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  • Writing an eBook as a Freelancer – Why and how to do it in 5 Easy Steps!


    Are you thinking about writing an eBook? You should be! Writing and publishing an eBook can benefit your freelancer career in a multitude of ways. You not only get the extra cash and put your name out there, writing a book can be an amazing personal experience, too!

  • 5 Sure-Fire Guest Blogging Tips That Will Boost Your Blogging Authority


    Guest blogging is one of the best ways to boost your name and authority in your niche as a freelance writer or blogger, but how do you make sure you're making the most of the opportunity? Check out these 5 tips to publishing guest posts that will get you instant results.

  • If This Then That: What is IFTTT & 7 ways to Utilise it for Your Business.


    Little tasks add up – managing calendars, creating to-do lists, sorting emails, downloading and organizing attachments: those are all precious minutes you can use to increase your productivity or give your mind some much-needed rest. Would you like to win those minutes back? Welcome to IFTTT!

  • LinkedIn for Freelancers – Tips from a LinkedIn Branding Specialist


    For freelance consultants, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get a steady stream of well-qualified leads for your business. In fact, if you don’t have a strong presence on LinkedIn, you’re leaving money on the table.

  • Digital clutter: 4 Steps to Clean Up Your Workspace and Stay Focused!


    A clean home or a tidy desk can make you feel more productive and balanced. Living clutter-free in the digital sense can have the same effect, and can save you a lot of time on top of it! There is just too much data that we have on our computers – cleaning it up regularly helps you not get lost in the chaos. If you are drowning in emails, photos, and other files, it’s time to face digital hoarding and put an end to digital clutter!

  • 5 Tips for Better Communication with Your Clients as a Freelancer!


    ​Freelancing gives you the freedom to work with an array of different clients from all over the world - but with the rise of technology enabling freelancers to work remotely, managing communication with clients can often prove to be a challenge.

  • 4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Freelance Business


    Would you like to create more impact with your Instagram publications? Are you trying to get more likes and followers on your network? This article will give you 4 quick tips to market your freelance business on Instagram in a more professional and efficient way.

  • 5 Ways to Utilize Multimedia Formats for your Own Freelance Webpage


    Freelancer webpages are often the first place where a client really learns about you. Even if they stumbled upon you via a recruiting page, you applied directly or somebody served as a middleman, they will go to your page to get a better impression. And while having a page with long, thought-out texts is definitely not a bad thing, sprinkling a little bit of multimedia in there is what will make a good webpage great.

  • MEAN: Everything You Need to Know About the Full-Stack Web Framework.


    MEAN is one of the top full-stack web frameworks that everyone should be learning to utilize. In this post we’ll cover exactly what MEAN is, and why it should be our choice for creating applications. We’ll also each component which makes the MEAN technology so powerful and one of the widely-used combination of technology.

  • Freelancing while Studying? Here's Why You Should Start Now.


    Freelancing is a rapidly growing way of work, and is especially appealing to younger people. That’s because the younger generation is no longer into the mindset that 9 to 5 is the only way to do it- and that was the thinking for decades. For young people today, the world has changed – and the creative and motivated ones are very likely to go into freelancing...

  • The Ultimate Guide for Freelancers to Market their Businesses


    In March 2017, we hosted a new Blog Carnival at and asked our users: “how do you market your freelance services?”. We wanted to know the marketing strategies that you use frequently for your freelance business to get the best results. But we didn’t just stop there, we also reached out to brand and marketing specialists and asked for their best tips too.

  • 7 Tips to Optimize Your Gmail & Save Precious Time as a Freelancer


    Freelancers spend a lot of time reading and writing emails – not just for work but also for our personal and social lives. Thankfully, as with all processes we spend a lot of work time on, email can be optimized. In this article, we look at optimizing your Gmail account for a couple of reasons. It is one of the most popular apps out there and many people can profit from learning how to use it better.

  • How Developing A USP Can Massively Benefit Your Freelance Business


    In most instances, when we look at many different businesses, we find a very effective trend of companies trying to differentiate themselves from their competition in a number of ways. Developing your USP (unique selling point) is one such way and is a strategy which is often found to be very effective in creating the required levels of separation from the competition.

  • How to Manage Multiple Freelancers at Once


    As a manager, CEO or company owner, there is a lot to learn with it comes to working with freelancers. It is a completely different relationship compared to “regular” full-time employees and takes getting used to. At the same time, more and more bosses and project managers all over the world need that experience.

  • How to Correctly Quote for a Wordpress Project


    Many of you have chosen Freelancing as your living. And trust me, I know how important it is for you to get clients attention and trust. “Quote” is a term for estimated pricing a freelancer or a company will be charging to its client. Quoting is an art and as a freelancer, you must master it.

  • Checklist for Digital Nomads: How to Get Ready Before Hitting the Road


    Are you interested in becoming a Digital Nomad? If you're a freelancer, taking the leap into travelling and working full-time is easy with a little planning! The most important thing you need to do to become a successful digital nomad is to prepare before you leave for your new lifestyle; here, we've put together the ultimate checklist to getting ready before you hit the road...

  • The 4 Cornerstones of the Perfect Home Office


    Having a home office is one of the best things that can happen to a lot of freelancers. Whether you like staying close to your family or working with clients from all over the globe from your hometown, having a home office can be a blessing. But you have to do it right. If you don’t put enough thought into the layout and decor of your office, productivity may decline and even your health can suffer.

  • 4 Reasons why Machine Learning is the Next Big Thing for Freelancers


    Machine learning has been the hottest buzzword in tech for a while now. It’s at the core of stuff like self-driving cars, digital assistants like Alexa and is even used for online recommendations like the ones you get on Netflix. Think of any new exciting area in tech and it is very likely that it is connected with machine learning on some level.