Where Do Freelancers Work Best?


When you run your own business, it is up to you to decide where you actually do your work, and that’s a phenomenal opportunity. You know yourself best and choosing the working environment that suits you perfectly can not only make your job more productive, but more pleasant as well.

We asked our community how they handled this choice. We still have the results from a previous survey, so we’ll also take a look at how those results have changed over the course of a year. In 2017, more freelancers were working at home than ever.

With 51.5 percent, people who have turned a part of their home into an office are the majority among over 1,300 survey participants. Compared to 2016, the number went up by almost seven percent. Whether more of you are choosing your home as a workplace or have just now gotten the opportunity to do so, congratulations on the transition! Setting up a disturbance-free environment within your own four walls can be tricky. However, the convenience and the ability to be next to your loved ones can certainly be worth it!

As a result of that transition, fewer freelancers are now working in company offices. About 39 percent of you said they were doing so in 2017 as opposed to around 46 percent the year before. Working where the client is certainly has some advantages: being close to the people you’re working with has to be the biggest one. It maximizes the ability to communicate quickly and can save some time. However, we understand that some freelancers begin their businesses to get out of that corporate setting.

Finally, about nine percent are either renting an office or working in a co-working space. This is the option you go for if you want to organize your working environment yourself but prefer to work outside of your home. Being in a place where other people are working can do wonders for motivation - it's one of the few times in which peer pressure can actually be good for you.

Where do you do your work? Has anything changed from past years? Share your story with fellow freelancers in the comment section below!

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