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  • Why I Decided to Create My "Animated Me": From the Idea to Launch


    As freelancers, we all share one key thing: personal branding is absolutely critical. After working at design studios and agencies for several years, Samantha decided to embark on a journey to become a freelance graphic designer and illustrator herself. It was at this time that the concept of her animated self, Zami, was born. Check out this article to see how Samantha created an animated version of herself, and how the decision has been instrumental in her brand communications.

  • 9 Ways to Start Making Money with WordPress Today


    You’ve heard of WordPress – everybody has. It’s one of the easiest and definitely the most popular way to create and share content with the rest of the world. WordPress sites account for more than a fourth of the whole internet today. And where there’s that kind of reach, there’s money to make.

  • 10 Tips to Get the Best Possible Results from Your Freelancers


    Working with freelancers is not always easy, especially if you are doing this for the first time. If you are working with freelancers without following these rules, you are not getting the most value for your money…

  • 5 Steps to Using Quora to Market Your Freelance Business


    As a freelancer doing marketing, you’re often looking to provide value through information. You want to answer relevant questions to your field and show your expertise, making the content an advertisement of your skill. What is the perfect platform to do that?

  • What Does a Front-End Developer Do?


    Have you ever wondered exactly what a front-end Developer does? What skills you'll need to go down that career path? In this edition of our career insights series, we've taken an in-depth look at exactly what a front-end developer role entails, with an added insight from a professional freelance front-end developer.

  • Our Ultimate Survival Guide for Freelancing Through the Summer


    It's summer and everyone seems to be travelling or constantly chilling by a swimming pool - at least if Facebook is any indication. Meanwhile, you’re sitting at your desk and worrying about deadlines. Sound familiar? As a freelancer, your summers won’t always be free even if there are periods when you get fewer jobs. But don’t despair. You have a degree of freedom that no 9-to-5 employee can enjoy, you just have to figure out how to use it.

  • Career Insights: Most In Demand Remote and IT Freelance Roles


    We all know one thing for sure: the economy is changing. Every day more and more people decide to leave their full-time job to embrace the freelancing world. And not just that, new roles and jobs are arising from the gig economy and the new digital world.

  • WordPress: 19 Ways to Keep Your Site Secure Against Hackers


    WordPress now powers more than 25% of the world’s websites and almost 50% of the world's e-commerce websites - that's a big responsibility for an open source project! WordPress’s simplicity and versatility as a blogging platform, CMS, and web app framework is what makes it so popular, but with so much popularity comes significant risks – such as keeping it secure.

  • 3 Lessons Freelancer's Can Learn from Cal Newport’s Deep Work


    If you’re one of those people who likes to read books on productivity and find out about how successful people reach their goals in unique ways, you will love Cal Newport. A 35-year-old professor in computer science at Georgetown University, Newport not only has a Ph.D., but has also written several highly successful books ideal for freelancers.

  • 8 Do's and Don't's For Freelancers on Social Media - Improve Your Marketing with These Steps


    Freelancer marketing strategies and social media often go hand in hand. It has the potential of incredible reach, can be used by anyone and anywhere and offers you a ton of different choices to get your message across and get your brand known. But using it effectively isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

  • Growth Hacking for Freelancers in 6 Steps


    Growth hacking has become quite the buzz word in the past couple of years. But, as many buzz words, it is often misunderstood. Growth hacking isn’t some crazy, ridiculous way to magically turn your business from a garage shop to Microsoft in a couple of months.

  • Pricing a Software Development project: Fixed Price vs Time & Material vs Fixed Budget


    So you’ve finally found a software development company to implement your idea for a web/mobile app (or both). But what’s next? What’s with all these pricing arrangements? Which type of contract to choose? There’s no need to panic, let’s run through the options...

  • 5 Simple Steps to Using Facebook Ads to Boost Your Business


    Facebook – the platform we all read about each day, spend innumerous hours staring at and still proclaim dead every few months although it keeps on growing. The social network is all that and a bit more. Namely one of the best places to advertise your freelancer business. Landing clients, locally or internationally, is a possibility a lot of freelancer and big companies have learned to love.

  • How to Build the Strongest Brand as a Freelancer


    Many freelancers spend so much time chasing down jobs that they neglect building their brands. They think branding is only useful for big companies, but branding is actually just as important for freelancers. It increases your conversion rate and helps you land higher paying clients.

  • Why Freelancers Should Avoid Net 30 Agreements


    Net 30 can be the bane of a freelancer’s career. For some reason, it has become a commonplace for small businesses. Net 30 as a term means that payment is due 30 days after you send your clients the invoice. Now that can be good for a client as it is essentially a 30 day credit without any repercussions for them, but it can be terrible for freelancers.

  • Video Marketing: Strategies to Skyrocket your Business Growth


    Video marketing consists of showing different parts of your projects in a creative and emotional way. Do not forget that we live in an era of emotion rather than of information. We are always in a hurry and therefore, we look for valuable content, quick to consume. So, what is better than a video?

  • Squarespace: How to Utilize it as a Freelancer Niche


    You’ve heard of Squarespace. They’ve got so many ads running all over YouTube and your favorite podcasts, that it’s impossible to not have heard the name. But have you ever considered that you can actually turn Squarespace into a living?

  • Social Media + Engagement = A Winning Freelance Business Formula!


    How do you market yourself as a freelancer? The ways we promote our freelance businesses are constantly changing due to social media trends and updates, so staying on top of the best methods is essential. One way to guarantee constant success for your business is through great engagement on social media. Here's why social media engagement can make a winning freelance business formula!