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Last update: 16.02.2020

Team Leader NMC, NMC BSS engineer, Broadcast Engineer, Packet Core Network Engineer

Graduation: Electronics’ Engineer, specialist area: Telecommunication at University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene ( USTHB )Algiers
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | French (Native or Bilingual)


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backup, DNS, Remedy, Interfaces, Interface, TCP/IP, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, Wifi et WiMax Protocol and Interface experience, UDP, AAA, Diameter, S1-MME (S1AP), LTE /SAE, MME network architectural interfaces, S1, S11, GI, S6a, SGs, TRAFFICA News/Views, NetAct, C++, MATLAB, PASCAL, INTEL A86, ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, outlook, data-processing tool, VSAT, SDH, UMTS/ LTE networks

Project history

07/2013 - Present
Packet Core Network Engineer
Ooredoo Algeria (1000-5000 employees)
  • Perform weekly backup for all PS nodes (SGSN's DX200 & ATCA, Flexi ISN, Flexi NG, DNS Infoblox, SAE-GW, PCRF, AAA).
  • Perform daily operation and maintenance (health check) all PS Core platforms.
  • Perform a network integration of Gn, Ga, GB, GP, Gs, Gx, Gy, S6a…interfaces in core elements.
  • Conducted presentations and knowledge transfers to local engineers.
  • Provided weekly report for traffic measurements from both SGSN's DX200 & ATCA, Flexi NG, Flexi-ISN, SAE-GW, PCRF.
  • Worked with planning and IP team for any new project coming on such as new 
    Services (APN).
  • Performed a first troubleshooting in case of any hardware or software failure 
    occurred in the system that caused service outage. (Standby, 24/24)
  • Follow the technical issue with vendor.
  • Coordinate and answer to the needs of technical teams and the customers for PS Core domain.
  • Follow the spare parts related to PS Core Platforms.
  • Perform hardware expansions for SGSN/FNG/SAE-GW
  • Perform Gb expansions (new BSC integration)
  • Swap GB from FR to Ip.
  • PCC Rules implementation.
  • Monitor the performances of the PS Core network.
  • Handling all PS Core cases ( Flexi NS /Flexi NG /CMM /CMG/AAA)
  • Spare cards verification for all PS Core Nodes
  • Hardware Replacement of PS Core nodes (MME / SAE / SGSN / GGSN)
Management the different projects and upgrades that are under operations responsibility

06/2011 - 07/2013
Team Leader NMC
Ooredoo Algeria (1000-5000 employees)
Job description

* Group and work managing
* Meetings, MOP and MOM handling with different services / entity
* Follow up Work orders execution, process, trouble tickets
* Support for incidents in the network as well as customer complaints.
* Control followed the change in the network.
* Organize teams to ensure the supervision of the entire network and the technical
* Identify development needs and establish a plan of action.
* Manage team performance.

04/2009 - 06/2011
NMC BSS engineer
Ooredoo Algeria (1000-5000 employees)
Job description :

* Working on E// and SIEMENS BSS equipment's, using OSS / winfiol for E// RBS's and radio
commander for Siemens BTS, to ensure 24/7 Network Surveillance, first line support and
Providing a full image for the network unavailability and different statistical counters by
means of periodical reports
* Ensure Trouble-ticket handling, daily/weekly/monthly routines handling, problem follow up, and
providing different kinds of reporting.
* Communicate with maintenance team to inform them about problems support them remotely.
* Creating trouble tickets for alarm node and performance alarms and assigned to concerning team
using Remedy.
* Execution of Work Orders (loading SW for RBS's, adding DTRU's, Interfaces expansion,
configuration of cells and neighbors and change radio Parameters, change the configuration of
* Inspect the BTS faults from BSC and solve them.
* Aiding the sites integration process as per the company implementation plan.
* Providing the BSS Dump File for Radio Frequency Team on Daily Basis
* Traffic statistic KPI checks -for overall network
* Quality problems analysis -for overall network
* Ensure quick action & intervention in case of defection
* Transferring basic knowledge & skills for new NMC engineers

03/2007 - 04/2009
Broadcast Engineer
Broadcasting of Algeria ( TDA) (5000-10.000 employees)
Job description:

* Installation of mobile equipment FHN.
* Installation of earth stations
* Installation Operation and commissioning of mobile earth stations Flay away and DSNG
(provision of services for sporting and cultural events).
* Development and comparative study of specifications for acquisition of such earth stations fly

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