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Horst Dr. med. Mertens (M.D., M.B.A.)


Last update: 06.04.2021

Interim Manager and Management Consultant

Company: S&P HCC GmbH
Graduation: Certified Physician (M.D.), Internal Medicine, Economist, M.B.A.
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Depends on the scope of the project per week / month and the duration.
Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)




My industries: Pharma (Rx/OTC/Generics), Biotech., Med.-Tech., national and international.
My background: doctor / physician, business economist and MBA. Extensive experience in project and executive management in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Technology.
My skills: I provide the ability to combine scientific know-how with competence in results-oriented management, project design and implementation.
My expertise and contributions: Management consulting or interim management for the life science & health care industry (headquarters, affiliated companies, departments or functional areas with their various requirements).
My strengths: Expertise in the life science and health industry, in leadership and project management; high commitment to customers combined with an understanding of their needs and obligations. Ability to implement and “take with me” teams and colleagues.
My professional coverage of functional areas - alphabetically: Business  development/ M&A/ Transactions, Marketing, Medical Affairs / R & D (TOP-KOLs, AdBoards, MSL-Functions, Clinical Studies, Medical Services, incl. Pharmacovigilance [Post-Market Surveillance - Safety Management]), Market Access, Sales, General Management.
My indication coverage market/medicines ATC 2, together with associated ATC 3/4  (alphabetical Order): Biotechnology, Cardiovascular system, CNS diseases, Dermatology/Allergology,  Gastroenterology/ Metabolism/Endocrinology, Hematology/Oncology/Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Kidney Failure, Lung Diseases, Pain and Rheumatism, Rare Diseases, Wound Healing.
How I like to work best: interactive and committed, with concentration and acquired specialized knowledge in dealing with management and employees of customers. I was able to gain a high degree of acceptance and trust (please see the part “Testimonials).
My main goal in every assignment: To implement key company actions based on approved strategic plans and budgets.
How customers rate me: There are meaningful references available that give information about my services and acceptance (please see the part “Testimonials).
My permanent position, for the last 10 years: Managing Director & Partner, S & P Dr. Schneider Health Care Consulting Partners GmbH.
My educational background:
  • Studies of human medicine
  • Studies of economics
  • Doctorate in human medicine with experimental work at the University Hospital Essen in the field of gastroenterology.
  • License to practice medicine.
  • Clinical training: anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine.
  • HBS program M.B.A.
Nationality: German.
Family: Married, 2 Sons

Project history

02/2021 - 08/2021
Global Medical Director
PHARMA, BIOTECH, MED.-TECH.; HQ of NovoNordisk Biopharm
* Key member of the rare endocrine disorders medical affairs team responsible for providing
insights with my expertise in paediatric and adult endocrinology.
* Supporting ongoing development of new therapeutic agents as well as life cycle management
of approved products, working independently and cross-functionally on operational activities.
* Contributing to the development of the rare endocrine disorders strategy for new therapeutic
areas/development projects and supporting the RWE strategy generating evidence to increase
understanding of patients' needs in the various disorders in different markets.
* Supporting / initiating strategic assessments of external opportunities along with providing
guidance to our R&D unit.
* As a medical specialist, playing an important role representing the Company interacting with
external scientific leaders, study centres, patient advocacy groups and health authorities as

04/2021 - 04/2021
Regional Sales Manager
BASF Pharma
3 M/Riker 3 EMP-P
Medical Director

BASF Pharma 5 EMP-P
GVP & Global Head of
International Marketing &
Medical Affairs


04/2021 - 04/2021
Medical Director D-A-CH

04/2021 - 04/2021
VP & International Head of Clinical Studies
Fresenius Kabi
Novo Niordisk / Biopharm 0,5 EMP-IF
Global Medical Director

1. ISO Group Germany 2 PMC
Managing Director EMC

04/2021 - 04/2021
Vice President European EMC
2. ISO Health Care Group 2 PMC
Vice President European EMC

04/2021 - 04/2021
General Manager & CEO
Group International EMCI
3. In parallel to 1. and 2.: 5 PMC
Life Science Consulting EMC
Group International EMCI
General Manager & CEO

