How To Promote Your Own WordPress Plugins in 6 easy Steps


Anyone who uses WordPress will tell you that plugins are absolutely mandatory. They can enhance and change up your WordPress experience in a variety of ways, giving you opportunities and opening new doors that you never even knew existed. However, there are many great plugins which go unnoticed, have fewer downloads, rarely get rated and gradually fade from existence.

Their developers obviously knew how to write code and create a plugin, however promoting it successfully can sometimes be challenging. Here are 6 simple tips for promoting your WordPress plugins and make sure they reach the ones that need them:

1. Offer it for free

First and foremost, there are currently over 31,000 plugins currently available for download at the official WordPress site. That’s pretty harsh competition and most of them get offered for free. If you just wanted to try your hand at coding, give back to the WordPress community or draw attention to one of your other projects, you should offer your plugin for free 99% of the cases. In case you are confident in the uniqueness and quality of your plugin, you might want to consider offering some premium features for a price. But make sure that at least the basic concept is free to download, that way people can at least test it out first.

2. Submit it to

Secondly, you don’t want to just post your plugin on just some small website or blog (although this helps as well). Go directly to the source - is where everybody goes looking for their plugins and that means that’s exactly where yours should be found as well.

3. Make it easy to install and use

User friendliness is something that is extremely important in the WordPress community. If users have to go through several installation steps and chose from a bunch of options that they don’t really understand, it is likely that they will just abandon the installation there and then. The same goes for the usability of your plugin – try to make it as simple, clear and understandable as possible.

4. Solve a problem

The reasons WordPress plugins are there is not to artificially add more and more option which you never use. Some of the best Wordpress plugins out there solve very common problems and are straightforward about advertising that trait. This should be the first thing that anyone sees when looking at your plugin description – what problem does it solve?

5. Grab readers with your description

Ratings, downloads and comments matter; however they only come once your plugin has gotten some traffic. In order to accomplish that you need to describe it in a fascinating way. We’ve got the first part from the point above. After saying what it does, you can go into detail. Screenshots are a must. A video is even better – what better way to show your audience all the wonderful stuff you can do with your plugin and how it actually looks?

6. Support your plugin

Last but not least, make sure you maintain your work if you want it to succeed. Listen to feedback, add in suggestions for improvements and aim to make it better all the time. An engaged developer, willing to put in extra work to give his product some extra edge is often a giveaway for a really good plugin.

Have you ever developed a WordPress plugin? You’re more than welcome to share your experience and thoughts on our tips in the comment section below.

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