6 Tips to Repurpose your Articles and Social Media Posts


Do you write, post or otherwise create a ton of content? Do you, like many other content creators, like your content and hate to see it go to waste? If your answer is yes, this article is just for you.

In today’s fast-paced media world, it can often feel that your posts are relevant just for a day, or even only a few hours.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you make quality content, you can build upon that! You don’t always have to start from scratch. It is much easier to use what you already have and adapt it than constantly churning out new stuff. Stick to quality rather than quantity.

Here’s how you can ensure a rebirth for your articles and social media posts with our seven tips:

  1. Switch up the format

Have you written a great article? Make an infographic out of it – Here’re 5 free infographic creation tools!

Have an interesting slideshow? Upload it to YouTube with audio commentary!

You get the idea. Switching to a new format is the best way to repurpose old content. You’ve already done all the research. The information is there, it’s just waiting to be turned into something new.

Different formats work for different audiences and purposes. The point is, expressing the same thing in a multitude of ways ensures a larger audience while only costing a fraction of the effort.

  1. Update old information

What if you already have a great thing, but it’s old and not necessarily 100% relevant or accurate anymore? That could be a list of your favorite apps, the hottest skills in a certain market or the way you use time management in your daily work. Technology changes and these things do, too. But rarely do they change enough to warrant an entirely new article.

So take your old post and review it. Maybe you’ll need to throw 20 percent out, maybe it’s 30 percent. But in the end, you most definitely won’t be doing a 100 percent of the work again.

  1. Offer your content to others who will publish it

If you have an article posted on your own blog, you are reaching a certain type of audience – people who stumble upon your name or already know you in some way. If you take that same article and give to some other blog, you’ll always be reaching, at least in part, new people.

Whether you sell that content or not is your prerogative and depends on its quality. However, be aware that already posted content can be worth less to certain types of sites and it might also affect your rankings (Google penalizes duplicate content). At the end of the day though, sharing or selling your content (with some tweaks) on other platforms is a great way to increase the number of people it reaches.

  1. Expand on popular posts

Let’s say you’re writing an article much like this one. It has a list of things and, to some people, some of those things might be more interesting than others. Let’s say that repurposing your content by offering it to others is one those things. You get a lot of comments on that particular aspect and people will keep asking you questions on it.

Take that topic and make it into an article by itself. You’ve spared yourself the time of looking for a new topic and you already have a couple of ideas. Now you need to expand on them. Obviously, there would be still a lot of work to do, but there’s also a lot of time saved, too!

  1. Create links between your content

If you create a ton of content, there are likely to be parallels between some of it. For example, we’ve already written about guest posts. And that was two years ago. But by referring to old content that is connected to a current article, we try to keep the fire burning.

And you can employ the same strategy. Link back to things that are useful. Ride your own bandwagon – it’s absolutely okay to do so as long as it’s relevant and useful to your audience.

  1. Do a recurring newsletter summary

For people who churn out a lot of posts, there might be the worry that even your core audience isn’t able to follow everything you do. If you want to make sure people who are interested in your content get a second chance to click on it, ask them to sign up for a newsletter.

A lot of news sites will do this – once a week or a month they send their readers the X most interesting pieces of content they put out. You can do the same. Just write a short teaser for each piece (one to two sentences should suffice) and put those together in a newsletter.

Enjoy the extra clicks and the time you saved!


Do you repurpose articles or subjects? What methods do you use? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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