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Business-Agile Coach | Transformation Accelerator | Scrum Master

Profileimage by Eugen Oetringer Business-Agile Coach | Transformation Accelerator | Scrum Master from Papendrecht
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  • Graduation: Bachelor in Mathematics | Focus Business Intelligence and IT
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Profileimage by Eugen Oetringer Business-Agile Coach | Transformation Accelerator | Scrum Master from Papendrecht
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Profil und Lebenslauf E Oetringer
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Focus: (Booster) Acceleration of Agile Scale-Up Projects and SDG Initiatives
By resolving the tough impediments (obstacles/roadblocks) standing in the way of delivering to the goals and value creation promisses of both trends. SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations; Agile scale-up provides a subset of solutions needed for the SDGs.  

  • Working 10 years at the cross-orga­ni­sa­tio­nal level in an agile culture: This culture being one of the foundations making EDS grow to 100.000 employees; the culture lost through the industry’s trend of following traditional best practi­ces. The culture’s main aspects: see the primary principles of the Agile Manifesto (
  • A wealth of ‘high-impact’ lessons learned and practical solutions to the tough impediments (obstacles/roadblocks) at the cross-organizational, enterprise and system levels
Agile/Practical Solutions having Shown their Value 
  • Guided Self-Organisation(TM)/the (IT) Strategy Management Process: As much freedom as possible; as much guidance as needed; systemic coaching: Enabling agile decisions at all levels [4:39 minute video]; operates through natural process flows; decisions remain within the boundaries impor­tant to the company; agile strategy management; agile Enterprise Architecture Management; agile Governance
  • A one-word solution for two of the toughest impediments at the business, cross-organisational and enterprise levels: Makes agile and traditional methods complement each other while reducing the unnecessary bureaucracy/complexity to healthy levels (1 + 1 = 4)
  • Making traditional best practices more agile: With, among others, lessons learned, agile needs and agile solutions contributed for the development of ITIL V3. When contributed, it was too innovative. Whether the currently released V4 is sufficiently agile can be established through a health check. 
  • Lessons learned and practical solutions having shown their value
    • How to Deal with Capacity Bottlenecks in Organizations [3:36 minute video] 
    • Solving the impediment of iterative development/ongoing improvement showing value initially, but struggling over the same lessons learned as 15 years ago; relevant for: Digitisation; internal communication/collaboration; Governance/ compliance; strategy management; Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Improving project success rates above those seen with agile development: Enhanced Goal-Oriented Project Planning (eGOPP); incorporates lessons learned; identifies executable solution frameworks from the changeable situations hiding behind user needs, complaints, problems and impediments
Background Initiatives
  • Business-Agile Community: Co-founder (together with a participant in the original development of agile and former Research VP at Gartner; Gartner: the leading research and advisory company for trends in IT)
  • SDG Facilitators: Co-founder
Referenz Donna Fitzgerald, Research Vice President at Gartner until 2017, Executive Director at Nimblepm today
"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Eugen for nearly a decade, and I can honestly say I marvel at his dedication to his true calling -which I would call “human-centered problem-solving.” Eugen has this ability of quickly getting to the hidden root causes undermining programs and complete organizations. Through this approach, he leaves environments in a better shape than he found them. Programs he either leads or assists with don’t hobble over the finish line bringing with them half their planned value – they stride across the line knowing they’ve delivered the highest value, in an appropriate amount of time, at the best cost.

What makes Eugen so rare is that the identification of changeable root causes enable him to get people of conflicting views on the same page. In addition, he knows complex programs take compromises, changes and sometimes a few hard turns. He’s prepared for that inevitability, and more importantly, he’s prepared to help his extended team the examine the problems dispassionately and make timely decisions. This takes facilitation skills, being a trusted advisor and a deep belief that people can reach appropriate decisions on hard issues.

It’s been an honor to work with Eugen for the betterment of our professional community. "

Reference Klaas Loeve (MSc), Managing Director InfiniteWell
"Mr. Oetringer, with his extraordinary wisdom, integrity, experience, root case knowledge, persistence and creativity, has made possible and achieved results that far exceeded the expectations of his clients. The results of his assignments at EDS / HP were always at least very good. I can only sincerely recommend Mr. O. for all the assignments he wants to do." 

  • A nomination to become an EDS Fellow (30 positions amongst 129,000 employees; above consultant and system architect): Based on innovative solutions, results achieved and getting people on board without being their manager. 
  • Chair of EDS’s European infrastructure council; member of the global technical review council: Representing 5,000 / 25,000 IT specialists and Communities of Practice; integrated into global governance.
  • A patent in the field of artificial intelligence and proof of principle for this innovation. 
  • An invitation to contribute to the development of TOGAF: From the Strategy Management Process experiences and its publication
  • His son’s daily ADHD incidents down to one in ten years and learning to read within six weeks (Dyslexia): After official treatments had delivered insufficient results; why the therapy had worked is explainable through techniques for avoiding traffic jams on the road; two professors are co-authors of poster and oral presentations. 
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Reisebereitschaft: Weltweit

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