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Scott Schwarz


Last update: 11.10.2018

Lean Six Sigma Consulting / Training / Coaching / Project Management / Interim Manager

Company: Black Ops Group
Graduation: Bachelor of Arts
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Project history

2010-2017 Accomplishments

Cost reductions year-over-year for 6 consecutive years; labor savings of 20%; improved quality—25% reduction in defects; throughput increases more than 30%.
  • $22M accumulated cash savings over six years.
  • Secured customer retention for several major accounts with Lean Six Sigma projects – over $50M revenue.
  • Managed global deployment of LSS resulting in completion of over 200 individual improvement projects.
  • Trained and certified 240 Yellow Belts & 56 Green Belts.
  • Conducted more than 800 hours of Lean Six Sigma classroom training.
  • Project lead for $100M M&A carveout on new acquisition.
  • Organizational leader of project management and process analysis.

 1997-2010 Accomplishments

  • Provided training and mentoring to 24 Six Sigma Green Belt trainees. Managed 5 site Black Belts.
  • Led six sigma projects (DMAIC) with savings exceeding $2.5M annually.
  • Led engineering design and process FMEA teams – 8 process/design FMEA completed.
  • Developed and implemented 5S programs for 5 global manufacturing plants. (French, Mandarin, Spanish languages).
  • Created Visual Management System for 5 manufacturing plants worldwide.
  • Executed more than 30 Kaizen events in 5 global facilities in local language (thru interpreter).
  • Developed corporate level Balance Scorecard strategy, tracking and measurement systems.
  • Managed 7 direct reports.
  • ASME Code, UL, CSA and ISO 9000:2000 implementations.
  • Developed and facilitated training programs: New Product Development, New Product Validation, FMEA, Lean Manufacturing, Process Control, 5S, Process Thinking, Waste Reduction, Internal Auditing, Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma Defect Free concepts. 
  • Led Team to achieved ASME certification for partner manufacturer; Unical, Mantova, Italy.
  • Implemented Kaizen Methods (process methodologies) where none have existed before.
  • Led High Level Management Kaizen events.
  • Led Asia/Pacific sourcing teams. (China, Korea)
  • Spearheaded strategic deployment of quality management and continuous improvement.
  • Led / coordinated plant re-layout;
    • achieved 50% transport reduction
    • 95% POUS
    • established value streams
    • 35% improvement in total-process-cycle-time
    • 4-tier visual factory
    • eliminated top 3 safety issues.
  • Led and mentored Kaizen teams and Lean Six Sigma projects (exceeded $8M actual and avoidance).
  • NDT systems, certification, and compliance for ISO 9000, NADCAP, AS9100, ASTM, MIL-STD and customer specifications.
  • Led team of 10 surveillance inspectors and 27 hourly direct reports.
  • Managed 140 inspectors in three business centers.
  • Performed NAS-410/Mil-Std-410 Fluorescent Penetrant Level III and facility Visual Level III.
  • Led Internal Audit Team.
  • NDT Supervisor, Manufacturing Supervisor in repair work-cell.
  • Reduced process operational costs by 7%.
  • Reduced process cycle time by 50%
  • Increased throughput, process efficiency and quality via 5S, visual management, synchronous flow, and lean initiatives.
  • Led QSI, Kaizen, Six Sigma, FMEA, DFM and other quality events.
  • Conducted monthly and yearly audits as Lead Auditor; directed audit team.
  • Supported three facilities.
  • Spearheaded new Visual Inspection Program, including certification and training requirements.
  • Managed ISO 9001, AISC, ASME, API, and AWS steel construction Quality Assurance Program.
    • ASME project lead.
    • Supplier manager of six sigma quality system.
  • Trained and certified as General Electric Six Sigma Black Belt.
    • Conducted Six Sigma Projects: 35% Cycle time reduction; Plant re-layout and flow improvement; Defect reductions; material consumption reductions. First Six Sigma project value over $2M - benchmarked as GE Best Practice.
  • Certified AISC Quality Certification Program (CBD, SBR), 1st audit qualification.

Time and spatial flexibility

Available for any location globally.


  • Exceptional Troubleshooting Skills: Within first month of joining AERCO, I learned about a chronic “cracking” defect with heater coil assembly – a 13 year issue. Within 3 months, I pinpointed the root cause and proposed a solution, which saved AERCO more money than my next 4 years of salary.
  • Continual Improvement: By embracing all methodologies of continual improvement, I believe in using the approach that best serves the problem. Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Office, OPEX, Process Management. Six Sigma Certified Black Belt.
  • Communication and Presentation Skills: I can take extremely complex technical detail, and break that down into an easy-to-understand language that moves people to action. Co-workers commonly ask, “What would Scott do?”, when faced with difficult decisions.
  • Leadership: Colleagues have told me, “You’re a leader we want to follow.” That’s because, I present requests by explaining, “here is the benefit for you.” By taking that approach, usually I can convert people to do the right thing. Also, I can take a vague idea, break it down, and lay out simple action steps. 

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