Freelancer Tips


  • Using forRoot() and forChild() to configure modules in Angular


    Well defined angular modules are a cornerstone in good app making. Although the documentation provided by the Angular team is detailed, its multiple areas and possibilities make it a little bit complex to understand. Sebastián Puentes, computer engineer, explains in this article how to inject configurations with forRoot () and forChild () in Angular. Without further ado, we leave you with Sebastian.

  • Starting a 3D printing business – 5 things you need to know


    3D printing has exploded in the last few years – not only has the technology continued improving at a rapid rate, but it is also commercially available at reasonable prices. Printing small parts out from plastic and other materials can sound like a neat thing to do on your spare time – and it totally is. But it can also be the foundation of a business.

  • Freelancermap celebrates Freelancer's Day


    The freelancing movement is unstoppable. Freelancers are ready to jump into exciting projects anytime and motivated to support both large and medium-sized companies. They bring in expert knowledge, experience, and passion in what they do – what a great combination, right?

  • How a month of working abroad can increase motivation and boost your career


    Do you feel stuck or unmotivated? When coming up with new ideas feels less like going with a natural flow and more like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it’s a sign that you might need a break.

  • The Job of a VR Developer | Career Insights


    Virtual reality is the fastest-growing area of the tech industry. Only a few years ago, VR jobs practically didn’t exist. Nowadays, more and more companies are realizing the potential of virtual reality. At the same time, VR is a new market with few people who have specialized – it’s a golden moment for freelancers to profit from this trend and specialize themselves in a growing, future-oriented field.

  • 5 Tips to Shoot and Score a Gig as a Freelancer


    One of the biggest issues for freelancers is to find new (good) clients. Renae knows that finding clients that pay you well is extremely important for your business success. In this article, she shares with us her best 5 tips for landing new clients. We leave you with her!

  • Trello for freelancers: how to organize your business


    Properly organizing your working life is essential for any freelancer. It will save you tons of time – if you have a good organization set up, you’ll never waste time searching for something. That means you’ll never forget either. Or at least your system won’t.

  • Best freelancer locations: Big cities versus small cities


    Deciding where your freelancer business will be located might not seem like a big deal. After all, we live in the Internet age, right? For most freelancers, the majority of work-related tasks are done online. However, where you live can have a bigger influence on your career than you think, even if 99% of your freelancing is done through the Internet.

  • From freelancer to consultant: expanding your business


    Consulting and freelancing are two careers that go hand-in-hand. Almost any freelancer can get into consulting once they have gained enough experience. Is it time for you?

  • 6 Tips to Repurpose your Articles and Social Media Posts


    Do you write, post or otherwise create a ton of content? Do you, like many other content creators, like your content and hate to see it go to waste? If your answer is yes, this article is just for you.

  • The Job of an Automation Engineer | Career Insights


    Automation engineers are a hot commodity right now. The rapid increase in production capacity and development of technology is allowing for more and more processes to be automated, which is significantly more efficient.

  • PMP certification: The path to become a project management professional


    Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the most important industry-recognized certification around the globe for project managers. Being certified ensures employers that you’re ready to perfom in the role of a PM: completing projects on budget, on time and meeting, if not exceeding, the goals set. But when is taking the PMP worth it, who can do it and what are the requirements? Fatima recently completed this certification, and tells us her experience.

  • Secure Yourself as a Freelancer - Be GDPR Compliant!


    New EU regulation is hitting soon – make sure your freelance business is prepared for GDPR!

  • Do I need a university degree to be freelancer?


    It’s not easy to become a successful freelancer – you need courage, entrepreneurial spirit, a high degree of motivation and a skill in which you really excel. And while those qualities are certainly not easy to attain, there are no formal requirements for freelancing.

  • 6 Tips to Getting repeat business as a freelancer


    Freelancing often means a lack of a steady paycheck. But one of the best ways to ensure a stream of revenue is having clients continuously return for your services. How do you make and maintain that relationship?

  • Getting paid by overseas clients: A cheaper alternative to PayPal


    At Freelancermap we want to match you with amazing opportunities that benefit both you and your clients. We support international working relationships and that usually means that clients and freelancers are often not based in the same country.

  • Should I offer different rates for different clients?


    A lot of freelancers have a mindset that big clients automatically generate a bigger payout. But is it really that simple?

  • Freelance Work Retreat: Analyse, Set Goals and Boost your Business


    There are a few things that can be as helpful to a business as taking the time to look back and think about what you are and have been doing. This is especially true for freelancers.