Senior Project and Product Manager - IT and Technology partly available

Senior Project and Product Manager - IT and Technology

partly available
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  • Graduation: MS CISM, BA business management
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Executive Core Qualification     
  • Over twenty years experience in project, operative and growth management with roles including CIO, senior project manager, consultant, structural architect and analyst.
  • Broad international management background and focused business development skills.
  • Diversified executive expertise attained in various sectors like information technology, alternative energy research, higher education, political and corporate development.
  • Formed technical and administrative groups with a strong team spirit, worked effectively with peers across all business functions and at all corporate and public levels, including executive management and government entities.
  • Superb communicator with skills honed by many years of analytical writing, academic editing, lecturing economic and IT subjects on university level and a global ranging negotiation history.
  • Budget responsibility for major project developments, and considerable experience in stringent cost control, including outsourcing. 
Strategy & Technology:
  • Experience working with business partners to develop economic and technology strategies aligned with business objectives, identified new technologies and match them to business needs, delivered technology solutions on time and within budget and managed risk and change.
  • Internet literate since 1990, helping organizations and companies develop their Internet and networking options, created network strategies, developed network/ Internet security concepts and integrated Internet applications into their businesses.
  • Expert on business process analysis and redesign for improved workflow, increased productivity, enhanced service, and lowered costs.
  • Expertise in business development strategies, project planning, and process design.
  • Experience in the aggressive use of technology to support development of innovative products and solutions.
  • Responsible for introducing emerging technologies: Internet/Intranet, VoIP, wireless/mobile applications, market specifying application solutions, WANs, international collaboration, scientific achievements in energy technology. 
Project Management:
  • PM and SPM responsibilities with duties such as project evaluation, scope definition, resource identification, realistic milestone, workflow and QG planning, delivering of appropriate PM programs, program implementation, team guidance and the development of project communication strategies.
  • Practiced in the introduction, and optimizing of project management processes and disciplines to address distinctive project related objectives, including feasibility studies, estimating, requirements/resource analysis, cost/benefits analysis and budgeting, risk and issue management, change management, release management, test management and reporting.
  • Experienced in the utilization of classic Waterfall as well as Agile project management methodologies; grounded on PMI standards.
  • Managed employees, contractors, and consultants, including cross-functional, virtual and offshore teams in multi-project environments (IT architecture, ERP, CRM, R&D).
  • Creative problem-solving skills and strong experience in "build vs. buy" decisions, resource negotiations, and contract management.
  • A veteran in IT systems design, development, and maintenance on a variety of platforms such as Windows (Server 2003, 2008, 2012) and Linux  (Red Hat, SUSE), systems and legacy integration, data/communication networking, VoIP, LANs and WANs.
  • Experience in creating, designing, implementing and optimizing business processes; making them useful management tools for corporate development, product design, marketing, customer analysis, and service improvements.
Professional Skill Levels:
- Skill
- Skill Level
- Years of Experience
- Last Used

Technical Evaluation & Mgmt, Leading & Managing Research &Development
More than 10 years
1 month or less

Project & Resource Mgmt, Restructuring, Quality & Security Mgmt, Outsourcing
More than 10 years
1 month or less

Academic Teaching, , Editing, Staff Training and Application Tutoring
More than 5 years
1 year or less

Establishing Policies & Procedures, Liaising Industrial & Research Sources
More than 10 years
1 month or less

Team Building, Leadership, Negotiation, Logistics, Analytical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving, Mediation, Public Relations & Representation
More than 10 years
1 year or less

IT Related Skills, System Design & Planning, Programming & Analysis, Communication System Expertise.
More than 10 years
1 month or less
Technical Qualifications Summary:
OS Environments:
Windows 7/8,MS Vista, XP, NT4.0, Linux, Unix, Solaris, DOS , Mac OS

PHP, Html, XHTML, XML, Java script, Perl, Visual Basic - asp

MS SQL, Mysql, MS Access, Paradox, Oracle, VAN, NGP, NF.

