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Last update: 09.06.2021

Radio Frequency Network Optimization

Graduation: BSc of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
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More than 7 years of experience in 4G technology as an "LTE & VoLTE RNO Engineer" with multiple Vendors & Operators.
  • VoLTE/ViLTE (SIP & RTP), LTE-Advanced,SS7, TCP/IP, UDP SIGTRAN Signalling Protocols
  • IMS Network Elements (P-CSCF, S-CSCF, TAS, HSS)
  • MME, P-GW, S-GW, SGSN/GGSN Core Network Elements
  • Huawei Tools - M2000/U2000, LMT, MML , NASTAR , OMSTAR , PRS
  • Huawei : Good Knowledge in eRAN6.0 , eRAN7.0 , eRAN8.1 & eRAN11.1
  • Nokia Tools : Netact.
  • Nokia Software Releases : Good knowledge in RL50, RL60, RL70.
  • Samsung Tools : LSM
  • Airspan Tools : Netspan
  • Vuze software.
  • iBwave Software.
  • RF Optimization Tools:
    • XCAL/XCAP , ATOLL, Actix Analyzer ,TEMS Investigation & TEMS Discovery, Genex Prob. and Genex Assistant.
    • Wireshark & MapInfo
  • Others: MS Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
    • High level optimization activities in Airspan Central Team in LTE-A TDD / SON / IoT Deployed Network
    • VoLTE Feature & Parameter Tuning (RoHC, VoLTE C-DRX, TTI Bundling , QCI-based Priority & Poll/Reordering Setting)
    • VoLTE/ViLTE KPI Monitoring (VoLTE/ViLTE CSD,QCI-1/2/5 ERAB SR & Latency, RTP Packet Loss, IMS Register Time, Jitter)
    • Coordination with R&D Team to create new counters and fix the bugs in the faulty counters
    • East states whole optimization
    • Network Strategy between Small Cell & Macro Cell Network (HetNet)
    • VoLTE/ViLTE DR Improvement
    • SON/eSON Feature Deployment & Functionality Improvement in Live Network
    • eMBMS Feature Implementing
    • New small cells locations inside the buildings
    • SSV Report Acceptance
    • Parameters Tuning & Auditing
    • Optimizing HO between 2 different bandwidths (20 MHz & 10 MHz) (Priority, Time to Triger, A5 HO Event & CIO, Hysteresis)
  • Responsible for following up the Swap process from Huawei to ALU (Nokia) in some areas in East Region.
  • Parameters mapping , Auditing and tuning between Huawei and ALU (Nokia).
  • Selection – Re-election in the border areas between Huawei and ALU (Nokia).
  • Handover optimization in the border areas between Huawei and ALU (Nokia).
  • Upgrade Software Release from RL50 to RL60 with Nokia.
  • 3GPP SON Algorithms (CCO, COC & ICIC) presentation and future strategy definition for implementing
  • MIMO/HARQ Performance by TTI Trace Analysis Tool during DL throughput improvement
  • LTE SON Features Implementation (RACH Opt., PCI Selection, ANR, MRO & MLB)
  • LTE Cell Selection/Reselection (Idle/Connected Mode), A3/A5 Based HO Strategy Determinations and Optimizing
  • eRAN6.0, eRAN7.0 LTE Network Baseline Parameter Guide Preparation
  • Clusters Optimization (Physical Optimization / Parameters Tuning)
  • LTE Cluster Template Report Creation and Cluster Logs via Genex Assistant LTE Analyser
  • eNodeB Baseline Parameter File Creation & KPI Level based Optimization
  • PUCCH/PDCCH Traffic Calculations (Maximum RRC, Active Users & QCI1 DRB - VoLTE)
  • Trial Network Log Analysis for HO Failure Event Diagnose by Genex Assistant / ACTIX
  • LTE Feature Presentations to the Customer , Smart Admission Ctrl (GBR Bearers), (QCI 2-3-4 Support & QCI1 Bearer - VoLTE)
  • Dual Carrier Activation for Hotspot Sites and Initial Parameter
  • Carrier Aggregation / Optimization of all Other Voice Features related to LTE (CSFB , SRVCC)
  • CSFB Call Test (4G->3G & 2G)
  • Flash CSFB , eCSFB.
  • Implementing the Fast Return Feature for CSFB
  • SRVCC Call Test (4G->3G & 2G)
  • LTE Network KPI Monitoring on M2000 (Huawei).
  • Following up the KPI Monitoring on NetAct (Nokia).
  • Preparation LTE Network KPI Reports
  • Data Collection & Post Processing Tool Decisions (Genex Prob/Assistant, TEMS Investigation & Discovery & ACTIX).

Project history

Dec’10-Nov’14: Samsung SDS, Mobily (Saudi Arabia) as WiMAX & LTE RNO Engineer
Nov’14-Apr’16: Huawei - Nokia  @ Mobily, STC (Saudi Arabia) as Senior LTE RNO Engineer
Since Apr’16: AIRSPAN Networks India - Reliance Jio (India) as Senior LTE RNO Engineer

Time and spatial flexibility

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