Freelancer Tips


  • 8 Crucial Financial Tips for Freelancers


    The majority, if not all freelancers, dread dealing with the financial side of freelancing. It can definitely take the joy out of doing what you love, and of course freelancing also means you have to double as the financial manager. As frustrating as it might be, crunching the numbers doesn’t have to be a horrifying experience. Let’s have a look at some ways you can insure a secure financial future and still continue doing what you love to do – freelancing.

  • 5 Steps to Stress-Free Freelancing


    Freelance work isn’t without its drawbacks, and finding solutions to these professional problems can be stressful in itself. From your weekly schedule and work-life balance to the accounting concerns and unpredictable workload, there are a number of unique working worries that come with the freelancing life.

  • The art of saying “no” as a freelancer


    Freelancing is about freedom – the ability to choose for yourself with whom, on what and even when you would like to work. To fully enjoy that freedom, every freelancer should learn that saying no is often the best decision. Deciding when exactly to say no is a big responsibility, but a skill that has to be mastered if you want to grow and succeed as a freelancer. There are three main categories that you should learn to say “no” to. Say no:

  • SURVEY: Freelancer Income and the reasons behind stagnation


    How much do you earn in comparison to last year? We asked 100 users on that very questions and the results vary quite a bit. First, the good news – 42% percent of the people who answered, said they are earning more than they did in 2014 so far. We would like to think that we have played our part in that with engaging, profitable projects and our freelancer tips.

  • Become a guest blogger at!


    You are an expert in IT? You’ve got something to write about? You would like to increase your popularity to be recognized by prospective clients worldwide? Than write it down and submit your expert article as a guest post at!

  • Six Great and Free Apps for Freelancers


    Freelancers have to juggle a lot of tasks at once. Time management, marketing, communicating with clients and keeping track of finances are all key to a successful freelancing career. Managing all that can be quite tricky, especially since you need to have leftover time to actually do your work as well.

  • 4 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO


    Search engine optimization or SEO can be invaluable to everybody who wants to get their page rank higher in any search engine. There are a huge variety of actions which you can take to improve your page and the more improved your page, the higher the chance is that you will get noticed.

  • Six non-intimidating tips for freelance networking


    Networking: a simple enough word, which strangely causes many freelancers to get nervous just by hearing it. Whether it is the “oh, not this again” reaction or the fear of not being able to express the best sides of your business in a couple of breaths, networking can be frustrating. But it’s extremely important.

  • The 5 Key Elements of a great Freelancer’s Website


    Having a personal website as a freelancer has many advantages. It can be very cheap, makes you easier to find for potential clients and offers almost limitless ways to express yourself and your work. But there are some essential things that you absolutely want to have on your site. This article takes a look at the top 5 key elements of a great freelancer’s website.

  • Creating a visual portfolio? 4 Tips on getting it just right


    A visual portfolio is an excellent way to show off your work. Pictures just have a way of grabbing attention and pulling people in. With an appealing, well-made portfolio, you can turn onlookers into clients, giving you even more exciting projects to choose from. Even if you don’t come from a design background, don’t be intimidated - everything you create can be visualized in some way.

  • Stressed? Try these 5 things


    Stress can be a career killer. It’s not productive, it’s not motivational and it’s definitely not healthy. However, all freelancers have to deal with some degree of stress. The job might look happy and cozy on the outside (and sometimes it can be), but there are moments where you feel all responsibilities piling up. Often, you are the only one that can deal with them and that can be tough on any person.

  • I love Freelancing because…? 11 Love Letters to Freelancing.


    I love Freelancing because…? In a conversation with 11 Freelancers. Freelancing isn’t only a job – it’s a profession, an attitude towards life, a passion. And either you love it, or you hate it. We have asked 11 Freelancers around the globe why they love what they do. Here is what they answered…

  • Five things nobody tells you about freelancing


    Waking up when you want, working in your pajamas, being your own boss and doing only what you want to – this is the best possible outcome of a freelancing career. There are two problems with it, however. It doesn’t always end up like that (and sometimes that’s good) and getting there is extremely tough. When you embark on the journey of freelancing, there are some hard truths you have to face and decide how to deal with them.

  • How to: Upload a portfolio at


    Before hiring a freelancer, clients and recruiters often appreciate to see samples of your previous work to understand if you are the perfect match for their requirements. Therefor a detailed freelancer profile at is the Alpha and Omega.

  • Getting through the summer slowdown - 5 Tips for Freelancers


    Summer tends to be a quiet period for a lot of freelancers. Your clients are taking their yearly vacations, slowing down their business and holding off on new projects. Similarly to the winter holiday slump, the summer slowdown just happens and there is not much you can do about it.

  • Why do freelancer projects fail? 5 common reasons


    When working as a freelancer, inevitably, some projects will fail. Sometimes it will be your fault, other times it will be your client’s, but most often it is a combination of both. Projects in which you work as a freelancer depend on a lot of factors and require a good relationship built on understanding, motivation and know-how of both sides.

  • Looking for a remote job? Be ready for these 7 questions!


    Remote workers are more common than ever. Many professionals, especially creatives, dislike the idea of having a 9 to 5 work day five times a week, without the flexibility their work requires. And while this might have always been the case, today’s technology allows those people to work from any place at almost any time.

  • 8 Phrases in Freelance Job Ads That Scream “DON’T APPLY”


    Job hunting is a significant part of any freelancer’s career. Sure, once you get more experienced, well-known and have built up your online and offline presence enough, clients will start approaching you by themselves. But even then, you might want to dip into gig searching now and again. Unfortunately, scamming is still an issue in the world of freelance job ads.