The best 6 Free WordPress Plugins


WordPress, the open source blogging tool and content management system has reached unimaginable heights in the last years. Believe it or not, WordPress sites actually account for more than 20 percent of the Internet nowadays. It can be one of the best tools in a freelancer’s arsenal, allowing them to create content in a free and easy way.

The best part of an open source project such as WordPress is its ability to grow and evolve thanks to the community. Over 31,000 plugins can be found for free over at, giving you the ability to tailor almost everything to your own preference. There is such a variety of possibilities that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate your way and actually find the most useful ones. To help you with that, we made a list of six of the most useful plugins which can significantly improve your experience.

1) Jetpack is one of the most essential and extensive plugins if you use the self-hosted, .org version of WordPress. It “supercharges” your site, giving it a ton of features in one plugin, which keeps it light and fast. Email subscription, comments, likes, social media integration, statistics, a spell and grammar checker and much much more. There can be a lot said about this plugin, but a few words are enough – go get it.

2) SEO by Yoast is widely regarded as the best search engine optimization plugin for WordPress. It not only takes care of all the technical optimization, but tries to help you with your content as well. Stuff like length of the post, title, subheadings, key words etc. are all things that SEO by Yoast can give you advice on if you’re looking to reach a wider audience with your content.

3) W3 Total Cache is a plugin designed to improve speed and user experience on your site. It boasts a tenfold improvement in overall site performance when fully configured. If you want to give your WordPress a bump in speed by improving loading times and having your site render faster and overall just, this is probably the plugin you are looking for.

4) Wordfence Security, as the name already suggests, is the plugin to go after if security is a concern of yours (and it really should be). Firewall, malware scanning, strong password enforcement, plugin and theme file repairs and even real time traffic overviews are just some of the features of this wonderful addition to WordPress.

5) Next Gen Gallery is the perfect tool if you’re posting a lot of content in the form of images. It helps you create and manage galleries of images, allowing for a good degree of customization. With over 10 million downloads, Next Gen Gallery is easily one of the most popular plugins on WordPress.

6) WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin aimed at those of you who actually have merchandise to sell. It is very customizable, allowing you to thinker with almost any setting. The plugin itself also has free and premium extensions, allowing you to go even further to get the results you want. It simplifies ecommerce to such a degree that it makes it seem like a child’s play.

Remember, those are just some of the more popular and useful WordPress plugins. There are no universal answers to problems; everyone likes to go about things differently. So feel free to search an experiment with other ones. The great thing about WordPress and the variety of plugins is that you are bound to find almost anything you are looking for – so go ahead and try it out!

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