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Last update: 27.11.2017

Structural Engineer Consultant

Graduation: Master of Science in Civil Engineering
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Elementary) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)




Master of Science in Civil Engineering.  University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus, Puerto Rico. Graduation date: Jun 2007.
Concentration:  Structures.

Civil Engineering.  University of Valle - Cali, Colombia. Graduation date: Dec 2002.
Concentration:  Structures (5-year program).

Graduated Courses. Behavior of Concrete Structures, Design and Analysis of Steel Structures, Design and Analysis of Composite Materials, Dynamics of Structures, Elasticity Theory, Matrix Analysis of Structures, Finite Element Method, Experimental Statistics, Research and Thesis.

Honors and Activities. FE-NCEES (Engineering Fundamental Examination): Passed – SJN, PR, Jan 2008.
& Dwight D. Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program, Eisenhower Hispanic Serving  Institutions (HSI) fellowships. Awarded by Federal Highway Administration “to attract the nation’s brightest minds to the field of transportation engineering”. URITC- Kingstown, RI, Jul 2006.
& NSF Research Assistantship, University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez, PR, Aug 2004 – Dec 2007.
& Laureate Thesis, University of Valle – Cali, Colombia, Dec 2002.

Technical Software proficiency .

CSI Bridge, Abaqus  (Non  Linear  FEA),  Sap2000  NL,  Etabs  NL,  SAFE,  Midas Set,  RP6,  Risafoot,  Risaplate, Reinforced Concrete Building (RCBE), Avansse, Limconl.

LabView, Matlab, Maple, Cadec, Minitab, Sigma Plot, MS. Project, Licita,

AutoCAD (2D y 3D).

