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Profileimage by Claudia Lingens Unternehmensberaterin, Mediatorin, Trainerin from Hamburg
Consultant since 1997.

Industry experience:
- Aviation
- Utility
- Manufacturing industry
- Commerce
- Consulting

- Project management
- Business process management
- Cross-cultural training
- Workshop moderation and presentation
- System implementation
- System analysis, system design
- Test management

Specific experience:
- Process design by workshop moderation
- Experience in international projects
- Working in virtual teams
- Passenge Revenue Accounting in airline business
- Quality management, ISO 9000
- Company wide system rollout

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available, on-site-availability also includes international locations

Today the need for cost cutting is everywhere and efficiency needs to be maximised. In this environment it is essential for companies that their management processes work smoothly and support the operating processes as good as possible. On the other hand it makes sense to obtain expert knowledge in these areas to acquire an outside view, experience and the applicable methodology. With my project work in the management area of multiple companies I can make use of a vast experience of which you can benefit in the optimization of your processes. With my professional moderation skills and my analytic and structured approach we can develop valuable results together.

For example the order processing can be audited as well as the project management, the supporting management functions or the IT organisation. This audit will x-ray your processes and we will create an analysis of the process potentials. You and your staff prioritize the results and together we develop the applicable implementation activities for the single areas of improvement to tap your full potential.

Your benefits from this procedure:
- the know-how and ideas of your staff are utilised fully in a structured way
- the involvement of everybody improves the overall motivation and the acceptance of the results
- the analysis is done in a matter-of-fact way, unhindered by personal resentments
- the results are prioritised in a neutral and democratic way
- the improvement areas are broken down to real implementation activities
- as a result you have a detailed activity plan with which you can monitor the implementation
The actual implementation is done with internal ressources and can be monitored well with the developed activity plans.

With this approach we can for example increase the chances for success of your project business significantly. Your internal project managers, who lack experience in project work in many cases, are supported in their planning and management abilities.

Target group
This approach focusses on teams, departments, and companies that are not dealing efficiently with their time and energy, which want to find out about their areas of improvement and tackle these forcefully.
Indicators for low efficiency are long processing times, tasks are done twice or not at all, or work piles up at certain points.

International projects and business partners, business abroad, worldwide mobility - all that has become natural today. In times of globalisation the contact to people from other cultures seems to be easier than it was in the past. The differences seem to disappear.
However, persons who want to negotiate, act or generally "communicate" abroad need a certain cross-cultural intelligence and must be aware of the diversity and differences of the different cultures that goes beyond the simple do's and don'ts:
- How do I build trust?
- Which common values matter?
- What is taken for granted?
My training is culturally unspecific, i.e. it does not focus on a certain culture or nation. In this training the participants are sensitised to the complexity of culture. The own cultural identity is reflected and the participants get prepared to interact openly with people from other cultures.

On the one hand, the training contains lectures on culture as part of your own identity, dimensions to describe and observe cultural differences, and cultural differences in regard to communication patterns. With this background the own cultural experiences are discussed and can be classified and understood much better.
On the other hand, many different interactive methods are utilised such as questionnaires, team work, and simulations. In this way the theory can be applied and understood and the importance and complexity of cultural influences gets obvious.

Target group
The training focusses on people who interact with different cultures:
- manager and sales people with many international business partners
- employees who get in touch with people from other cultures in a more virtual way, like in customer relations, customer support, help desk, and HR
- groups with unknown or heterogeneous destinations abroad, for whom joint culturally unspecific trainings make sense because of the group size.

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