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  • The Top 9 Tech Jobs Safe From Total Automation


    With technology developing rapidly all around us, it is easy to begin worrying about one’s own future. And it’s a smart thing to do – robots are already changing the way we work today and will continue to do so. However, there are some things that machines just cannot replicate on a level that humans do.

  • How to Organise Your Files & Folders as a Freelancer


    Organizing your files may sound mundane, but it is actually a helpful skill that has saved me and many other freelancers a lot of time and stress. Know where your files are. There are a lot of compelling arguments for that. First of all, think of all the time you would spend searching for them if there were no organization to them at all. Secondly, what if something gets deleted or forgotten by accident?

  • How to Deal with Clients That Want an Immediate Project Quote


    How do you determine the price of a project without knowing the details? You don’t. Just like a car mechanic cannot tell you what the repairs on your cast are going to cost before they get a chance to look at it and see what’s broken, freelancers often face the same issue.

  • The Job of an IT Architect | Career Insights


    In this third addition to our new article series “Career Insights,” we’re talking about IT architects. If you’re interested in a new freelancer career for yourself, or just wondering what an IT architect actually does - this article will include a job description, required skills and exactly what salaries you can expect in this role!

  • 5 Tips to Designing Chatbots that Sound Natural


    Software that directly communicates with humans to help them solve everyday problems are all the hype right now. With chatbots and voice assistants skyrocketing in popularity, a lot of freelancers and their clients are turning their heads towards that trend.

  • How Your Freelance Business Could Benefit from the Chatbot Trend


    Chatbots are one of the biggest trends in technology right now. And it’s not difficult to see why. Automation has always been a goal of technology and chatbots can automate one of the things that seemed to be very much human-only – conversations.

  • 8 Marketing Essentials for Freelancers


    Without marketing, there is no freelancing. Whether you’re opening up a small local shop or building sites for big companies across the world, there is one common denominator – people have to find out you exist. How do they find out you exist? Ideally, through your marketing efforts and not by chance.

  • The Creative Process: Creating a Powerful Brand Identity


    In this guest post, Samanta outlines her favourite part of being a graphic designer: the creative process. She takes us through every element throughout the decision-making process when designing a completely new brand.

  • 4 Perfect Ways for Freelancers to Utilize GitHub


    GitHub is a platform that brings all of the world’s developers together and gets them create projects together. Easy, often open-source collaboration with lots of documentation has helped GitHub revolutionize teamwork for coding and development.

  • How to Deal with Client Revisions as a Freelancer


    One of the most frustrating challenges for many freelancers is dealing with repeated client requests for revisions on a project. This is a factor you need to be prepared to deal with on a regular basis - so check out our tips to dealing with client revisions properly.

  • How to Promote Your Freelance Brand When You Hate Talking About Yourself


    As a new freelancer, one of the most daunting, yet essential, tasks is having to market yourself and sell your services. If this is something that doesn't come naturally to you, you're not alone. Check out these tips for making promoting yourself far less intimidating!

  • How to Deal with Late Payment Terms as a Freelancer


    Late payments aren’t just some nuisance freelancers like to complain about – they can be a significant financial risk to the point of endangering your entire career. That’s why we’re writing this article.

  • Six Tips to Prepare for Retirement as a Freelancer


    Are you really budgeting for retirement? Have you made the time to work out what you’ll really need, and how you’re going to get there? Chances are, you haven’t. But don’t worry! These six quick tips can help you prepare for retirement without adding any extra burdens to your busy freelance schedule.

  • Freelancer's 5 Biggest Time Killers - And How to Overcome Them


    Today, we have a special treat for you – we’ve just received the results from our survey on the biggest time-killers for freelancers. We’re proud to say that we had 720 participants worldwide, all experienced freelancers who shared what they feel like is wasting their time. In addition to the list, we’ve also thought about solutions.

  • What Does a QA Analyst Do?


    Have you ever wanted to start freelancing, but felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of job titles on the market? Our Career Insights series takes a look at some of the most dynamic and exciting roles open to the freelance market. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look in the role of a QA Analyst and what exactly that entails.

  • How to Use Storytelling for Your Freelance Brand


    Storytelling is an age-old art, possibly one of the very first arts there was. Stories invoke emotions and stick in our minds like no bare-bone facts can. It’s no wonder that storytelling has become very important in many areas, including brands and businesses. And guess what? As a freelancer, you’re a bit of both.

  • Why Your Enquiries Aren't Turning into Clients


    As a freelancer, you’re responsible not only for the work you produce but also finding, securing and pleasing your clients. Perhaps you’re doing everything by the book and following all of the advice you’ve read on marketing your personal brand but, for some reason, you’re unable to effectively convert your leads into clients. There are many places you may be tripping up in the client acquisition process.

  • Freelancer Referrals: The Do's & Don'ts You Need to Know


    Many freelancers love recommending colleagues for freelancing project, and can sometimes receive a referral fee as a result. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with those types of referrals – they are an easy and low-maintenance way to get some extra cash. And as long as all sides profit and nobody is being treated unfairly, paid referrals can be great – but things don’t always work out like that.