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Senior Flex/Actionscript Developer

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VAIVAL Technologies
Senior Flex Developer / Team Lead
08.2013 - today
Project Name: Crowd Force Pro

The user of this software will have any number of “money sites” (e.g. ecommerce, affiliate, info product sales, services etc.) that need traffic in order to make money. They will use this software as a platform to get traffic from many different sources. Its scope is any free source of quality traffic except organic search engine listing traffic obtained from getting rankings. In other words, this software is not designed to help with SEO although that may happen due to some link building.
This software is designed to exploit traffic sources such as YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, forums etc. The value of this software is that it will identify these opportunities, keep the user abreast of new opportunities as they happen and automate as much as possible in taking advantage of these opportunities.

Tools & Technologies: Flex/Actionscript, Adobe Air, SQLite

Product Name: Dragon Series Keyword Research tool

The user of this software will get keywords from Google keyword planner tool, Google web master and Google trends against keyword and pages for SEO of any website. It will help to analyze single keyword and compare multiple keywords. It has multiple modules e.g.(keyword research, Google analytics, link building, marketing etc).

Tools & Technologies: Adobe Air, HTML, Jquery, SQLite

Saudi Business Machines - IBM GMSR
Flex Lead/Senior Flex Consultant
04.2012 - today
Project Name:Domestic Sales Customers Dashboard for Saudi Aramco

Domestic Sales & Logistics Department (DS&LD) of saudi aramco is responsible for hydrocarbon products distribution into the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The proposed solution for them is Saptial Business Intelligence tool.

This project consists of three major parts. The first part is the data warehousing part which is developed in the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) environment. The second part is the GIS part which will is developed in the GIS environment. The third part is the front end part(dashboard) which is developed in the Adobe Flash environment using Adobe Flex 4.6.

SAP BW & BI and GIS are integrated in dashboard flex application. SAP BW & BI data is presented in different KPI(charts) and tables and also showed on GIS map.

Project Name: Accelerated Transformation Program’s Dashboard for Saudi Aramco

The Integrated Planning Solution (IPS) is a corporate IT solution that is currently being utilized for Planning and Budgeting and it has recently been enhanced to include functionality to address Performance Measurement and Management of Key Performance Indications (KPIs).

I have designed frontend architecture for SAP BW compliant based system. I also designed new custom flex framework(Mini MVC) to integrate with SAP according to project requirement.
Key Objectives
• To enable the ATP to analyze, monitor and track KPIs information in a simple and intuitive way which will help them with decision making activities in the organization.
• To enable the higher management to have an overlook over the system in a glance and see only what is important to them.

Tools & Technology: Flex 4.5, SAP BW/BI, SAP web services, SAP Landscape servers

Al Taqnyah Business Solutions
Senior Software Engineer (Adobe Flex)
07.2011 - 04.2012
Project: eNotary System for Dubai Courts

This is total end to end system of Dubai courts. It is envisaged to cater 350,000
users annually and it avails 65+ Notary services from Dubai Courts. The demand for this service was stimulated by the increasing number of citizens visiting Dubai courts for required services. The primary objective of Dubai courts, to have maximum service availability online for end users, agents, lawyers and typing centers was to
Reduce the overall traffic of end users applying for Notary services, giving the users exibility to avail & apply for the services online.

Responsibities are:
Develop RIA applications
Develope Flex mobile applications
Customization of Adobe livecycle flex based workspace
JAVA/ backend services
RnD on new tools and technologies
Quality Assurance of eNotary System for dubai courts

Flying technologies
Senior Flex/Actionscript Developer
11.2007 - 05.2011
Project: Auto Vehicles Insurance System

In this product I have designed front-end architecture for the J2EE compliant web based system. It is designed with component based approach. It contains more than 50 custom complex components.Total Insurance is a web based Point of Sales system for an Insurance company ( MTA Insurance Limited, Australia Dealer Insurance, The Warranty Group). 900+ users are using this system across Australia and I was technical support person for this project.

I have designed technical architecture for the J2EE compliant web based products. Designed object model and font tier of the system which is using Adobe Flex/Air.

Project: Auto Vehicles Finance System

Total Finance is a web based product which is an end-to-end Lease-n-Finance solution for Auto Financing, Home Loan and Personnel Loan companies. This system includes the following sub-systems.

1) Point of Sales System-POS
2) Loan Approval System-LAS
3) Settlement Management System-SMS
4) Contract Management System-CMS

In these products I have designed frontend component based and layered architecture for the J2EE compliant web based system

Adobe certified Expert (flex 4.5)/ACE