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Last update: 21.05.2021

Certified ABAP 7.5 / ABAP on HANA Developer

Graduation: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology with Specialization in Systems Software Engineering
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A Certified Development Consultant for ABAP with 9+ years of solid experience of implementing and supporting different SAP ABAP applications under different modules such as: Asset Management (formerly Plant Maintenance), Materials Management and SAP GTT. Active learner and practitioner of different SAP technologies and best practices to ensure high quality of deliverables.

Project history

09/2019 - Present
Internet and Information Technology
SAP Support Project – SAP EWZ Movilizer Support
• Involves in investigation of Movilizer issues in SAP backend. Root cause analysis determination is done by debugging in backend.
• Develops and delivers fixes in SAP both Movilizer Expression Language. Fixes are introduced in ABAP OO approach and follows the new ABAP on HANA 7.5 approach.
• Performs quality testing and documentation of the fix to be handed over to counterparts for further testing

SAP Implementation Project – Boehringer Ingelheim 3.0
• Developed objects that adheres to SAP’s standard ABAP on HANA approach.
• Ensured that the objects that were developed and tested with the highest quality.
• Delivered objects with proper documentation

SAP Support Project – AEBI Schmidt Movilizer Support Project
• Developed ABAP fixes for the Movilizer Mobile Platform
• Lead customer calls to identify and solve gaps with regards to plant maintenance processes

SAP Support Project – SAP UCB Pharma Track and Trace Project
• Resolved issues with regards to the SAP ATTP (Advanced track and trace) solution
• Developed fixes in ABAP that follows the customer’s guidelines and processes
• Leads the customer call to be able to identify and fix gaps
• Leads upskilling of colleagues to be able to handle challenges in ABAP
• Pioneered a process where the issues are to be properly documented for knowledge-based archiving

SAP Support Project – ACINO Pharma Track and Trace Project
• Debugged issues with regards to the SAP ABAP Movilizer (Mobile)
• Involved in resolving issues related to SAP Track and Trace
• Actively monitored interfaces via SAP PI (Process integration)

11/2019 - 11/2019
Sr. Technical Support Specialist
Honeywell International Philippines Inc.

11/2019 - 11/2019
Adv. Programming Specialist SAP-ABAP Applications Developer
IBM Solutions Delivery, Inc

09/2018 - 07/2019
Sr. Technical Support Specialist
Movilizer General Platform Support
1. Identifies gaps with regards to each team members' knowledge and how they handle tickets by
conducting a one on one session with them to discuss roadblocks.
2. Crafts trainings to the current team members once a gap has been identified
3. Coaches team members on how to properly resolve issues and how to communicate them
4. Coordinates with the Engineering team to help identify possible bugs by reproducing it.

06/2016 - 07/2019
Technical Support Engineer L3 (Technical lead)
Movilizer CONA (Coke One North America)
1. Handles CONA Incidents of varying complexity
a. Customers raise incidents varying from Low to high priority incidents.
2. Debugs faulty code may it be of ABAP Programming language or in Movilizer Expression Language
3. Does code corrections of the faulty code in SAP ABAP or in Movilizer Expression Language
4. Handles weekly meeting of customers and technical team to check on their concerns and/or
5. Delegates code correction tasks to teammates and helps them solve issues.
6. Drives the fixes to be released monthly and communicates it to team members and customers
7. Leads weekly customer call to ensure to hear customers' concerns or questions with regards to
Movilizer platform. Also in the call, I explain high level issues to them and interprets code
corrections to the customer so that they can understand what the fix will do their system.
8. Creates test scripts that will ensure that the code will work as expected. These test scripts
for different fixes will be then handed over to the customer for User Acceptance Testing in
their quality system.
9. Ensures production system is working by monitoring Movilizer Portal and Movilizer connector
10. Trains customers on topics with regards to Movilizer Platform such as User Creation and
Device address creation
11. Documentation of technical specifications of the fixes and test scripts
12. Contributes to the customer's load testing project to ensure that the system is up and

09/2015 - 07/2019
Technical Support Specialist
Movilizer General Platform Support
1. Supported Movilizer Platform Issues that varies from customer custom code to issues with
regards to the Movilizer clients on different operating systems.
2. Communicated with different customers to ensure trust and cooperation
3. Handles both SAP and Non-SAP issues from any customers
4. Handles SAP PMCS issues and scenario configurator issues.
5. Handles Movilizer Expression Language issues that were done by the customers
6. Analysis of issues with various complexities
7. Reads customer uploaded XML requests and identifies the root cause of the issue
8. Reproduction of customer issues to be handed over to the customer
9. Conducts training to new members of Honeywell Movilizer Team
a. Flew to Bangalore, India to conduct Movilizer Training - 2016
b. Flew to Hyderabad, India to conduct Movilizer Training - 2016
c. Flew to Mexico City, Mexico to conduct Movilizer Training for SAP Connector and standard

12/2018 - 07/2019
Movilizer Consultant
Movilizer Nordex
1. Developed a customized HTML + JavaScript page that will be integrated with this customer's
order Movelet. This HTML page is integrated with Movilizer Cordova so that Movilizer client
can interact with the page to pass global variables which will be displayed.

