What does a Brand manager do?


Brand managers are responsible for the customer perspective of a brand. They work to increase brand awareness and the way potential customers connect and interact with a brand and the products offered. Let’s take a look at the day to day responsibilities of a Brand Manager.

Role Responsibilities Skills Background Salary

The Role of a Brand Manager


Brand Manager - The role


First and foremost, Brand managers conduct intensive market analysis. This is an integral part of the brand manager's job description. On the basis of the analysis, they develop marketing strategies and advertising campaigns relevant to the brand.

They are deeply aware of the target demographic and can therefore not only shape the brand they are responsible for, but also design, strengthen and establish it for customers in the long term.

Brand Managers also oversee the introduction of new products and services, which are subsequently supported in the same way as existing brands. To achieve their goals, they work closely with internal departments such as product development, marketing, sales and distribution, but also with external market research companies, advertising and sponsoring agencies.

What are the responsibilities of a Brand manager

In a rapidly competitive environment, every brand looks to set themselves apart. They want to create an unmistakable image in order to achieve the highest possible brand recognition among consumers.

This is just as true for a certain food or luxury item as it is for a financial service, a car or a tour operator. The brand manager's task is to develop the right strategy for positioning and a unique image on the basis of thorough market analyses.

If the brand is sold internationally, it must ensure that the design and advertising measures are adapted to the respective country and culture. There are numerous examples - especially of car names - where a brand name is completely harmless in one country, but may not play off as well in another. 

There are no typical industries for brand managers. This is a big advantage of this profession. They can basically work in any company that offers or wants to establish branded products or with any person who needs to take care of its personal brand.


What are the daily tasks for a brand manager?

  • Identifying target demographics and brand awareness
  • Conducting market analysis and preparing reports
  • Building an unmistakable image and recognition value
  • Strategy development for positioning
  • Development of advertising campaigns
  • Managing marketing budgets
  • Building relationships with influences and other media
  • Interacting with other departments to effectively pull off brand strategy


Brand managers have similar job responsibilities with publicists, marketing managers or social media managers.

Brand Manager Responsibilities



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Brand manager skills


Brand Manager Skills


To start with, a positive team spirit and good communication skills are required for cooperation with other departments within the company and external service providers. In addition, a brand manager must be able to think analytically and strategically and, if possible, have a creative streak.

The success of the brand also requires personal responsibility and initiative, a high level of commitment and assertiveness in negotiations and, above all, a feel for new trends and customer needs.

The required skills of a brand manager also include the ability to use various media such as print, TV, radio, social media and other digital advertising platforms safely in order to promote the image of his brand on all channels.


What does a brand manager need to know? 

  • Great verbal communication skills
  • Writing and creativity skills
  • Internet and media affinity
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Strategic & analytical thinking
  • Knowledge of marketing strategies
  • Understanding of the product they are working with
  • Good financial knowledge of budgets
  • Experience with CRM software
  • Relationship management


Brand manager qualifications


The major prerequisite for the profession of a brand manager is a degree in business administration with a focus on marketing or public relations.

However, people with a science or arts background also have opportunities, provided they can prove sufficient business management qualifications. If you already have a long professional experience or sound knowledge in project management, distribution, sales and advertising, you will increase your market value considerably.

Ultimately, brand managers need knowledge in market research, analytics, advertising or consumer behaviour.


How much does a Brand Manager make?


Brand Manager Salary


The salary of a Junior Brand Manager is about $58,000 per year. A senior may earn up to $129,000. The average annual salary is around $72,000. The remuneration depends essentially on the size of the company and the brand awareness.

How much does a brand manager earn?

Junior $58,000
Average $90,000
Senior $129,000

How much do Freelance Brand Managers charge?

Average Freelancer Rate for Brand Manager

On average, freelance Brand Managers charge $94/hr. When taken at an 8 hour day, this amounts to $736 per day. (Freelancermap Index January 2020)

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