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  • How to Package Your Freelance Services in 4 Simple Steps


    As freelancers who do a variety of work for many different companies on a daily basis, we often think that the whole world is used to doing business that way. And while freelancing is growing like crazy, it’s still not a concept that everybody knows inside out. Many clients struggle with choosing from everything you offer and formulating a request – packages can help resolve that issue. How can offering your freelance services as a package help your freelance business? Keep reading!

  • Finding a market that fits your skills as a freelancer in 4 steps


    Some freelancers have a field which they pursue for years – often including education and previous “regular” employment in that field. But others just want to be freelancers. They like the advantages and the freedom that type of work offers, they want to build something for themselves and they have the passion to do it. However, that also might mean they don’t have a specific market in mind. So, how can they find a market that fits their skills?

  • How do you market your freelance services? - Blog carnival


    Marketing is a must for every freelancer. Having a consistent marketing strategy is essential to either start your freelance business or keep it running smoothly. However, with little time to spare, many freelancers end up ignoring this task and this is a big mistake.

  • Co-working Spaces for Freelancers: 5 Reason Why They Can Be Great for Your Business


    Co-working spaces are no longer some crazy niche – as freelancing becomes more viable and more global, the market for sharing an office is here to stay. And as more co-working spaces pop up everywhere, competition also keeps making them better.

  • Can SAP freelancers still make a decent living in 2017?


    The simple and straightforward answer to the question whether or not SAP freelancers can still make a living in 2017, is a plain yes. SAP as a company is financially strong, growing, and heavily investing in innovation. That is all good for freelancer demand. But does it pay?

  • Making Your „About Me“ Page Better in 4 Steps


    So you, a freelancer, are creating your new website or reworking your old one and keep having problems with the “About me” section. It’s tough. It has to be short (people have the attention span of goldfishes online), eye-catching, informative, quirky, but still professional, all at the same time. Achieving all of that is impossible. You’ll have to do what works for your business and your personality. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • A beginner's guide to learn Angular


    Like every other developer, I was confused when I started with angular, I had heard about a JavaScript framework, best suited for web development and it follows the MVC architecture. But how to use it and where does it fit in real time apps?

  • Dealing with angry clients – a step by step guide with a template


    Let’s face it: No matter who you are and how great of a job you do, there will always be mistakes. And there will always be people that complain. A lot. As a freelancer, this is something you will have to deal with and how you deal with it can determine whether or not you retain these people as clients.

  • How to Keep on Freelancing When You're Down and Depressed


    How can you be lonely when there’s millions of people doing the same thing as you do, freelancing? After all, didn’t they say this would be a dream job? That you can: “be your own boss and work whenever and wherever you want”? Well, they weren’t telling you the whole story...

  • 4 Simple Application Mistakes that will cost you the job


    As a freelancer, you’ll have to get used to writing applications – lots of them. It’s a time-consuming process and sometimes a frustrating one. Getting better at it is the only way to change that. That starts with learning to avoid simple mistakes that you might be making without even realizing it. Many of them have little to do with your skills or the quality of your work. Here are 4 things that could be costing you jobs for which you are actually qualified...

  • Introducing our new Advanced Search - Save your most frequent searches!


    At, we are constantly trying to connect freelancers and project providers around the world. We work hard so our freelancers are able to easily find interesting projects according to their skill set and experience. That’s why we’ve redesigned our advanced search option for projects. This is a new way for you to quickly find new projects that match your interests and your profile. Want to learn how to use our new search? Keep reading!

  • 6 Amazingly Informative Podcasts for Freelancers


    We live in the golden age for information – everything is there, just at the tip of your fingers. Podcasts are one of the best things to come out of that trend. They can be anything from funny to scary and sad, but they’re also some of the best sources to get certain information. I love listening to podcasts while cooking or driving long distances, it makes me feel like not a single minute of my life is wasted. Sound good?

  • All about freelancing: Why You Should Consider Taking the Leap in 2017


    The freelancing movement gained a lot of momentum over the last years and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2017. Are you considering jumping into freelancing this year? Maybe you just want to gain some extra money with part-time projects on the side or maybe you are thinking about taking the leap to a full-time freelancing career. No matter what your personal motivation is, in this article we tell you why you should freelance in 2017!

  • 13 Tips to become a Freelance Superstar #IGave13


    Last Friday 13th January 2017 took place the annual Micro Biz Matters Day. If you haven’t heard about this before, this is an initiative from Tony Robinson (@TonyRobinsonOBE) and Tina Boden (@microBizGirl) that aims to help small businesses in the UK and worldwide to grow their business. It takes place every year and the #MicroBizMattersDay 2017 was again a great success, trending on Twitter most of the day.

  • Client Referrals for Freelancers – why they’re so great and how to get them


    In today’s hyper-competitive global market it can be easy to forget about the one thing that matters most – not your fancy website, LinkedIn profile or even your Google page rank. Word-of-mouth is more important and more effective than any of those. When a potential client gets referred to you by someone they trust, the likelihood of you getting that job or project skyrockets.

  • Turning your passion into a freelancer career in 5 steps


    People often talk about how their freelancing business is something that is fueled by passion. Following your passions and turning them into a career can make you happier, more motivated and, without a doubt, more successful. Does all that sound a bit too vague?

  • Top 10 Tips to Become a Great UX Designer


    User experience design, or UX design as it’s more commonly known, is about producing the most optimal experience for the users of your website. But it’s not just about making your website aesthetically pleasing, it’s about having empathy for your users and making the site easy to use. In a nutshell, user experience is about problem solving and how the user feels when using a product or website. The secret to creating a great user experience is to not make your users think too much about what they are doing; this idea should come naturally to them.

  • How to turn 2017 into your best freelancing year yet


    Freelancing is definitely not niche anymore. More than a third of the workforce in the US alone is freelancing – a trend that keeps going up. In most corporations and companies, nobody will bat an eye at the idea of getting some external help. So it’s safe to say that 2017 can definitely be your best year. It’s up to you if it does. Here are four strategies, essential to success.