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Are you a freelancer working in Europe? Then the “freelancer movement” could be an interesting topic for you. In the last years the demand for freelancers has increased tremendously. Weather short-term contractors, self-employed workers, individual consultants or even part-timers, more and more companies nowadays hire freelancers to meet specific requirements a full-time employee may not be able to meet.

Freelancers also get hired due to the lack of available staff or project-based tasks. Freelancing is no longer an exceptional phenomenon anymore. In the US there are more than 45 million freelancers and in Europe the number of freelancers has increase up to approx. 23 million with a rising trend.

Despite the growing demand for freelancers in different sectors, freelancers in Europe still lack of basic rights compared to fulltime employees. Freelancers need to compete with other freelancers, undercut each other on price and only have few social benefits. What about wages and working conditions? What about an affordable health care? What about pension and retirements? And how to deal with tax issues?

It’s time for freelancer to “turn up the volume”!
Not only in the US, but also across Europe, freelancers are getting organized! They have created a new movement to fight for better conditions of independent workers. The 5 main claims of the participating freelancers are:
  • Political and economic recognition of freelancers
  • Greater access to governmental programs
  • Differentiation of freelancers and SMEs
  • An EU representative for freelancers
  • Fair treatment of freelancers

Join the EU freelancer movement!
Freelancers in Europe now are called to sign this freelancer manifesto. If enough freelancers sign their names to the manifesto, the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP) will submit the petition at the European parliament to demand their rights and gain recognition for the self-employed workforce. Freelancers from the UK, Germany, Italy and Croatia have already signed up to the petition. 10.000 signatures are enough:!

Author: Doreen Schollmeier – team
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