4. S&P HCC 10 PMC
Managing Director EMC


I have worked specifically in indication areas (ATC 2) and their sub-indications (ATC 3) in projects,
listed below: (1) as executive manager, (2) as a consultant and as (3) interim manager. This in
Pharma, Biotech, Med.Tech.:
Anesthesiology / Pain / Rheumatoid Diseases:
Opioids & Non-Opioids, Patches, Devices / Catheterizations, NSAID's, CoX-II-Inh., Parenteral Nutrition
Biopharmaceuticals, Biomarkers, Biosimilars, Genomics, Proteomics., Molecular Biology., Biochemical
Processes, Industrial Separations, DNA Profiling for Forensics & Paternity Testing.
Cardiovascular / Renal Diseases:
Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Cardiac Arrhythmias,
Unstable Angina Pectoris (UAP), Immuno-Depression after Cardiac Transplantations, Stroke, Renal
Insufficiency / Dialysis.
Epilepsy, Depression / Anxiety / Insomnia, Parkinson's Disease, Schizophrenia, Alzheimers Disease,
Multiple Sclerosis, Alcohol Disease.
Dermatology / Allergology:

04/2021 - 04/2021
Assistant Physician
Clinics-based Physician; Anaesthesiology/Intensive Care, Surgery and Internal Medicine

01/2021 - 04/2021
General Manager
S & Dr. Health Care Consulting


Hannes Schmeil (Big Pharma & Biotechnology)
General Manager
* Head Business Unit Hematology Shire, BU Head
Baxalta Hematology / Hemophilia, BU Head Baxter
* Marketing Head Pfizer Switzerland, BU Head Pfizer
Germany Urology & Hormon Therapies
Mobil: +49-(0)-176-801 397 01

07/2019 - 12/2019
Interim-Manager - "International Vice President Clinical Studies
HQ of Fresenius Kabi
Bad Homburg.

My Tasks & Key Deliverables in this Function:
* Lead (4 direct reportings in HQ and > 20 in the global organization),
* Re-Design and optimization of Organizational Structure and Processing of the international
Clinical Division: "SOPs, Tools and Processing Clinical Studies (Phase II, Phases IIIa / IIIb, Phase
IV, IIT, NIS)" of the whole FK Group,
* Optimization of cooperation of the internationally operating affiliates in Clinical Study
Management with the HQ functions,
* Optimization of cooperation of affiliates with the HQ units (KOL-Management, Corporate
Planning, Strategic Marketing, Human Resources, Finance Management / Controlling,
* Optimization of interaction with territorial Health Authorities (FDA, EMA, China),
* Optimization of forecasting management re. international study program (finance, human
resources, reporting, controlling etc.),
* Market Access Issues,
* Medical Writing & Publication Management,
* International Congress Management.

04/2017 - 01/2018
Interim-Manager - Medical Director D-A-CH
ALMIRALL Hermal GmbH (Affiliate of International Pharma Group)
International Pharma Group).
My Tasks & Key Deliverables in this Function:
* Re-Design and optimization of Medical Department,
* Classical "Medical Services",
S Dr. Schneider

01/2015 - 12/2016
Interim-Manager COO & CFO
name still under NDA!).

My Tasks & Key Deliverables in the above Function:
* Establishment and strategic development of the company,
* Capital acquisitions by VCs, private offices etc.,
* Negotiating & Contracting with Medical Experts, Advisory Boards and Cooperation Partners.

01/2014 - 12/2014
Interim Manager: Vice President Medical Affairs, Business Development & Strategy
Emperra® GmbH E Health Technologies

My Tasks & Key Deliverables in the aforementioned 2 Functions at EMPERRA:
* Creating Proof of Concept, based on Feasibility Studies and Clinical Study Program,
* Business Development, Contract Management/Negotiations, Internationalization,
* Strategy and implementation of outsourcing and supply chain management,
* New Trademarks and Internationalization,
* Patent management / IP optimization,
* Establishment of cooperation with International Partners in USA, Japan, Ireland,
* Improving actions and of marketing & sales functions and customer interaction,
* Interface management with market access,
* Re-design / Re-creation of business plan(s),
* Negotiation and conclusion of contracts with health insurance companies in Germany,
* Initiation and provision of adequate investment by VCs and private investors,
* Successful re-design of the clinical development and approval strategy,
* Hiring and training of competent staff, in accordance to plans and budgets,

01/1994 - 06/2010
Managing Director German Operations
ISO Group International
part of ISO Health Care Group International).
Vice President European Operations, ISO Health Care Group International.
(The company became part of another International Consultancy Group).
Partner / Managing Director / CEO, Life Science Consulting Group International.
(The company became part of an International Consultancy Group (Mattson Jack / WPP).

