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Last update: 06.09.2022

Mechnaical Completion, Commissioning, and Startup

Company: Motor Gede 88
Graduation: Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


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Commissioning Multi Skills
Ability in Commissioning Project
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Planning and Schedule
  • Change Management
  • Cost Consciousness
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Systemization
  • Design
  • Technical Skills
  • Procedure’s development
  • Database set up
  • Quality & Quantity
  • Safety and Security
  • Risk assessment
  • Problem Solving
  • Leading Indicator
Specific Skill in Commissioning Management
  • Commissioning plan (ICCS)
  • Commissioning Protocol
  • Commissioning Engineering
  • Commissioning Strategy
  • Opercom Methodology
  • Systemization & Sequence
  • Database Completion (CMS)
  • Check sheet & Test sheet
  • Managing Critical Milestones
  • Saving Cost
  • KPI start-up
  • Leading Indicator (LI)
  • Reporting
  • Presentation
  • Automation Control
  • Risk Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Lesson Learned
  • Procedure development
  • Organization/Resource
Specific Skill in Multi-Discipline Commissioning Engineering
  • Compressors & Pumps
  • Gas/Steam Turbines
  • HVAC & Fire detection
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel
  • Pipelines
  • Saving life Equipment
  • Oil Processing system
  • Gas compression system
  • Water Treatment
  • Leak test & Purging
  • LO & Chemical flushing
  • Process Control Narrative
  • ICSS (DCS, ESD, and FGS)
  • Loop test & Communication
  • Hardware & Software PLC
  • Logic Development
  • SCADA Automation
  • FRS
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear
  • Power Distribution
  • Load test & Black Start
  • High Voltage Operation
  • Interlock & Relay Setting
  • Diesel Genset & UPS
Skill in Safety  
  • HSE Procedures
  • Line of Fire
  • Safety awareness & Audit
  • Hazop & Hazid & SIMOP
  • Working at High Voltage
  •  AK3 Electrical Assessment.
  •  Ability Electrical permit
  •  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) L 2
  • LOTO
  • PTW L3  
  • JSA & JRA
  • Human Factor
  • Working at Hight
  • Confine Space

Specific Skills in Start-up

  • PSSR
  • HSE Risk Assessment
  • Pre startup Audit (PSU)
  • Performance Test
  • Operation
  • Startup on Paper (SUOP)
  • Integrated Site test
  • Process system
  • Utility system
  • Start-up Readiness
  • Verification Certificates
  • Statement of Fitness

Project history

01/2020 - 12/2021
Completion and Commissioning Manager
Amec Foster Wheeler
(Brownfield Complex Rejuvenation Project Champion 07 & AMPA09-at BRUNEI)
Scope: Topsides, Turbine Compressor, and Upgrade Automation (USD 2 B)
Provided pre-commissioning/commissioning expertise, for planning, execution and prepared high-level technical
document. Involved all activities in the design phase and controlled the preparation of the complete data for the Go
Completion Management system. Developed and reviewed pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up
procedures. Executed mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, Start-up, and performance testing
for gas export compressor, sea water pump, ESD, DCS, FGS, Switchgear, safeguarding system, dry commissioning, wet
commissioning, etc. Managed resource and mobilization commissioning team and vendor. Provided input related to
design, quality issues, cost, Shut Down in/or Turn-Around.

* Implemented project on paper (IPOP) for TA, USD, TSD resulted in minimize problems onsite commissioning.
* Implemented ICCS (Integrated Construction Commissioning Sequence) resulted in an on-time schedule.
* Successfully perform function tests dynamic commissioning and fault test during USD, TSD, and TA.
* Finished Performance test of Gas turbine compressor plant safeguarding on time resulted in saving cost.

