Freelancermap celebrates Freelancer's Day


The freelancing movement is unstoppable. Freelancers are ready to jump into exciting projects anytime and motivated to support both large and medium-sized companies. They bring in expert knowledge, experience, and passion in what they do – what a great combination, right?

Today, we want to celebrate that you made the move to work for yourself. We’re marking the 14th of May as the Freelancer’s Day, Der Tag des Freelancers, День Фрилансера, el día del freelancer, or however you will call it in your language (Btw. we’d love to know how you’d call it, so leave a comment down below!).

Freelancers have become indispensable to the majority of companies. Especially in the course of the digital transformation, deep knowledge in a particular field, flexibility, and adaptability are of enormous importance for companies. They need to quickly adapt to new scenarios to stay competitive locally and in a global market.

It’s not just a concern for large multinational companies but also SMBs need to optimize their processes. As a result, companies and employers are complaining about the shortage of developers and IT workers.

Since the demand for IT professionals is very high, employing somebody full-time and on a long-term basis is very costly and might not be profitable. This scenario is clearly supporting the freelance economy. Companies and employers are hiring experts in the fields of IT and engineering on a project basis.

By employing freelancers, companies can react quicker and flexibly to their needs and benefit from unbiased and expert know-how.

We THANK YOU all freelancers on behalf of all those companies and clients that you support with your expertise every day.

What drives our freelancers to perform at their very best?

Freelancers are helping companies grow worldwide. It’s time to acknowledge your work and to celebrate Freelancer’s Day. On this special occasion, we are unlocking our premium features for all freelancers for the first time in freelancermap's history!

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It surely has been a challenging job to become a freelancer (or still is!) but we’re sure it’s all worth it!

Happy Freelancer’s Day!

The team

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