Freelancer Tips


  • Should I offer different rates for different clients?


    A lot of freelancers have a mindset that big clients automatically generate a bigger payout. But is it really that simple?

  • Freelance Work Retreat: Analyse, Set Goals and Boost your Business


    There are a few things that can be as helpful to a business as taking the time to look back and think about what you are and have been doing. This is especially true for freelancers.

  • The Job of an Information Security Manager | Career Insights


    Welcome to another addition of our career insights series! Today, we'll be covering a position on IT that has become increasingly more important over the last years. We're talking about Information security managers or IT security managers.

  • Freelancers vs Employees - Who earn more?


    Many of those considering freelancing have to consider whether they'd make more or less working on their own than in a typical 9-to-5. We decided to reach out to out audience and find out: do freelancers make more than regular workers?

  • Should I put my prices on my freelance website?


    Nowadays, prices of pretty much anything seem to be public. When you go looking for a phone or some other piece of tech, you can quickly check out multiple vendors online and decide which one has the best deal.

  • Pomodoro Technique for Freelancers


    Time is money, especially in the world of freelance. Learn a new strategy to maximizing your efficiency while working, while at the same time giving yourself regular breaks. Getting things done in an office environment isn’t always rewarding. As a freelancer, that’s not the case.

  • Freelancers also work long hours - a 46 hour working week


    For freelancers, time is money. The cliché of lounging around in your pajamas while only doing a couple of hours of work a day couldn't be farther from the truth.

  • Automating your client management as a freelancer: Two essential tools and ideas for using them


    Time is the most important resource for a freelancer. Every minute you spend working counts towards your paycheck, most minutes you spend on mundane tasks or distractions don’t. So how do you increase the minute spend in category A and reduce those spent in category B?

  • How to combat clients from using Wix, Weebly or other DIY website builders


    "How do you keep your business afloat when people can make their own websites nowadays?" This is probably the number one question that freelance web designers get asked when talking about their careers. And the answer isn't always easy….

  • The Job of an Embedded Software Engineer | Career Insights


    In today's addition to our career insights series, we'll be talking about a field that has seen quite a resurgence in the past few years. Largely due to the rise of the Internet of Things and smart wearable devices, good embedded software engineers are in huge demand.

  • 5 Tips for Building a Great Portfolio as Creative Freelancer


    In 2017 we wanted to do a complete new portfolio website for our illustration and animation studio, Studio Schurk. It was a big task because the current website was still being mentioned a lot on 'inspirational portfolio' lists etc. So, how we did approach the redesign?

  • Webinars for Freelancers: How to Utilize Them to Grow your Business


    Video is quickly becoming the prime medium by which we consume content. Fewer people than ever have the time or luxury to read a large amount of text. With video, content creators can combine visual stimuli with audio and even add text on top – it’s the perfect medium for the multitasking professional of today.

  • Improve your Coding with These 6 Awesome Games and Challenges


    Learning to code from scratch or improving upon existing skills can be tough – especially if you’re doing it all by yourself. Spending the time alone in front of a computer screen learning something that can be frustrating and hard to get. That doesn’t exactly qualify as many people’s favourite way to spend the evening.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Publishing an Ebook on Amazon


    Sharing your thoughts with the world via a book is easier than it has ever been. With Amazon having established itself as the primary go-to platform for publishing eBooks worldwide, sharing your written work with people from all over the globe is just a few clicks away. And as a freelancer, you stand a lot to benefit from that.

  • Income satisfaction: Are IT freelancers happy with their income?


    From July to September, we asked you one of the most important questions a freelancer can have; and one you should ask yourself often: Am I satisfied with my income? 1,386 of you were kind enough to share their thoughts. Here are the results!

  • Redesign Yourself: How Freelancers Today Can Evolve


    New emerging technologies invite new development and thus, new marketing strategies arise. The market needs professionals who are able to adapt and develop themselves. The market needs freelancers. With the freelance world becoming more competitive, many freelancers are looking at how they can evolve and advance their own services. Here, Jailer Yorman Yepes shares his own experience of evolving his skills to appeal to a wider market.

  • Why Google Go Should be the Next Programming Language you Learn


    Google’s Go has gone from a curiosity in the programming world to a language that many wouldn’t hesitate to label as “the next big thing”. While it might be far from the most-used language currently, Go has a potential to become a must-have in the arsenal of every programmer.

  • How Blockchain Technology could affect Freelancing: 5 Predictions


    Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard the magic word “blockchain”. Whether or not you believe in the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum or whatever other version of the blockchain technology your second cousin has invested a fortune in, it’s hard to argue that this is one of the emerging trends with the potential to change how we handle money.