LAN, WLAN, VPN, WAN via Vsat (C and Ku band) and fiber optics.  IP, IPX, VoIP, SS7, ATM, frame relay, X.25, Dama protocols.

Specific Hardware:
DMA Trunk Switches (Nortel,Exel), Cisco, CSM, Livingston, Newbridge, Blade Server.

ERP and Applications:
SAP, Oracle. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Project, Visio, etc.

Proficient in a variety of audio, video, graphic and 3D applications, including Adobe Master Suite, 3DsMax, Ulead and others.

MS and Linux Server administration, DNS, Mail/Exchange server, Ftp, Internet marketing, Webmaster functions, Blog administrator, E-Commerce applications, CRM, Content management Joomla, Drupal, Contribute and others.

Network Security:
Network Access & Attack control, W-LAN security, Firewalls, Proxy server, Adware and Virus protection

Professional Experience
02/2017 - current  Siemens Middle East LLC Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Director
Company Industry: Intelligent systems B to G, IT mobility App development.
Role /Department:  Project Director, MO MM ITE PM
  • Providing senior management, for a major IT development project of the UAE public authority RTA in Dubai.
08/2016 – 04/2017 Siemens AG, Munich Germany
Product Manager
Company Industry: Intelligent traffic systems, global traffic management system development.
Role /Department:  Product Manager, MO MM ITS PLM
  • Analysis and harmonization of the global Siemens traffic management platforms.
  • Development of an IoT platform & location-based services strategy.
  • Selection of and negotiation with external data suppliers for integration into existing services and products.
  • Analysis and development of an efficient, web-based product- and service information distribution process.
06/2016 – current   Messe Berlin, Berlin Germany
Senior Project Manager, IT-infrastructure
Company Industry: Convention and Trade Fair Industry
Role /Department:  SPM, IT2
  • Digitization of the Messe Berlin fair grounds. Renewal and expansion of the wireless network infrastructure to all Messe Berlin exhibition halls and convention centers (>1.000 APs).
  • Development and configuration of a new WIFI operating model, the security concepts and the service products.
06/2015 – 04/2016 Toll Collect GmbH, Berlin Germany
Senior Project Manager, Systems development
Company Industry: Public sector information technology, federal motorway toll management.
Role /Department:  Executive Project Manager / PPM department; system and application development
  • Project Lead under PMI PMBOK standards.
  • The work includes, amongst the essential PM tasks, the development of a stakeholder communications model, outsource budgeting, and contract negotiations, as well as release, quality and change management.
04/2014 - 05/2015 DieDev GmbH – Berlin Michendorf, Germany
Project Manager
solutions for renewable energy systems
Company Industry: Information technology in the energy sector
Role /Department:  Managing the software development for a renewable energy virtual power plant system./ PPM
  • Project planning and calculation
  • Due Diligence
  • budget responsibility
  • Reporting
  • Establishing HW and communications /network infrastructure internal and external
  • Definition and implementation of security critical networking structure for in-field devices
  • Implementation of specific communication protocols in the energy sector (IEC61850, Modbus, T104)
  • Implementation and validation of VHP-ready industrial standard
2008 - Present:  Scientific Writer & Editor
Independent Writer/Editor
Company Industry: University / Education
Role/Department:  freelance academic editor, translator and coach.
2011 - 2014: Senior Project Manager
TNSC, The Nevada Solar Complex, Inc., U.S.
Company Industry: Renewable Energy
Role /Department:  Commercial solar project development. Budget responsibility.
2010: Director of Technology, Senator Reid Reelection Campaign
NSDP, Nevada State Democratic Party, U.S.
Company Industry:  Politics, Coordinated Campaign Management, Senator Reid campaign Role/Department:  Head of Technology Department, CIO, Campaign network architect, State Data administrator for VAN and National Field.
2009: Technology and Business Advisor
Independent professional, United States and Europe
Company Industry:  Business and IT consulting
Job Role/Department: Head consultant for several IT and Solar development projects.
2008:  Director of Information Technology, President Obama Campaign
Senior Staff - Manager, responsible for all technical operations. Nevada, United States.
Company Industry: Political Campaign, U.S.
Job Role/Department: Director Information Technology Department
Participating in a highly successful U.S. presidential campaign and given the opportunity to play a critical role in a historic event is a personally rewarding experience.
Highlights of my work achievements include the formation and training of a successful IT team, the planning and implementation of the campaigns technical network, the operation of a prompt and efficient technical support structure, pinpointed custom solutions for diverse problem scenarios, and administration of the VAN database.
2007 – 2008: Consultant, International Economic Policies
Independent advisor for a consultancy organization. United States and New Zealand
Company Industry: Business and IT consulting
Job Role/Department: Transnational acquisitions and Technology transfer.
2003 – 2007: Executive Manager, Hydrogen Research
H2 Tec / Hydro Tech International. United States, Europe
Company Industry:  R&D energy
Job Role/Department:  Senior project management, budget responsibility.
2003 – 2004: Lecturer for Economic Studies
Touro International College, Berlin. Germany, United States
Company Industry:  University / Education
Job Role/Department:  Academic faculty member