10/2018 - 12/2018
SAP ABAP Developer
Movilizer SAP QA Team
1. Within 2 months, I was able to develop a framework in ABAP that's able to trigger a load
testing scenario that will simulate a production-like environment on any SAP system that has
the Movilizer SAP Connector installed.
2. One of the programs in the framework measures the SAP Connector with the following
a. Measure the time it takes for an order Movelet to go out of the SAP
b. Measure the time it takes the data container to be processed
3. Develop a program that will automatically generate orders depending on the tester's
preference and will display the results of the parameters above.
4. Tester has also a program that will be used to turn on and off the load testing scenario.

01/2016 - 02/2016
SAP ABAP Developer/Movilizer Consultant
Movilizer Vestas
1. Developed Customer Movilizer Movelets via SAP ABAP
2. Redesigned Customer Movilzer Movelet based on the updated customer requirements.
3. Handled preliminary tests after the changes to make sure that the business flow is still
working for the Movelets

06/2015 - 07/2015
ABAP HR Developer
1 month

Project Role: ABAP HR Developer
1. Supported ABAP related issues. Debugged, analyzed and gave feasible solutions.
2. Working on developments related to customization payroll forms such as W-2 forms

03/2014 - 06/2015
ABAP Support Developer
Shell GSAP
1 year 3 months

Shell GSAP
Project Role: ABAP Support Developer

1. Debug custom and standard programs to determine the issue - with a high level of debugging
skill, he is capable of determining issues with the standard and custom programs.

2. Design and propose sound solutions and implement. - worked with various fixes across
different modules.

a. An example would this would be the project creation interface program for the PS module.
It was a big issue for the project because no projects were created. He was able to
deliver the fix for this issue and was successfully implemented in production.

3. Improve performance of existing programs. If possible, create new ones using

a. There was a program that uses old and obsolete syntax that was being used by the project
in SD module. As a result, the program generated tickets and it took man hours to
determine and fix the issue. When the issue landed on his queue, he thought of a way to
rid this completely so he proposed to the architect and the functional to completely
redesign the program at the same time to have the same functionality as with the previous
one. He was successful in implementing this new code.

4. Handled Workflow related tickets - he is capable of understanding the workflow process of the
business and is comfortable with BOR objects and classes embedded within workflows.

05/2013 - 02/2014
SAP. ABAP Developer
Sunoco Logistics
10 months

Sunoco Logistics
Project Role: SAP. ABAP Developer
Contribution: Handled WRICEF Objects mainly on IS-Oil Module. These objects includes, Reports,
Conversions, Interfaces, Forms as well as Enhancements. Also, contributed Adhoc programs for the

Objects developed:

1. Work Center Conversion - Conversion for creation of work centers for Plant Maintenance module.
This program was made in LSMW.

2. Material Master Conversion - Creation of master data for material. This was done using a custom
program utilizing the bapi for creation of materials. This creates 2 different materials
specifically for the project - Wet materials which contains the petroleum products for the client
and Dry materials for the other materials. This is for IS-OIL module and Procurement modules.

3. Partner Role Conversion - Creation of partner roles for IS-OIL. This was done using a custom
program w/ bapi.

4. Location Conversion - Conversion for creation of master data for locations in IS-OIL. This is a
2-part program. The first one was done in LSMW. This program creates the locations master data while
the 2nd part is a custom program that attaches created materials to locations.

5. Inventory - Created the conversion custom program for Wet Inventory. This was done using bapi for
goods movement specifically for IS-Oil products.

6. Contract hold for Credit Approval - Custom program and enhancement for approval of sales
contract. The first part, The enhancement is applied to the user exit for the creation of sales
contract. This enhancement will determine the user status of the sales contract. when the status is
set to credit approval, the custom adhoc program can be used to approved the contract. after the
approval, an email will be sent to the creator and to the approver of the email. This is for IS-OIL

7. GlobalView Quotation Inbound Interface - This interface will fetch the data from GlobalView
system to Middleware. The middleware in this is SAP PI which will then convert the input file to
something that is readable by the interface. The interface will post the file to the standard
program and will display the result in a report manner. This is for IS-OIL module.

8. Output message to terminal - Smartform which contains information about the shipments, schedules
and truck details. This form is sent via email. This is for IS-OIL module. Forms are triggered via
changing of shipments in o4f2. A custom table will record the changed shipments and at the end of
the day, a scheduled print program (custom abap report) will get the changed shipments for that day,
convert the forms to pdf and send emails depending on the terminal of the shipment.

Also handled user exits for is-oil and invoices forms for the said module. These forms include
(Terminal Forms, Invoice forms and Marine terminal form) which were done in smartforms.

Adhoc Programs

1. Standard Header - Recreated the standard header which is in function module form that can be
reused by all wricef reports and interfaces.

2. Equipment Long text update - Adhoc program to update longtexts for Equipment Conversion. This is
for the PPM Module.

3. Functional Location Address Update - Adhoc program to update Addresses in Functional location.
This was made using a custom program and also for PPM Module

01/2013 - 04/2013
offshore SAP.ABAP FI developer
Mylan Pharmaceuticals
4 months

Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Project Role: Worked as an offshore SAP.ABAP FI developer.
Contribution: Handled 4 objects for this project:

1. Quality Std Cost Component report - A report made from scratch. This is used to determine prices
from a certain plant and converting the respective prices to another currency.

2. Debit Memo and Credit Memo - Smartforms which go hand-in-hand with each other. Added additional
logic and functionality plus cosmetics changes.

3. Check form - A SAPscript which I also added additional logic plus some cosmetic changes.

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