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  • Graduation: Technical University
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 60 €/hour 480 €/day
  • Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 27.03.2019
- Web developer (Angular, AngularJS, Typescript, Javascript, ASP.NET, C#, MS-SQL, Perl)
- Embedded developer (ARM + 8051 assembler, C, FPGA programming, CAN, MOST)
- Studied physics and electronics
- Have also briefly done: WinForms, VB, PowerBuilder, C++, Java, JSF
- Domain knowledge: elevators, automotive, cryptography, 3D graphics, insurance, banking
- I speak English & German fluently, have lived & worked both in the USA and Germany
- One of my specialties is metaprogramming / code generation (in Perl), which allows me to achieve high productivity
2019 -2018 (13 months) 
Softec s.r.o, Bratislava, Slovakia
Senior developer
I helped maintain an AngularJS / C# web application for a bank. I then wrote the forms component of a front-end framework (Typescript, Angular 2+, ngrx, rxjs) for a major insurance web application. I added strong typing to large parts of the front-end using advanced type inference in Typescript.
AngularJS, Angular 2+, Javascript, Typescript, Git, Perl, C#, VSCode, TFS

2018 – 2013 (4 years) 
HP / HPE / DXC Bratislava, Slovakia
Senior developer
I worked on an internal web application in ASP.NET / C# / MS SQL Server (TSQL), including some work in JavaScript and Perl. The web application is part of an asset management solution managing hundreds of thousands of assets worldwide. I implemented features such as an issue tracking system, a REST API, an efficient caching subsystem, code generation, advanced front-end controls. Also briefly worked on a JSF / Eclipse / Java public-facing website.
ASP.NET, C#, TSQL, WCF, Web API, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Studio, ReSharper, JSF, Eclipse

2013 – 2010 (3 + 12 + 9 months) 
Unicontrol System-technik GmbH, Frankenberg / Sachsen, Germany
Programmer / Tester
I performed manual tests of car instrument clusters (in CANoe), later automated these tests (in Perl and Excel) and wrote test frames for software modules (in Excel, Perl and C). I worked on the MOST stacks of instrument cluster projects for major car manufacturers. This involved analysing MOST traces (in CANoe.MOST), coding new software modules (in C), performing manual tests, debugging and writing documentation and test frames. I also worked on a .NET database application (in VB.NET, XML, and SQL). I implemented multiple tools that ran in the project toolchain.
C, Perl, VB.NET, CANoe, MOST, Green Hills MULTI, Visual Studio

2013 (3 months) 
Koger, Inc, Košice, Slovakia
I worked on financial software (in PowerBuilder, Java, SQL). The Java environment used Eclipse / Tomcat / Spring / Hibernate.
Java, PowerBuilder, Eclipse

2009 – 2008 (8 months) 
Ness KDC, Košice, Slovakia
Junior programmer
I worked on the maintenance of existing applications and development of new 3D applications – mostly in Visual Studio C++, C#, using the frameworks OSG and XNA. I wrote a video player using DirectShow, a 3D model viewer using XNA and C#, and a C#.NET application for XML file verification.
C++, C#, XNA, Visual Studio

2008 – 2007 (1 year)
Columbia University – Nevis Labs, Irvington, NY
Staff associate
For the Double Chooz experiment's veto system, I worked on data acquisition / analysis software – this included firmware for USB readout boards in 8051 (C, assembler) and in Verilog; a readout application in VB.NET (under Windows) and C under Linux (libusb); a scripting interface and data analysis scripts in Perl; and plotting in Gnuplot. For CERN's ATLAS experiment, I did electronics maintenance for the liquid argon calorimeter DAQ boards (mostly manual work).
C, VB.NET, Perl, Visual Studio, Quartus, FPGAs, USB, Linux

2007 – 2003 (4 years)
Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovakia
M.S. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
My master’s thesis was on optimizing cryptographic primitives on the ARM7TDMI architecture – I implemented the AES, SHA, RSA, and ECDSA algorithms in ARM assembly / C. The library has also been used in commercial applications. For a school project I implemented digital filters on an ARM development board.
ARM assembler, C, Perl, Keil uVision

2003 – 2000 (3 years)
P. J. Safarik University, Košice, Slovakia
B.S. in Physics (High energy physics)

2000 - 1996
Gymnázium Alejová 1, Košice, Slovakia
In high school, I wrote some Pascal and VB6 / VB.NET programs. (Fractal generator, gravitational N-body simulator, ...)
Pascal, VB

2010 -2000
Tvrdex s.r.o
Programmer(solo developer)
I wrote and maintained the firmware for an elevator controller (about 20,000 lines of 8051 assembler). This included my own RTOS, a bootloader, a messaging system, timers, etc. I also wrote firmware for accompanying electronics (displays, a GSM module, touch key identification). I implemented 1-wire, serial, I2C, CAN communication, flash memory programming, LCD display control, as well custom RTOSes. The elevator board runs hundreds of elevators in Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic.
8051 assembler, VHDL, Verilog, VB.NET, SDCC

2019 - 2015
Banská Bystrica
I wrote an online registration application for a conference, and helped with the on-site registration. This included a public and internal website, sending emails, matching payments (using Levenshtein distance) and generating / printing badges.
ASP.NET, C#, AWS, MSSQL, ImageMagick
on site in Bratislava or remote

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