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SAP FI/CO Berater, COPA, Material Ledger, 25 years experience

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  • Graduation: Diplom Informatiker (TU Muenchen)
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  • Last update: 27.08.2020
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SAP, HANA, FI, COPA, IM, ERP, functional specifications, data migration, Regression testing, Hyperion, requirement gathering, EFI, printers, data transfer, SAP CO, ABAP, reporting tools, programming, database, material ledger, product costing
  • 08/2020 - 08/2020

    • SETAC
  • SAP consultant CO
  • Clients:
    HP, Apple, ATL, Varian, Merisel, SAP Australia (taught CO in Partner Academy Sydney, Australia)

    I was sub-contracted to SAP of America, Western Region and worked as one of the first SAP R3
    consultants in Foster City as expert for the CO module.

  • 08/2017 - 01/2018

    • Hewlett Packard (HPI)
  • President and CEO Project Manager R3 / project auditor /principal consultant / team lead
  • Hewlett Packard (HPI), Houston, TX - via SAP America
    Light Military Vehicles
    8/17 - 1/18
    I worked as product costing/material ledger/transfer pricing lead in HP's S/4 HANA project to
    consolidate several SAP systems and non-SAP systems into a new systems landscape from design through
    the implementation of the first phase.

  • 01/2017 - 06/2017

    • Mercedes-Benz
  • President and CEO Project Manager R3 / project auditor /principal consultant / team lead
  • Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart, Germany
    Light Military Vehicles
    1/17 - 6/17
    (Defense contract - most information withheld). I was contracted to lead a smaller project involving
    optimization of results analysis, S/4 HANA (1610), currency issues, VAT, investment management,
    settlements and reconciliation between account based COPA and costing based COPA.

  • 09/2016 - 01/2017

    • GE Power
  • President and CEO Project Manager R3 / project auditor /principal consultant / team lead
  • GE Power, Baden, Switzerland and Philadelphia, PA - via SAP America
    9/16 - 1/17
    GE Power (short GE) had acquired Alstom. This required Alstom's SAP system to be first homologized
    to that of GE and later to be integrated into GE's SAP system. SAP SLO services was contracted to
    support this and I lead the FI and CO part of this project. This involved amongst others the
    reorganization of Alstom's chart of accounts and databases by SLO reorg.

  • 04/2016 - 09/2016

    • doTerra
  • President and CEO Project Manager R3 / project auditor /principal consultant / team lead
  • doTerra (essential oils), Pleasant Grove, UT
    4/16 - 9/16
    doTerra went live in May 2016 on a new SAP system with S4 Simple Finance (HANA) system - release
    1403. doTerra's CO lead (responsible for product costing, COPA, IM, custom transfer pricing and
    certain FI functionality like fixed assets, sales tax, European, Canadian & other VAT) is/was
    scheduled to leave doTerra in July (she leaves for work in Chile). As her temporary replacement I
    took over her responsibilities and trained her permanent replacement. I also act as CO consultant
    for additional projects and additional "wave" rollouts. I acted as CO test lead for a release 1511
    upgrade and later for an upgrade to 1610.

  • 02/2016 - 04/2016

    • CapGemini
  • President and CEO Project Manager R3 / project auditor /principal consultant / team lead
  • Contracted to support CapGemini (working for client Kronos International) on German, Austrian,
    Canadian, French and Dutch VAT and revenue recognition issues. This contract was for remote work in
    an advisory capacity.

  • 06/2014 - 07/2015

    • MSA
  • President and CEO Project Manager R3 / project auditor /principal consultant / team lead
  • MSA, Cranberry, PA (and partly Berlin Germany)
    Security equipment manufacturer
    7/15 - (see also below: 6/14 - 9/14. Second assignment at same client)
    Support and smaller projects in the areas of reporting, CO-PA, product costing, PS costing, results
    analysis/revenue recognition, reposting of sales documents (VF42), tax, service order costing and
    CRM integration.

  • 11/2007 - 04/2008

    • Barr
  • Pharmaceutical Products (Generics)
  • I have been contracted as functional lead for a major consolidation and management reporting project
    and to manage validation (FDA controlled) compliance. Also, I lead an analysis of consolidation
    options (EC-CS versus Hyperion) for corporate and internal (profit center) consolidation. Cooperated
    with internal and external auditors.