01/2018 - 01/2020
Commissioning Manager
(Brownfield and New Platform Offshore FPSO Merakes project - at JAKARTA INDONESIA
Scope: FPSO, and Pipelines (USD 850 M)
Provided pre-commissioning/commissioning expertise, for planning, execution and prepared high-level technical
document. Defined list of subsystems/systems, mark up battery limit, check sheets, test sheets, and PIMS database
set up. Reviewed the P & ID, SLD, 3D model, vendor documents, HAZOP, HAZID, Cause & Effect matrix, and FAT
procedure. Reviewed leak test procedure, flushing procedure, Loop test, and operating test procedures. Provided
input related to design, quality issues, cost, and Shut Down in/or Turn-Around. Developed both procedures the logic
of execution plan and handover plan. Managed execution commissioning activities and assist the start-up for the Gas
processing system, inlet pig trap, slug catcher, lifting equipment, turbine generator, ICSS, chemical, export gas
compressor. Controlled the budgets, manpower, material, and tools.

* Completed all leak tests for 20 subsystems within two weeks.
* Completed all Automation loop tests, Electrical Interlock, and communication on time resulted saving costs.
* Signed the Ready for Startup certificate on time as milestone targeted.
* Completed execution of performance test/trial test within one week.

01/2016 - 01/2018
Commissioning Manager
PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA)
(Brownfield and New Facility Onshore LNG-Brownfield NCDT project - British Petroleum, BP)
Scope: LNG Facilities & Utilities (USD 800 M)
Defined scope of work and prepared LOSH markup. Developed, managed, and delivered the means, methods of the
commissioning execution strategy, schedule, and cost. Reviewed and approved check sheets, test sheets, FAT, SAT
procedures, dossier, and handover documentation. Executed commissioning and start-up activities to achieve RFSU
readiness for start-up, ramp-up, and performance tests for Condensate system, Diesel system, transfer pump, Tanks,
Electrical system, Control, automation system, and other utilities. Reduced critical potential delay, mitigated risks, and
ensured achieving the milestones target. Managed resource, mobilization commissioning team and vendor. Provided
input related to design, quality issues, cost, and Shut Down in/or Turn-Around.

* Completed leak tests for 20 Subsystems within one week.
* Finished Automation loop check, Electrical interlock, and PLC communication to HMI on time.
* Completed Dynamic Commissioning on time resulted in saving cost.
* Achieved the milestone Ready For Startup within on time.

01/2014 - 01/2016
Commissioning Manager
PT Tripatra Engineers & Constructor
(New Facility Onshore Banyu Urip project - complex Production Processing Facilities (PPF) - ExxonMobil)
Scope: Oil Processing, Gas Compression, Power Generation, Buildings and Water treatment (USD 950 M)
Developed system completion management, an integrated startup planning, Commissioning plan, and milestones.
Provided input related to design, quality issues, cost, and Shut Down in/or Turn-Around. Managed execution function
test, dynamic test, assist in start-up, ramp-up, and performance tests for the oil processing system, oil booster pumps
and shipping pumps. Managed testing of fuel gas compressor, sweetening gas system, gas lift compressor. Managed
activities for Steam, boiler feed water, water system, water injection, chemical system, fire water system. Managed
execution of telecom, building, HVAC, Turbine Generator, Switchgear, MCC, motors, UPS and battery, DCS, ESD, FGS
system. Managed 100+ teams in day-to-day for mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, and commissioning.

* Successfully finish Automation loop check, Electrical interlock, and SCADA communication test on time.
* Completed dynamic test 635 rotating Equipment and 550 static Equipment within 2 months.
* Successfully achieved 30 Electrical Installation worthiness certificates and certified by MIGAS and local
government (ESDM Pemprov) within two weeks.
* Successfully Start-up for first oil on time resulted in saving cost.

01/2010 - 01/2014
Client Pre-Commissioning Coordinator
Total E & P Indonesie
(Brownfield and New Offshore Wellhead platforms for Sisi Nubi 2B and Peciko 7B project - Total E & P Indonesie)
Scope: Topsides Platforms, Jacket, and modification existing (USD 800 M)

(Offshore Wellhead platforms for South Mahakam project - Total E & P Indonesie)
Scope: Topsides Platforms & Jackets. (USD 700 M)
Managed EPC contractor to deliver in accordance with project deliverables and execution schedule. Implemented
OPERCOM methodology, database ICAPS, PRODOM document, and OPERGUIDE start-up. Reviewed the exhibit of
contract, sequence, schedule, the priority of systems/subsystems, and boundary limit mark up. Managed and
witnessed the pre-commissioning/commissioning, FAT, and SAT activities. Performed testing of Piping, Pumps, Crane,
Electrical distribution, DCS, ESD and FGS, chemical skid, ESDV, BDV, PSV, etc. Ensured the 40+ contractors complete
the work and ensure compliance with the company's technical standards and specifications.