My Tasks & Key Deliverables in the aforementioned 4 Consultancy Functions (in alphabetical
Coaching & Implementation:
* Planning and carrying out individual and group coaching of teams and executives of various
functional areas with focus on strategies, concepts, swot, strategic key drivers, bottleneck
analyzes, upside and downside management,
Consulting Lead Functions:
* Conceptual management of international consulting teams for various clients national and
international consulting projects and teams for various clients in Germany and abroad (head
offices, subsidiaries, SMEs),
* Focus on optimization of processes and restructuring
Customer Access:
* Customer loyalty programs based on strategies, concepts, key actions for co-operation with
health insurances / rehabilitation and medical professionals,
* Improvement of market and customer position,
* Creation and optimization of CRM (Customer-Relationship Management),
* MSL-Organizations vs. KAM-Organizations, Priority Frames & Synergies.
Financial Planning & Modelling:
* Creation or further development of profit and loss-relevant 5-10-year strategic plans or 1-5-
year operational plans, for projects, products, business units / franchises, to optimize the
national and international business performance of clients,
* National / international investment / return assessments, break-even calculations, model
developments for p & l evaluations of profit centers and business units, combined with

07/2001 - 03/2002
Executive MBA

01/1989 - 12/1993
Group Vice President and Head of the "International Marketing & Medical Division
International Division Pharma / Biotech of BASF AG
headquarters of the International Division Pharma / Biotech of BASF AG, Ludwigshafen:
(Remark: December 18, 2000: The chemical company BASF has sold its pharmaceuticals division for 6.9 billion
dollars (around 7.8 billion euros) to Abbott Laboratories in Illinois / USA. The agreement covers all German and
international activities of BASF Pharma).

My Tasks in the Function at BASF Pharma:
* Managing the reporting lines of > 20 national affiliates, in marketing, medical affairs, as well as
new products, licensing and acquisitions,
* Management and lead of "own central team" of > 150 specialists (physicians, pharmacologists,
economists etc.),
* Strategic and operational responsibility for the innovation and market portfolio, and for the
creation and implementation of compliance within the Group,
* Procuration for the International Group,
* Full responsibility for own divisional budget,
* Co-responsibility for corporate sales in 4-digit million € and for the high 3-digit million €
corporate operating result,
* Co-Responsibility for decentralized units with > 1,500 employees (> 25 subsidiaries abroad, >
50 representations abroad),
* Reorganization & Restructuring of functions and processes in Head Office as well as > 20
Affiliates in:
o Medical Affairs (incl. KOL-Management in various indication fields, national, territorial,
international [key markets], Advisory Boards, international Symposia and Congress
o Clinical Programs (Re-Design and optimization of Organizational Structure and Processing
of the international Clinical Division "SOPs, Tools and Processing Clinical Studies (Phase II,
Phases IIIa / IIIb, Phase IV, IIT, NIS)" of the whole Group),
o Drug Safety Risk Management / PMS etc.
o R&D,
o Marketing,
o International Symposia- and Congress Contributions in Medical Key Areas
o In- and Outlicensing, M&A,

04/1991 - 12/1991
Medical Director & Member of Executive Committee
3M International
Management Committee / Procurement. Head Medical Affairs and Medical Marketing

My Tasks in the above Function at 3 M Germany:
* Lead in: Management of a "central medical team" of 23 specialists,
* Co-Responsibility for decentralized > 220 employees,
* Full responsibility for own departmental budget,
* Co-responsibility for turnover in 3-digit millions or 2-digit operating result.

My Key Deliverables in the aforementioned Function at 3M Germany:
* Lead in: Complete re-design of Medical Marketing,
* Lead in: Building a new Medical Department for 3 M / Riker Pharmaceuticals (Clinical Studies
Ph. IIIa/IIIb/IV, IIT, NIS), Medical Services, Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety, Medical Information
Events/CME, Medical Documentation & Statistics, etc.)
* Lead in: Successful organization of Top-KOL-based CME-program,
* Significant contribution to: Revenue growth of the company with 25% per anno,
* Significant contribution to: Increase in a cardiovascular product from DM 32 million to DM 83
million within two years,
* Lead in: Successful Drug Risk Management of a global product with annual sales > 300 million

01/1974 - 07/1976

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