2002 – 2004: Business & Technology Consultant
British International School, Berlin. Germany
Company Industry:  University / Education
Job Role/Department:  Advisor for organizational and technological subjects.
1997 – 2002: Project Manager, CIO
Brandenburg Corporation for Communication Technology.  Europe, Asia, United States
Company Industry:  Information Technology
Job Role/Department:  IT project management
Conducted Projects as SPM:
1998 - 2001 - “Intelligent housing” next generation domestic IT application, data and network research project by the State of Brandenburg, Germany.
1999 - 2000 - Data and communication network planning, realization and system analysis for Opal Film Production at corporate head quarters and Europe wide film set locations.
1998 - 1999 - Development of the first VoIP data port in Plzen, Czech Rep via a V-sat U.S. uplink.
1998 - Project manager of a major WAN networking and smart card project for Erdenet Copper Mines in Erdenet & Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and London, U.K.
1998 -2002 - WAN, LAN, Intra- and virtual network integration of associated auction houses, design of an international auction system network, database development and application specific interface development for the National Association of German Art Auction Houses - BDK and distinct Auction houses.
1997-1998 - Development of a travel phone system for the Phillip Morris Corp., division Marlboro Travel in Europe, North America and Australia.
1993 - 1997: Voice/Data Network Controller, IT Project Manager
Communication World Carrier / Global Com. U.K., San Antonio, Tx United States
Company Industry:  Communication & Information Technology
Job Role/Department:  IT project management
Available upon request.
Globally available on short notice.
Since 1993 Mr. MacAllan held several high profile positions as Project and Senior Project Manager IT / Technology, COO, CIO, IT Director, Consultant and University Lecturer. He accomplished many challenging projects worldwide; et al. he performed in the role as IT Director for U.S. President Obama during the election campaign. Besides an extensive and diversified technical background, Mr. MacAllan possesses in-depth operational executive knowledge at an international level. His broad management expertise extends into areas such as information technology, renewable energy, business/system analysis, strategic policy making, academics and technological R&D. As a project manager, he was always able to complete the entrusted projects in time, on budget and with confirmed results. As an experienced communicator, he is proficient in stakeholder communications, the leading of staff and the creation of efficient communication models. His IT related strengths include functional and process analysis, resource management, system architecture, change and risk management, system development, test and release management, roll-out and migration. Other management core competencies lie in the design and planning of business models, business process / needs analysis, service design, efficiency improvement in productivity and service, corporate development, lobbying, and acquisitions. Linguistically he is fluent in English and German language.