* Successfully managed pre-commissioning contractor and achieved the maximum 80% commissioning onshore
and 20% offshore for three Gas Process Platforms within two years.
* Successfully delivered 58 systems & 508 subsystems, three Risers worthiness, 30 PSVs from MIGAS signed off both
of 180 dossiers and certificates Ready for Commissioning (RFC) on time resulted saving cost.
* Completed the Leak test within one week.
* Completed Dry and wet commissioning on time resulted saving costs.

01/2005 - 01/2010
Lead Mechanical Completion & Commissioning Engineer
Mcdermott International
(New Offshore topside platform Esso Kipper Tuna Turrum project - ExxonMobil
Scope: Five Topside Platforms and Jacket at Australia (USD 950 M)

(New Offshore topside platform Sutuvang project - Cuu long Company
Scope: Oil Central Processing Platform (CPP), Living Quarter, and Jacket at Vietnam (USD 800 M

(New Onshore Woodside Energy NWS LNG V project - Woodside Energy
Scope: 45 modules/platforms of NWS LNG V Expansion in Australia. (USD 980 M)
Managed a group of the construction team and mechanical completion team. Created the mechanical completion
sequence, strategy, and planning. Reviewed the contract, engineering drawings, vendor documents, and the database
system. Arranged weekly MC meetings and ensured that construction discipline completes A punch list items in a
timely. Ensured that all project documentation and status reporting are prepared accurately and timely. Initiated all
technical procedures. Performed testing for Turbine generator, Turbine Compressor, seawater pump, cranes, electrical
distribution, control, and automation system.

* Monitored and controlled man-hours and cost which resulted in 0.65 productivity.
* Completed Hydro testing 240 Test packs in two weeks.
* Functioned test of 60 Mechanical Equipment within two weeks
* Completed Automation loop check, Electrical interlock on time resulted saving cost.

01/1999 - 01/2005
Mechanical & Piping Commissioning Engineer
NMS Labroy Group Marine Industry
(New Installation, modification, and testing various of Equipment and Piping)
Scope: Tanker shipbuilding and Engine service (USD 800 M)
Interfaced with other teams and ensured timely delivery of the project. Reviewed technical drawing, PI & D, and
marked up systems/subsystems. Planned, scheduled, prioritized the task, tool, and material. Supervised and controlled
groups of people, schedule, safety, and environmental impact. Created technical procedures. Conducted the
performance testing of Engine, Cargo Pumps, Centrifugal pumps, various Valves, Winch, Shaft-Propeller, lifting
equipment, piping-pressure testing, etc. Ensured the safety and quality rules followed by workers. Identified
problems, solved with an engineering approach.

* Completed & Tested 24 ships repair/modification projects on schedule resulted saving costs.
* Completed piping pressure testing as targeted.
* Completed calibration and tested within three days per the main engine.
* Completed sea trial test within one day.

Time and spatial flexibility

all countries


Commissioning manager with 20+ years of experience in Oil & Gas industry. 15 years of experience startup Offshore Brownfield & Greenfield scope. Passed certification from Commissioning Academy (CX)-Engineering Institute of Canada and from Commissioning Coaching Consultant, INC Panama. Technical skill in Control Automation (Hardware & Software), Electrical Interlock and Relay, and Process Equipment. Experienced in Engineering, Construction, Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up and Performance test. Implemented Integrated Construction Commissioning Sequence (ICCS), OPERCOM commissioning/startup methodology, Commissioning deliverable, and Completions Management System. Delivered eight complex projects safely, effectively, efficiently, and achieved specific milestones on time and saving cost.

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