Freelancer Tips


  • Essential Tools for Game Design and Development


    Game development is taking the world by storm. Gone are the days where games were just pixel figures fighting off blobs of monsters with their tiny pixel sword. And gone, too, are days when gaming was something kids did in their free time. So, what tools do you need to make a living with game development?

  • What does an ETL Developer do?


    ETL developers are in charge of extracting, transforming and loading data in an efficient way and their work helps data teams greatly. So, what does it take to become an ETL developer? Read through to learn more about the skills, background, and duties for ETL developers.

  • Getting started as an IT Limited Company contractor in the UK


    Congratulations on your decision to take the leap into IT contracting! It’s such an exciting time, yet there’s plenty to get your head around and ensure you’re fully prepared before your first day with your new client. So where do you start?

  • What does an Electrical Engineer do?


    Electrical engineers are responsible for the development and planning of projects and products in the field of electrical engineering. In order to do this, they are required to be well-versed in all processes related to the science of electronics and generally have a university degree in the field. Want to learn more? Keeping reading this week’s entry in our Career Insight Series!

  • 7 common web design interview questions and how to answer them


    Interviews for freelance web designers can be quite challenging. Sometimes your interviewer won’t know the first thing about web design and other times they will be experts in the field. As a result, you never know what to expect.

  • What does a COBOL Programmer do?


    Unbeknownst to most, the COBOL programming language is everywhere! This week in our Career Insight series, we take a look at what COBOL is, WHO a COBOL programmer is, WHAT they do, and HOW they do it. Interested? Keep reading to find out!

  • Using Influencer Marketing as part of your Freelance Strategy


    Influencer marketing is in its prime with brand practitioners swearing by this marketing tactic that works wonders at bringing in more customers. But what about freelancers? Can they too reap the benefits of this mainstream tactic that has seemingly become inevitable today?

  • What Does a Process Engineer Do?


    A Process Engineer works actively on improvement projects in companies and is often responsible for project management in addition to implementation and documentation. What does it take to become a process development engineer? Let’s take a closer look!

  • What does a Technical Tester do?


    Almost every day we come across a new app or software that was designed and tested over and over again until it finally reflects what we as end users see. So who does this testing? That would be Technical Tester. This week on Freelancermap’s Career Insights, we dive into who a technical tester is and what do they actually do.

  • 5 simple steps to help you deal with unsatisfied clients


    Dissatisfied customers upset about an issue are something almost every freelancer has to deal with sooner or later. No matter how professional or hard-working you are, you will encounter someone who gets upset. So, what should you do with an unhappy - sometimes angry customer?

  • What does a project controller do?


    A project controller works as a consultant and helps with the planning and design of processes and resources. They monitor performance to ensure efficiency. But what does it take to become a project controller? Learn more in this post of our career insight series.

  • What does a Hiring Manager do?


    The most important thing for the success of a company is... its employees. A successful business looks for employees that are not only rightfully qualified and motivated to do their job but also employees who are well suited to their position. This is where the Hiring Manager comes in.

  • What does a Cloud Developer do?


    Cloud developers are responsible for implementations and maintenance of companies’ cloud infrastructures. But what do they actually do? Sit back and buckle in as we get down to the nitty-gritty of what exactly it takes to be a Cloud Developer.

  • Freelancer, independent contractor, small business or consultant – what’s the difference?


    Freelancing as a whole has gained a marked increase in popularity over the past decade or so. But what is freelancing? Is the same as a contractor? And where exactly do consultants fit in?

  • Career Insights: What does an RPA Developer do?


    RPA developers are gaining popularity and large companies like IBM or Capgemini are already using RPA to enhance growth. But what’s the role of a Robotic Process Automation Developer?

  • Hiring Family Members for Your Freelance Business


    For a thriving freelance business, getting the right people on board is as important as successful client management. This can sometimes mean hiring family members. Unsure of how exactly to do this or if you even should? We've rounded up facts and data backing why hiring family members isn't the worst idea after all.

  • Freelancer Payment Options – Pros and Cons


    Freelancers across the world, work with just one goal in mind – ‘to get paid’. In order to successfully do so, they have to pick the right option from several available payment methods. So what’s the best method to get paid as a freelancer?

  • Career Insights: What does an IT Engineer do?


    IT engineers are responsible for the software, hardware, and networks in an organization. They develop software and processes in order to make information technology processing as smooth as possible.