4 Tips for a Better Work/Life Balance


The balance between your private life and work can difficult enough to achieve as an employee – you bringing your work home, spending overtime at the office, and generally finding it hard to stop stressing about work are all a part of many a man’s lives. As a freelancer, someone who probably works in his home, and has the office always just a mouse click away, achieving that state of careful balance where you can separate your work from your actual personal life might seem well-nigh impossible.

1. Try new things businesswise

Being a freelancer is all about improving yourself. However, after some years of freelancing, it might seem that your work enjoyment is starting to stagnate. What happened? Wasn’t this your dream job, allowing you to do whatever you want? It was, and still is. But even things you enjoy can start getting boring if you don’t try to improve on them and get out of your comfort zone. Try developing your skills in a new area of your business or take on a task that is not necessarily something which you have experienced before. Going on these business adventures will expand your horizons, and make your work feel more fulfilling.
2. Outsource

Every job has aspects which are not the most enjoyable ones. Tired of updating your site with your newest work weekly? Don’t want to do the accounting by yourself or would you like to focus on the most specific, and challenging parts of a project while leaving someone else do the simpler stuff? Try outsourcing, it can do wonders in cutting away that what you find boring. Of course, you are going to have to share some of your profit with others, but outsourcing means you have more free time on your hands as well, allowing you to take on more projects.
3. Create a routine

Creating a routine might sound counterintuitive to a lot of you who fled from the corporate world exactly because of the crushing repetition every day. However, as a freelancer, you should still have some sort of schedule. To handle that, a good idea is to begin with a small experiment, determining when you’re most productive. This helps you fight anxiety and work efficiently in the parts of the day where you know that you’re going to get a lot out of it. Your loved ones also know when you’re available for hanging out.
Other than that, many freelancers fail to create an even more basic routine for themselves. When you know that you are going to be home all day, working away, it is easy to sleep in for another couple of hours. Postponing the start of your work day is rarely a good idea – make sure to come out of your pajamas and shower to give you the feeling that the day has, in fact, started.
4. Consider alternative office space
Last but not least, co-working spaces can be a great way to boost your effectiveness if you find yourself struggling at home. There, you will not only have a lot more social interaction, keeping you in a busy working environment with the occasional friendly chat. Working in a co-working space will often lead to expanding your professional network, opening up new opportunities. 
If you cannot afford or simply don’t want to work in a co-working space, clear separation of your office at home is a must. Have a work room or a work corner, where you only go to conduct your business. This way, you know why you’re there and will be less prone to inside distractions, while outside ones (such as your family) will be aware that you shouldn’t be disturbed. 

How do you handle Work/Life balance? We’re looking forward to your feedback in the comment section below!
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