Freelancer Tips


  • How Blockchain Technology could affect Freelancing: 5 Predictions


    Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard the magic word “blockchain”. Whether or not you believe in the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum or whatever other version of the blockchain technology your second cousin has invested a fortune in, it’s hard to argue that this is one of the emerging trends with the potential to change how we handle money.

  • Freelance Collaborations: A Guide to Outsourcing as a Freelancer


    As the amount of freelancers worldwide increase at an amazing rate, collaboration projects are becoming more of a reality than ever before. Freelancing is shaking off the clichéd lone wolf picture.

  • The Job of a Business Intelligence Consultant


    In this month's career insights edition, we take a look at the role of a Business Intelligence Consultant. Read on to find out the skills they require, average salary, and how suitable this role is to a freelance career.

  • Intellectual Property Rights – Freelancer vs. Client explained in 5 steps


    Intellectual property rights are something all freelancers that create should be concerned with. As with all legal details, it can be tempting to just ignore it and hope that a sensible legal system will take care of things in the right way. But not knowing your IP rights can hurt you financially as a freelancer.

  • 8 Attention Grabbers Every CV Should Have


    When applying for a job or trying to get a new client on board, we all love to pay a lot of attention to our résumé. And that’s because it is one of the deciding factors on whether or not you get a call.

  • When white papers might be a good next step for your freelance business


    White papers for businesses can be a lucrative option for freelance writers and people with specific knowledge on a certain topic who like to write. If you like researching something for a long time and putting your insight together in an organized, professional manner, writing white papers is definitely something you should consider.

  • The Hunger Games’ Three-Point Guide to Freelancing


    This trilogy of dystopian books has sold over 65 million copies in the US and been published in 51 languages. What, though, can The Hunger Games teach us about freelancing? Quite a lot, as it happens.

  • 6 Ways to Use Your Creative Skills in Tech


    Despite what stereotypes and clichés might be telling you, the tech industry is not all about nerds sitting in dark rooms and typing away at code or tinkering with stuff in their garage. Creativity is actually a driving force in tech, more so than in many other markets.

  • Impostor Syndrome? Here's How to Handle it..!


    Ever get that little voice in your head that says “you don’t belong in this group”, “you’re not good enough” or “this project is too much for you”? It tends to happen when you’ve worked too much or are anxious about a new big change.

  • How User Psychology Affects UX Design


    Have you ever wondered why your users do not interact with your product the way you hope? Like signing up, uploading a document or buying a product? To understand the reason behind what drives users to certain process, we need to look at the psychology of users that initiates and performs a behaviour. Here are some examples that can explain human behaviour in a better perspective.

  • Freelance End-of-Year Achievement Review: The Importance of Self-Evaluation


    The ending of a year is a special time for people. It might seem silly that we chose a certain day and think to ourselves: “Out with the old, in with the new”. But this is how our brains work. We like to think in closed periods of time. And that can be quite helpful to a freelancer’s business.

  • How To Diversify Your Freelance Income in 6 Different Ways


    Looking to build a stable, reliable income as a freelancer? One of the best ways to do this is through diversification. As the saying rightly goes, “you shouldn’t put your eggs in one basket”, and that’s true of freelancing as well.

  • Should Freelancers Sign Non-Compete Clauses?


    Non-compete clauses are often part of regular employee contracts but are finding increasing use in freelancer contracts. Not looking at a non-compete properly could lead to quite a bit of trouble. Ignoring it could mean anything from delayed payments to not getting paid at all or having to refuse future projects that clash with the agreement. Especially for freelancers who work in a certain niche, such agreements can put a serious dent in your business plans.

  • How to Create Stunning Visuals for Your Website as a Non-Designer


    Images matter. In a world where the average attention span keeps increasing, pictures are a way to quickly grab the attention of a site visitor or potential grabber in an instant. In that respect, images can work much better than text – that doesn’t mean they have to replace it, but they are a needed supplement to your content. Like salt to a great meal.

  • 7 Features of the Perfect Landing Page for Your Freelance Business


    If you’re trying to find clients online in any way, your landing page is an essential part of the process. That’s the place people “land” when they click on a link referring them to you. Many freelancers, especially at the start of their careers, just use their homepage as their landing page. However, turning visitors into customers or clients is a tricky process. And it needs its own page.

  • 8 Personal Traits that make a Successful Programmer


    Having a solid set of hard skills like JAVA, Python and C++ is a must for freelance programmers, but there is more to the job than that. Some people, whether through their lifestyle, previous job, talents or surroundings are more likely to become great programmers than others. Why is that the case?

  • Organising Meetups in 7 Steps to Boost Your Freelance Career


    Nowadays, a lot of people look towards the internet when it comes down to networking or special interests. But you don’t have to meet virtually anymore, thanks to Meetup. If you haven’t heard about this service, you’re in for a ride.

  • 10 Most Common WordPress Errors You'll Encounter


    There’s no doubt that WordPress is one of the best content management systems right now. - 28% of the websites on the web is powered by it. But WordPress errors can make you cringe at some point. Check out the most frequently encountered WordPress errors, and how to fix them.