    * FDA controlled, validated environment, compliance
    * EC-CS consolidation
    * Successful cutover

  • 09/2006 - 04/2007

    • Philips Medical Systems
  • Medical Systems
  • As part of Philips long-term strategy, the SAP system used for the North America operations is to be
    merged with an existing central (Eindhoven, Netherlands) system. For this project (OneSAP) I was
    contracted to lead technical team for finance [financial accounting, product (service) costing,
    results analysis, transfer pricing, profitability analysis, results analysis (for service and sales
    orders, and projects (installation and maintenance of medical equipment) reporting (with interface
    to BW) and more] and to coordinate all integration aspects. This includes all phases from
    requirements gathering to conversion, post-go-live support and implementation of additional

    * SAP systems merge
    * Costing in customer service and production, results analysis, make-to-stock, make-to-order,
    * Transfer pricing
    * CO-PA

  • 02/2005 - 03/2005

    • PacifiCorp
  • Platinum Consultant
  • PacifiCorp, Portland, OR through SAP America
    Utility Company
    2/05 3/05

    I worked through SAP America as a Platinum Consultant at PacifiCorp after the client realized that
    they faced major issues when they added a non-USD foreign subsidiary to the SAP system and modified
    the group currency for existing (USD-based) companies. The changes caused some data base problems
    and issues in executing the reconciliation ledger, product costing, ECCS, the depreciation run for
    fixed assets, and clearing. I analyzed and documented the issues and existing configuration,
    proposed and implemented changes to the configuration, provided recommendations (work-around,
    procedural, systematical, and technical), and successfully helped the client resume their normal
    business routines with the SAP system.
    As a secondary task, I also provided support for the clients plan to utilize IM functionality and to
    improve the planning and budgeting process.

    * Group currency, currency conversion
    * Reconciliation ledger

  • 02/2004 - 05/2004

    • SAP Canada/Bombardier
  • Aerospace
  • Bombardier wanted to change their SAP systems group currency from Canadian to US dollar (CAD to
    USD). SAP Canada provided support to Bombardier and coordinates technical conversion support with
    SAP Germanys SLO team in Walldorf.
    The currency conversion comprises currency changes in financial accounting (FI), controlling (CO),
    product costing, project systems, profitability analysis (CO-PA), profit center accounting (PCA),
    results analysis (on construction projects) special ledger (SL), investment management (IM) cost
    element ledger, and material ledger (ML).
    I have been contracted (by SAP Canada) to provide support for conversion and especially for
    conversion test activities as well as to analyze the current system and provide recommendations for
    optimizations and best business practices for utilizing material ledger with dual currencies after
    completion of the conversion. While supporting all relevant modules and sub-modules, my main focus
    has been the material ledger (ML) and product costing. Amongst others, I was responsible for
    reconciling FI with ML data in local and group currencies.

  • 11/2002 - 01/2003

  • Defense Contractor
  • SAP Management Consulting [Information omitted because of non-disclosure agreement]

  • 07/2000 - 02/2001

    • LAM Research
  • High-Tech
  • Worked as LAMs consulting resource for product costing, profitability analysis, investment
    management, overhead controlling and integration. The client went life shortly before my contract
    started. I initiated, scoped, designed and managed several projects to optimize the functionality of
    the controlling functionality and processes in production planning. I also managed a release upgrade
    from 4.5b to 4.6c and a project to scope out usage of EC-CS.

  • 10/1996 - 11/1996

    • Cerdec
  • Specialist
  • Cerdec, Washington, PA
    Manufacturer of inorganic chemicals
    10/96 - 11/96 every second week

    Cerdec was to implement an SAP system with modules CO, FI, MM, PP, and SD in mixed make-to order and
    make-to-sales environment.
    Cerdec contracted me (through RSA) to review designs and specifications for its SAP system, to audit
    the project and to consult and train the internal configuration team in specific areas.

  • 07/1996 - 10/1996

    • PowerComputing
  • project manager
  • PowerComputing, Austin, TX
    Manufacturer of Apple McIntosh clones.
    7/96 - 10/96 3 days / week

    Contracted as project manager with budget responsibility for a fixed price SAP project, designed and
    configured costing strategies in make-to-sales-order environment with SAP variant configuration and
    pricing, product costing, and verified proposed concepts and built a prototype.

  • 11/1991 - 01/1994

    • Lufthansa German Airlines, Headquarters
  • Manager for in-house R2 implementation
  • specialists)

    Managed, defined, configured, and implemented technical aspects of Lufthansa's in-house R2 system.
    Specified, defined, documented, coded, coordinated, and implemented more than 20 interfaces to and
    from old legacy system, programmed more than 18 transactions (screen painter) and 25 reports.

  • 01/1988 - 10/1991

    • Lufthansa / Amadeus
  • Developer
  • Developer (airline reservation system) / Systems analyst

    Participated in selection of financial and cost accounting software (resulting in purchase of SAP
    licenses). Coordinated special program (ABAP/4) development with SAP AG.

  • 01/1987 - 12/1987

    • Lufthansa
  • Systems Analyst Cargo Reservation Systems

I open to travel world wide. As dual US and German citizen I'm authorized to work in North America and Europe.