Career Insights: What Does a Magento Developer Do?


Welcome back to our Career Insights series, in which we take a look at some of the most interesting freelance careers that are in high demand right now. Today, we’re looking at the role of a Magento developer. Find out what they do, what skills and certification you need, and what kind of salary you could be looking at in this skilled freelance role.

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What is Magento used for?

Magento is an open source CMS built-in PHP, and it provides a platform to allow web developers to create e-commerce websites for businesses.

Magento provides customisable core features and serves as an extremely powerful, flexible system that gives developers a high level of control over the functionality of e-commerce stores. It was released in 2008 by Varied and was developed on the Zend Framework platform.


What does a Magento developer do?

A Magento developer, as the name implies, builds and improves upon Magento ecommerce websites.

Many larger businesses have a team of Magento developers and web designers to fulfill the many skills that are required to fully understand the Magento platform.

Overall, Magento developers can be split into two main categories:

  • Front-end Magento Developers: These developers build Magento themes to ensure an ecommerce website looks great, is user-friendly, and responsive on all devices.
  • Back-end Magento Developers: These developers, on the other hand, focus on the features of a Magento site, adding in code and extensions to support the platform.


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Must-have skills for Magento developers

Magento is a complex platform and its flexibility also means that developers need a range of skills to really master it.

A few skills Magento developers should have include:

  • A strong knowledge of the Magento platform: Most importantly, a good Magento developer should have a strong knowledge of Magento itself in order to be able to effectively build any ecommerce store on the platform.

  • Programming languages: Magento developers should have a high level of web development experience, and should also be familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  • Problem-solving: Design and programming problems are likely to arise frequently for Magento developers, so having great problem-solving skills and a mind to find a solution to unexpected difficulties will be beneficial.

  • Custom CMS development: Skilled Magento developers will be experienced in developing custom CMS themes. They will always need to create or customise CMS themes to meet their client’s needed, so this is a must-have skill for any experienced developer.

Magento developers may also need to be familiar with integrated development environment (IDE) software, which is used to facilitate programming and automate certain processes for quick application. Additionally, knowledge of version control software applications is also useful for Magento developers.


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What certifications does a Magento developer need?

There are several certifications a Magento developer should look into acquiring in order to boost your job prospects.

A few of these include:

  • Magento Certified Developer (MCD)
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus (MCD+)
  • Magento Certified Front-end Developer

Take a look at Magento U for all the Magento courses and certifications you can take. These courses are built by professional instructional designers and are taught by highly experienced Magento professionals, with hands-on exercises and on-demand videos to help participants get comfortable with the Magento platform at their own pace.


What are the tasks and responsibilities of a Magento developer?

Depending on how experienced and at which stage a developer is I a project, a Magento developer’s daily tasks and responsibilities can differ wildly.

However, the following are a few typical tasks a Magento developer can expect to do:

  • Building Magento themes from designs provided by web designers
  • Optimising Magento performance
  • Integrating Magento with e-commerce platforms e.g. payment gateways, accounting softwares
  • Customising widgets and extensions for an e-commerce store


How much does a Magento developer make?

$ 69,000
$ 120,000

According to Payscale, the average salary for a Magento developer is $69k per year. However, the average salary on Glassdoor indicates that salaries can actually be as high as $120k, so gaining more experience and more skills as a Magento developer can definitely pay off.

What do Magento freelancers earn? 

The freelancermap’s index show an average hourly rate of $35 per hour for Magento freelancers. This is very different depending on the freelancer’s location. While in Germany the average rate is $77/hour, it’s just $43/hour in Spain and $24/hour in Brazil.



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