth of the whole internet today. And where there’s that kind of reach, there’s money to make.

The term WordPress freelancer often gets mentioned online, but it can actually mean a whole lot of different things. The main three categories are 1) people who mainly write blogs, 2) people who use blogs to sell a certain product and 3) developers. This article covers these three categories and shows you how you can earn money as a freelancer in each one of them.

Monetizing Your Own Blog

The premise here is that you’re mainly a person who wants to make their living through content (written or visual) posted on WordPress. There are a couple of ways to do that:

1. Selling Ads

This is the first way that comes to mind when thinking about how written content can generate monetary value for the creator. It’s how most journalists do it online, paywalls aside. And there are two big way to utilize ads as part of WordPress:

Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to introduce ads. You simply add a script from Google to your blog and it will start showing ads. Every time someone clicks or sees them (depending on the sort of ad), you will get some money. However, you can also opt to sell your ads directly. There are WordPress plugins, like BuySellAds, which will help you do that. That method means more control and the ability to charge a flat rate instead of getting money per click or per view. So if you’ve got a healthy audience, you might want to try that.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is kind of like ads, but it has been very popular for a while so it deserves a separate section. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, affiliate marketing is basically the process of recommending products via links (e.g. to Amazon) and getting a fraction of the price the user ends up paying if they buy the advertised product.

Affiliate marketing can be made to work in virtually any given niche that has a product associated with it. Similarly to simple ads, there are also plugins here that will help you set things up. You can check out ThirstyAffiliates if you’re interested.

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3. Get Sponsorship for Posts

Sponsorships are something that many people shy away from, but really shouldn’t. Nowadays it has become very acceptable to get paid for sponsorships, provided you disclose it. Big YouTubers do it to advertise new games or products, podcasts often have little spots where they recommend an audio book as part of a sponsorship.

So why not WordPress blogs? There’s no reason to avoid it, provided you’re being honest with your readers. Obviously, it’s perfect if you also genuinely like the product, but that might become a blurry line in the long-term, so be careful.

Sell Other Products via WordPress

Your blog can also function as a selling platform in a couple of different ways. Here are the three most common things you can sell:

1. Your writing content

The most obvious one is your writing. You write on WordPress, people see and like the things you post and proceed to pay you to do similar stuff for their own sites. Whether it is paid guest posting or something that happens regularly, that’s a good way to sell your skill as a writer. It obviously has the prerequisite of you establishing a brand firsthand.

2. Ebooks

Ebooks are something that a lot of people seem to be going for nowadays. And there’s a reason for it – publishing has never been easier. There are fewer hurdles online, you don’t have to worry about the cost of pressing and distributing a physical object anymore. So if you have an idea and can write, ebooks can be lucrative – and what better way to advertise them than giving a sneak peek in a WordPress blog?

Do you need some tips to get started? Don’t miss our article “Writing an ebook as a freelancer”.

3. Courses and Webinars

Similarly to ebooks, courses and seminars are products that have been reborn in the online world. Making a couple of YouTube videos plus a handbook to follow along can help you reach thousands of people with a few clicks – much better than the old-fashioned classroom.

Being a WordPress Developer

Last but not least, you don’t necessarily have to create content in WordPress. You can also work as a developer, opening up a couple of exciting possibilities:

1. Plugins

We’ve already mentioned plugins a couple of times in this article and that’s because they are an integral part of WordPress. And so are the people who create them. Like apps, plugins are often developed by the community and successful ones can be quite lucrative. A little PHP knowledge will get you a long way here.

2. Themes

If you not only want to code, but to also design, creating WordPress themes might be the thing for you. Themes are basically templates that people can use to build their WordPress websites – and because the platform itself is so popular, people are also looking for ways to distinguish themselves with unique designs.

3. Websites

And last but not least, you can function as a full-fledged web developer on WordPress. Build your client a website from scratch, help him fill it with content and provide support. You can do some of that or everything at once – it’s really up to you, there’s a market for everything!

Do you earn money with WordPress? Let your fellow freelancers know of other exciting ways to do that in the comment section below!
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