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Landing a contract as a freelancer can take a long time, depending on the amount of proposals you have to send. You can send two, or ten, or even more before landing a paycheck. How is the freelancermap community dealing with this?

To get a better picture, we asked you and other freelancers in our big freelancer survey for how many projects do you apply regularly before landing a project and this is what we found out:

Respondents are very quick when it comes down to getting a job through a proposal. A whopping 19.8 percent of you said they land a contract successfully with as few as one or two applications. Another 22.4 percent only need three or four proposals to get there.

Looking at the combined data, the vast majority (over 80 percent) need less than 10 applications to convince at least one client to take them on. That’s phenomenal!

Many freelancers, especially in the beginning, will have to send in at least a couple dozen applications before they get there. The “long” way towards landing a client doesn’t seem to always be that long, at least among most of the freelancermap community. So good on you!

In case you belong to the other 19 or so percent who need to send more than ten proposals, don’t worry! You’re not alone and this is not something abnormal. Clients can be quite picky about who they take on for their projects. As our survey indicates, it can and will get better if you keep at it.

If you’re unsure about how to change your situation, try getting in contact with some more experienced freelancers. Whether you find them here on our platform, at a networking event or in real-life, talk to them about it.

Also make sure you draft a great proposal before you send it out to a client, that can also make all the difference.

These articles can be a great help:


For more interesting surveys and freelance tips, keep tuning into our blog. And let us know how you like the content in the comments below, it really helps!

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