Project history

Selected Structural Works

Structural Design Reviews:
48 Steel building for storage of fly ashes. Argos, Rios Claro, Col.
47 Steel Silo for cement storage, cap. 400 Ton. Argos, Yumbo-Valle, Col.
46 Footing for 25 electric interconnection towers, Tibu-Socuavo, Col.
45 Bridge Balsos-Inferior, Medellín, Col.
44 Bridge Arroyo Limón K52+300, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
43 Bridge Arroyo Corral K38+550, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
42 Bridge Arroyo Chiquito K20+670, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
41 Bridge Arroyo Corte Alto K18+400, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
40 Bridge K84+150, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
39 Bridge Arroyo Ciego K17+265, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
38 Bridge K6+000, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
37 Bridge K25+000, APP Antioquia-Bolívar, Col.
36 Bridge K80+250, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
35 Bridge K77+430, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
34 Bridge K77+770, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
33 Bridge K77+880, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
32 Bridge K79+880, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
31 Bridge K80+150, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
30 Bridge K81+200, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
29 Bridge K82+630, Transversal el Libertador, Col.
28 Transportación center of Guatemala city, CENTRA NORTE, Guatemala, Guatemala.
27 Industrial headquarters of Schlumberger co., Bogotá, Col.
26 Distribution center of Familia Sancela II co., Bogotá, Col.
25 Distribution center of Fritolay co., Medellín, Col.
24 Mall Gran Plaza, Florencia, Col.
23 Mall San Pedro Plaza, Neiva, Col.
22 Mall Carrefour dos quebradas, Pereira, Col.
21 Mall Alcaravan 1 y 2, Yopal, Col.
20 Mall Flamingo, Pereira, Col.
19 Mall Meridiano, Bogota, Col.
18 Mall Megacenter, Medellín, Col.
17 Mall Florencia, Florencia, Col.
16 Warehouse  Galores co., Tocumen, Panamá.
15 Mall Farmatodo 167 co., Bogotá, Col.
14 Residential project Tulipanes, Medellín, Col.
13 Residential project Living, Medellín, Col.
12 Residential project Domus Mariae, Medellín, Col.
11 Residential project Cabopino, Bogotá, Col.
10 Residential project Alboran, Bogotá, Col.
09 Residential project Arvore, Medellín, Col.
08 Residential project Ceylan Duplex, Medellín, Col.
07 Residential project Pamplona, Pamplona, Col.
06 Residential project Azaleas, Medellín, Col.
05 Residential project Pilarica, Medellín, Col.
04 Residential project Entreparques, Envigado, Col.
03 Residential project Tacaragua, Pereira, Col.
02 School Santiago de Armas, Rionegro, Col.
01 School Baltasar, Rionegro, Col.
Structural Designs:
28 Retrofit of bridge Balsos-Inferior, Medellín, Col.
27 Retrofit of preheater tower # 2 – Industrial Complex Argos Rio Claro, Sonson, Col.
26 Residential building, Reservas del Prado Etapa II, San Antonio de Prado, Col.
25 Parking Building, Reservas del Prado Etapa III, San Antonio de Prado, Col.
24 Parking Building, Reservas del Prado Etapa II, San Antonio de Prado, Col.
23 Mini Mall, Reservas del Prado Etapa I, San Antonio de Prado, Col.
22 Mall Plaza del Rio, Apartado, Col.
21 Warehouse for Familia Sancela Cajicá, BPT – MP7, Cajicá, Col.
20 Warehouse Valle Sur, Itagüí, Col.
19 Warehouse Gallón Lotes No. 36 y 37, Sabaneta, Col.
18 Warehouse Beyer, Medellín, Col.
17 House Zanutto, Armenia, Col.
16 Footbridge prototype in FRP composite materials FRP, EIA, Medellín, Col.
15 Industrial Buildings for Paper production, PROTISA, Chía, Col.
14 Hotel Avía 93, Bogotá, Col.
13 Priest House San Juan María Vianey, Bogotá, Col.
12 Physics Building - Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Col.
11 Redisential tower Alameda del Museo, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
10 Mar Azul Beach Resort, Loiza, Puerto Rico.
09 Municipal Coliseum of Naranjito, Naranjito, Puerto Rico.
08 Multiuse Center of García Sector, Aguada, Puerto Rico.
07 Storage tank La luna, Patillas, Puerto Rico.
06 Residential Building, Carolina, Puerto Rico.
05 Municipal Center, Naranjito, Puerto Rico.
04 Residential building, Acuarela, Naranjito, Puerto Rico.
03 Restaurant Simón Parrilla, Cali, Col.
02 Coastal Defense Wall, La Parrilla, Tumaco, Col.
01 Building for pumping system, Balboa S.A., Tumaco, Col.
Special structural consulting projects:
10 Pathology study for anchoraged walls, Institutional project Hogares Bambi, Bogotá, Col.
09 Nonstructural walls design, Consalfa co. offices, Bogotá, Col.
08 Reviewing of the Vulnerability study for the roof of Éxito Warehouse, Cartagena, Col.
07 Reviewing of the pathology study for piling system, Family Sancela Project, Cajicá, Col.
06 Reviewing of the pathology study for fachades system, Fed. Nac. de Caf. Building, Bogotá, Col.
05 Comparative study of footing systems, Hotel Atton, Bogotá, Col
04 Design of retention system for the Foundation of the Bridge La Leonera, Transversal del Cusiana, Col.
03 SuperMX beams for temporary construction system, proyecto Metrolinea, Bucaramanga, Col.
02 Design of protection system for the foundation of  Bridge los Grillos, Transversal del Cusiana, Col.
01 Reviewing of the pathology study for Residential project Urbano 85, Bogotá, Col.
Construction activities:
03 Project field Engineer for the construction project of Municipal Center of Buesaco – United Nation Program for the    Development PNUD, Buesaco, Col.
02 Project field Engineer for the construction project of Protection system for arriving of ships at Commercial Port of Tumaco - SPC., Tumaco, Col.
01 Project field engineer for the construction project of San Jose del Guayabo School Center, Tumaco, Col.

Time and spatial flexibility

Available to travel.


Master of Science in Civil Engineering specialized in structural engineering with extensive work in Advanced Composite Materials. Structural Consultant, Designer and Pair Reviewer of Civil Structures. Cathedratic Professor at University of Medellin - Colombia. Recipient of the Eisenhower FHWA and NSFUPRM fellowships and awarded with a Laureated thesis at the University of Valle. Participant of National ICONTEC CTN-100 and International ISO TC-71-SC6 Committees.

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