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Last update: 06.09.2022

QA Engineer

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I have been working as a QA Engineer since 2014. I've had projects where I was a mobile tester on Android and iOS, projects where I tested web and API and developed Automation frameworks for both Ui and API.

Since 2017 I also started teaching and mentoring people, teaching manual testers programming and automation, and since 2018 have led teams of testers towards achieving the business objectives of the projects. I had 2 teams of 2 people each, and in 2021 had a team of 3 people on another project. Likewise, from 2021 I oversee multiple teams as Practice lead.

Project history

01/2022 - 01/2022
QA Engineer
6 months

* Perform functional and non-functional testing(stress,memory) on various mobile game
applications, including test case creation, test execution and bug tracking.

02/2021 - 11/2021
QA team lead
Xoomworks Mobile applications for betting games
Xoomworks Mobile applications for betting games
QA team lead I fit the position of team lead in this project where there were 3 other QAs beside
me. My responsibilities were mostly of decision making, offering guidance and communicating with the
POs and QA managers from the client.
9 months - Feb 2021 - Nov 2021
I am very happy that through efficient organizing and communication we managed to agree upon
treating automated tests as a must rather than looking at them whenever we had time. Because we
never have time. As such I led the manual testing efforts with one of the QAs and focused all the
efforts of the other 2 on creating coverage for automation testing on Android on 2 different

The Android coverage released us from the pain of going over regression all the time, and gave us
time to tackle the testing on iOS platform as well.

I was also very much involved in clarifyng acceptance criteria, since the information we got was
sparse and the POs themselves didn't have much. Thus my hybrid view and understanding of both
business and technical came in handy.

Ingesting and Processing application for Big Data
I had the opportunity to work on a project which was handling milions of data per day. We build it
from scratch, and the back-end automation framework my colleague and I built simulated the
upstream from where data would come to be ingested by our API, then checked the validation as the
first layer.

Xoomworks The second layer consisted of verifying the persistence of data in the DB, which had to
pass through a Kafka stream and through a second application to be processed.

11/2019 - 02/2021
QA Automation Engineer
generated from the data already persisted in the DB. We had to create and the relationship between
data entities when generating the requests to be sent in our framework in order to accomplish that.

We were also involved in checking the performance of the project since the functional framework
could not catch everything in this kind of project. We had DB guys populating with huge amounts of
data, and we would monitor the processing and transformation to make sure the right kind of data
reached the other side.

Payments processing project
I have been the test lead for 2 different teams on a Payment processing project. My tasks were to
coordinate my teams with the others (almost 20 teams just in Cluj, and others abroad) and to
facilitate my teammates' work and provide support when needed in business, technical or soft

My aim was to empower my colleagues and offer transparency to make sure they can take ownership
and make informed decisions as fast as possible to drive progress forth and bypass any obstacles.
I was responsible for their personal and technical development as well, and was happy to advocate
for one of my colleague's promotion from junior to mid due to their outstanding performance.

I was also included in the process of recruiting new people for the project, and trained a team of
very talented interns to be automation engineers on the project. Due to having spent the most time
with them, I was also given the opportunity to decide their allocation on teams.

11/2018 - 11/2019
QA test lead
Fintech Project to determine User's credit scores
* Manual testing the Android application
* Implementing automated tests using Cucumber and Appium

Project Travel Cloud
The product is a platform for travel, facilating bookings for different travel types like hotels,
flight and train tickets, car hire, airport parking, and even hiring larger places for
conferences. The platform is built from multiple REST-based Microservices communicating with each
other by sending events. There are multiple teams, each taking care of a set of microservices and
their derived features, but as a QA engineer I also had to take ownership of the automated
frameworks for the entire platform at times. We have a testing pyramid, with e2e UI automated
tests covering the most crucial flows, then an entire, more rigorous e2e API based suite and an
even bigger set of service tests(integration at service level) with shared ownership by Devs and

* Ensure the quality standard for the developed applications
Xoomworks * Implement and maintain automated testing frameworks on API and GUI

01/2015 - 11/2018
QA Automation Engineer
* Write and maintain the living documentation in BDD
* Take part in the process of shaping the product and its new features
* Help shape the test strategy based on risk and business analysis
* Guide and mentor less experienced people, share knowledge with kindred or more experienced
engineers, and learn from all mentioned.

* Programming language: Java 7/8
* Testing: JUnit, Selenium WebDriver, Webtarget, JBehave
* Build automation tool: Gradle
* Tool suite: JIRA, Github, Slack
* CI tools: Bamboo
* WebServices: REST
* Databases: SQL, Amazon Redshift DB
* Version control system: Git
* Command line: Git Bash
* IDE: IntelliJ Idea
* Spring framework

Project for travel sector
The scope of the project was to bridge the communication between two separate entities of the
travel sector.
These entities are using SOAP on one side, REST on the other one. Our application acts as a
translation layer to facilitate the interaction between the two. The second application has an API
and GUI to manage the accounts and the authentication process.

Technologies/ tools:
* Programming language: Java 7/8
* Testing: JUnit, Selenium WebDriver, SoapUi, Gattling
* Build automation tool: Gradle
* Attlassian tool suite (Bamboo, JIRA, Bitbucket/Stash, HipChat, Confluence)
* WebServices: SOAP, REST
* Storage Services: Amazon S3, SFTP server
* Databases: MySQL, Redis
* Version control system: Git
* Command line: Git Bash
* IDE: IntelliJ Idea
* DropWizard framework
* Chef client + cookbooks
* Static Analysis tool: SonarQube

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