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Roger Berkley

Business Process Digitalization Specialist and Low-Code Developer

Profileimage by Roger Berkley Business Process Digitalization Specialist and  Low-Code Developer from DenHaag
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  • Graduation: M.Sc. Information Management, M.Sc. Computer Science, M.Sc. Service Engineering
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 119 €/hour 950 €/day
    May vary depending on project scope, requirements, and duration.
  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Dutch (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 16.10.2019
Profileimage by Roger Berkley Business Process Digitalization Specialist and  Low-Code Developer from DenHaag
CV May 2019

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Hello and welcome to my profile page!

As an analyst-developer person I find it rewarding to learn as much as possible about a business process, function, or area before embarking towards making beneficial operational improvements and changes. But I also find it necessary to bring forward the skills which enable the team to efficienly identify possibilities for bringing forward positive digital change to their business environment.

My career started early on analysing publicly traded companies with fundamental financial analysis. There I found the space to digitze repetitive numerical data actions. Since then my career has been focused on business process management and more recently on digitalization as part of wider enterprise and business transformation.

I currently focus on fastly emerging and established process digitalization technologies as found in the market for business process management systems (BPMS), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). My capacities within this Digital Process space has been as a process analyst, an automation developer, a process consultant, and a business consultant for wider enterprise initiatives such as creating division-wide or enterprise-wide centers of excellence for digitalization.

My other areas of work in financial analysis, web-development, technical and business research, and enrepreneurship also reflect on my wider set of soft and technical skills. As: one day you may find me writing customer communications, on another presenting sales content to prospects, and on another working on front-end development or RPA development.

All in all, its a new world which we live in everyday!

Thank you for checking my profile and examples of prior projects. If you are interested in woring together you can reach me here on Freelancemap.

A set of projects I have previously worked on in various capacities:

As a Business Consultant in Digital Operations
  • Designed the operating models of two RPA centers of excellence in Banking.
  • Professionally advised on the existing operation of an RPA center of excellence in Logistics.
  • Consulted on BPMS and RPA tool and vendor capabilities.
  • Consulted on the current RPA market trends and future challenges.
As a Process Consultant
  • Performed process discovery workshops with operations teams and created iterative process definition documents.
  • Worked with and remotely-led a small team of RPA developers to delivery of process automation of two core banking business processes in Syndicated Loans Lending and Documentary Trade Finance.
  • Facilitated user adoption of new digitized processes in banking by supporting users with information workshops and user manuals on new operating procedures.
As a Business Process Analyst
  • Performed business process discovery for an operational IT service management process at a multinational consumer electronics firm.
  • Developed MVP and prototype for an improved automated IT service delivery process with BPMS functionality.
  • Performed process discovery, analysis, improvement, and documentation in banking and financial services.
  • Prepared initial business case and project documents prior to initiating process automation projects in banking.
  • Sourced, measured, and calculated expected business benefits from process improvement and automation.
As a Business Analyst
  • Performed technical and business research for a pan-European research project in trustworthy ICT (FP7).
  • Supported a small software development team in requirements management, writing and prioritizing user stories, and sprint planning.
  • Prepared test planning, created test cases, and performed manual functional testing of new software prior to release.
  • Edited and communicated release notes to end users prior to major release.
  • Wrote user manuals on new software features and maintained knowledge base with know how and examples.
  • Supported project manager in client-facing interactions in providing insight, collecting customer feedback and new requirements.
As an Entrepreneur
  • Set up Prime Automation business from the ground up providing business process oriented services.
  • Independantly performed sales, marketing, administrative, and technical activities as per new startup business needs.
I am interested in projects both on-site and remotely depending on client project requirements.